The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 16, 2022
Ch. 19Prepare

"Now I beg your forgiveness. It's my disobedience now. I have a business to go first." Theodore Mark withdrew his hand, he disappeared for a moment.
"Is he too sweet, low voice, unusually high nose, emotional eyes?" Phedra Elizabeth was pulled by a force of gravity to the lake.
"How is this girl? Is it understandable to remove traffic lights from now on? A young girl who loves traffic lights. What was the first time I encountered the situation?" People were talking around with an uneasy expression as if her actions had shocked everyone around, People discussion.
"That's right. It's pitiful."
"Injured to the brain? This young girl is pitiful. At a young age, she already has brain problems."
Many people know jaggery, which is a lump of natural sugar, is very addictive probably because of the sweetness, but falling in love with traffic lights is unacceptable. A lot of people's hearts were expressed in words. The people around are also extremely sad and mournful.
[Suggesting the host calm down and handle his work properly in public.]
The mood woke up from the deep thunderclap. Phedra Elizabeth regained her composure and walked out of the crowd, Phedra Elizabeth looked around, accepting they were talking about her, her eyes were all focused on the direction she was going. Phedra Elizabeth was a little embarrassed and involuntarily went to the companies in the Alice family.
"Why submit to yourself? Submit to your instincts. Coming here is like surrendering your life." Phedra Elizabeth was restless in her heart, but she was hanging herself on a rope. Rose-tinted below is fire. She steps inside.
"Welcome back to Miss Alice. Wishing Miss Alice a very happy working day." The staff inside made a fake face to welcome her in. Not even their eyebrows were straightened.
"Miss Alice. I want to report on today's mission. We had an important meeting, and in addition, there had to be an important president who had limited influence." The secretary always follows in the footsteps of Phedra Elizabeth.
"The times are 3:30 and 4:30 respectively. The time gap is very tight, it is expected to happen soon and if it is favorable, it will end soon. I hope Miss Alice can prepare well."
Phedra Elizabeth lay down on the chair and rubbed her temples, the male lead stood next to the secretary and looked at her without leaving.
"Unfortunately, we have nothing to do but a bunch of meetings, meeting one after another. The male lead has nothing to do? Just stay by my side like that. It's annoying to look at. Oily, painful, shoulder and neck pain." Phedra Elizabeth probed.
"My job is just to keep an eye on you every time you are at the company. Isn't that the order you gave me? At first, you were not willing to always challenge me, but now you want to chase me away."
"Is that what the secondary female character wants? It's troublesome."
[This is obvious. The control of the male lead is always carefully and thoughtfully arranged by the female eight. In the worst case, the male lead belongs to someone else, and the female eight will easily cut off this unreasonable heart.]
"She loves him very much. It's a pity that she has to interrupt the love of the male and female leads later. It's not fair. Moreover, she's a bit automatic. Female eight isn't so bad, but she doubted their beauty was capable of seducing the male lead, so she kicked them all out. Did she underestimate her abilities?"
[The host should consider everything, her property, we can not take it lightly.]
"Indeed it is. If she was incompetent, she wouldn't have done so. How powerful is her family?"
[According to the latest update of the application, the first is Oriana Alice, there is also a girl named Linda Alice, currently working abroad. Her father is one of the country's most successful human resources and is also ranked in the top 10 richest people in the country.]
"So powerful. No wonder she's so rich." Phedra Elizabeth is full of admiration placed on Oriana Alice.
[Not long ago, her father nearly went bankrupt at the age of 48, but thanks to her and her sister's partnership for seven years, everything is back to normal.]
"The scandal is correct. She is a strong-willed woman. It is a pity to be a third person in the couple's private life, neither power nor sustain prosperity. I feel regret."
[This has a slight link to their family's past.]
"What is up?"
[Currently not mentioned. Originally, Oriana Alice had liked the male lead since childhood.]
"Disappointing. What is the capacity of both?"
[Oriana Alice is A + and Duncan Hiddleston is B +. Not much is known about the male lead's abilities yet.]
"Then just give him all the work." Voluntary rebellion.
"But... But... This meeting is very important... It has a huge impact on the company." The secretary was overwhelmed with Phedra Elizabeth's words.
"If my sister gave it to me, the company would go bankrupt." Phedra Elizabeth blames heaven and earth.
"Who is it that makes you so worried and confused? Is that person so brave? Able to make this company go bankrupt?"
"This person has long been known in the business world. Old businessmen still respect him to some extent. Many young businesses that want to attract investment capital from him are not even noticed by him. The lady also worked very hard to get a delicious piece of cake from the mouths of those old foxes specializing in fat. Does the lady want to let go?" The secretary hastily explained.
"Sounds very useful. Don't care. Just deliver his name."
"Theodore Mark. That's his name."
Phedra Elizabeth still took the secretary's words lightly. She thought for a long time, intending to put all the responsibility on the male lead. Suddenly, Phedra Elizabeth jumped up, her hand grabbed the secretary's shoulder, her face was also bright, her eyes were full of heaven, and her whole body radiated aura.
"Who is it? Can you repeat it again?"
“Theodore... Mark...” Her voice was calm, she spoke slowly each word.
"Everything is stored in my brain. Just leave the other meeting to him, and leave it to me to meet the president Mark."

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