The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 15, 2022
Ch. 18Appointment

The wind carries a chilly mist. The thin smoke rising from the roofs mixes with the morning mist to create a fuzzy, fanciful space. From the horizon, the gray sky gradually changed color, a brilliant pastel pink, rose gold, then from the comforter, the sun emerged, giving off the first rays of sunlight, shining mysterious iridescent rays of light. Marvelous. The sun is getting higher and higher, the sky is also high blue. A peaceful morning, the sun is quite mild, the air is dyed a blue color, and the clouds are drifting, throwing themselves in the sky. Phedra Elizabeth is different from usual, wakes up early, and prepares clothes neatly.
"I have a job. Will not use breakfast food at home. Store in the refrigerator. Maybe near dinner time, I will come back to enjoy."
"There is no need for that." Veronica Sarah hesitated to answer.
Phedra Elizabeth was a little confused, with a bit of confusion.
[Violation of character's status and behavior, ask the host to correct it, points will be deducted if it is repeated.]
"What is wrong with this? Isn't it just to avoid wasting food?"
"Miss Alice, you have never eaten food that is too salty, too sweet, too sour, too bitter, dishes with an incompatible combination, cold food, left out for the day, dishes that smell bad, or things that she doesn't like. Don't touch... You don't have to think we can not do it."
"It is hard, that is an excuse for yourself. What do you worry about? It is our duty."
Veronica Sarah continued, listing a series of food taboos of Oriana Alice. It's like a judgment, it's a show for kings. She couldn't take it anymore. Phedra Elizabeth wanted to silence Veronica Sarah, which bothered her.
"Pour it all out." Veronica Sarah ordered the small maids behind to clean up.
"What a waste." Phedra Elizabeth feels guilty.
"App... I have a small question. Help me explain."
[The host continues to ask. The App is happy to answer difficult questions asked by the host.]
"What is the relationship between Veronica Sarah and Miss Alice?"
[Veronica Sarah has some sympathy for Oriana Alice, Oriana Alice can also be considered Veronica Sarah's good sister.]
"No wonder. I have motives but have no bad intentions towards her, I'm close and close to her but I didn't break any rules or anything with the original. I didn't get punished, that's why star?"
Phedra Elizabeth leaves in contemplation, though she feels quite impressed with the intimate relationship created by the author. Phedra Elizabeth did not say a word, her eyes glued to the phone, her fingers constantly running across the glass. She walks on the white street.
Suddenly, there were soundless cries, it was a sound that violated the spatial volume standard.
"She moves fast, with steady steps. The light changes color, why doesn't the person in front get out of the way and want to give their life to the god of death?" A truck was coming, the driver inside kept calling and gesturing for those in front to pay attention.
Phedra Elizabeth temporarily focused only on the object in front of her eyes, not paying attention to her surroundings, she slowly walked to the other side of the street. She feels the peace from the inside to the outside scenery. The road does not have a splendor and splendor but has a simple and rustic beauty associated with the peaceful life of the people in the street. The road from home to company runs straight, not winding, winding like many other roads. The road surface is smooth asphalt. Every day, I go to school on this familiar road. Every tree stump, every house number, and every corner has been imprinted in my mind ever since. The path brings out the front cadence, pacing up. The car horn blared, and everyone looked in a hurry, a hurry to go to school. The breakfast shops are active, and crowded with customers, including students, workers, and even grandmothers returning from practice. Somewhere in some houses, parents can still hear their children calling. On both sides of the road, willow trees drop their leaves, gently swaying in the early morning breeze, and the whispering leaves mingle with the chirping of nightingales to create a joyful song to welcome the new day. Under the tree, the green grass still had morning dew, glittering in the sun like sparkling crystals. The sun was high, the road was also busy with people passing by. Busy conversations, joyful laughter mixed with the sound of motorbike horns begging for the way of the workers going to work, and the sound of bicycle brakes... All create a bustling and joyful atmosphere on the familiar country road.
"Careful." The sound came out very close to Phedra Elizabeth's ear.
Phedra Elizabeth felt that her hand was being used force, her arm arbitrarily followed the control, and she involuntarily fell into a place that could oppose Phedra Elizabeth so that she would not fall forward, to be specific. Something softened, the warmth emanating from it made her feel very comfortable, her heartbeat steady. Phedra Elizabeth looked at him, his cheeks sparkled, naturally using force to push outward.
"Next time don't forget to look the way! Do not always look at your last phone."
Phedra Elizabeth stood dumbfounded for a long time, answering a few words.
"I... I... Understood. Thank you." Phedra Elizabeth was shy, hands stroking each other, eyes looking down the road, not daring to look directly at the other side.
"Nothing else, I will go first." He turns your face away.
Phedra Elizabeth took the phone in her lap and lifted it from the front. He stared at her, giving her a soft smile.
"What is your name? Can I make friends on Facebook so we can keep in touch?"
"What am I saying... Crazy... Am I sick?" Phedra Elizabeth was embarrassed, her limbs trembled a little.
"Today, thank you." Phedra Elizabeth continued.
"I'm Theodore Mark, nice to meet you, Miss Alice." He brings your hands forward.
"Do you know me? I never noticed you." Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
"It's all natural, we'll see each other soon." He smiled softly.
"Nice to make friends with you." Phedra Elizabeth in response holds his hand.

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