The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 13, 2022
Ch. 17Handle

"If I am expelled from the Alice family, I will also take your freedom. BUY FUN for her."
"Why does the dialogue sound familiar... Is it like the previous love stories that I often read?" Phedra Elizabeth chills down the spine.
"Or he... Could it be... Planning to take my life? Touching the heroine... He probably won't let it go either. If you're good, come and take my life. Paying the price is obvious." Phedra Elizabeth is weak inside, but can't lose to the spirit.
"What do you intend to do? The point of taking my life. Or torture me to death over and over again." Phedra Elizabeth's half of his mouth curled up, and sweat escaped.
"What is this episode, why was the female lead murdered in the end, wouldn't it just end up bankrupt? App quickly comes here to explain."
[There is currently no suitable explanation. Please wait for the results in the next few days. Thank you very much.]
"I don't want to be here any longer, why did I do my work, why am I now in this situation. I apologize, I withdraw."
[Once joined, it cannot be withdrawn.]
"Why in the first place, if you don't do it, you will receive a penalty and then withdraw. Can't do it now?"
[The host misunderstands, corrects - one is to agree to complete the original, receive money, safely withdraw at the end of the story, second, receive punishment, forcefully accept, receive money, safely withdraw at the end of the story.]
"Intimidating me."
"He was planning to take my life. Is this App still human? Are you going to let me die in this foreign land?"
[This is a necessary and mandatory condition. Once joined, it cannot be left unfinished, the owner is forced to complete the entire inner plot even at the cost of her life. The app would like to give the host some motivation. The App would like to show a family of the host who is in the hospital for treatment.]
In front of Phedra Elizabeth. The host is lying in the hospital. Her mother was standing by the hospital bed, her face pale and emaciated. She blushed, her eyes slightly red.
[Will provide additional sound.]
Her mother stood in front of her hospital bed, conversing with her father who had just come in from outside, holding a newly bought lunch box. This month is probably already November, it has become cold, and the wind is stronger than in other months. Her father didn't look any better either.
"This month's money has been spent on treatment for my child, and I don't know how long I can take care of her. It is worrisome."
"I can only work overtime now, hope my child recovers is quick."
"What's wrong with my mom's hand?" The palm of her hand hit the screen.
[Because she wanted to save your life, she went to work in many places and also visited her at night, taking care of her, bathing, and confiding in you.]
"Parents, wait for me, I will soon get out of here and go home with you." Tears welled up in her eyes.
"Can I have a few words with them? I beg you, I will fulfill all requests."
[I'm afraid this isn't possible, the connection between this world and reality... It's too difficult. Hope the host understands.]
Duncan Hiddleston both solved the affair while observing Phedra Elizabeth. Duncan Hiddleston looks toward her. Notice that there are strange expressions shown in her actions. Duncan Hiddleston was a little worried.
"Where are you looking, you're talking to me." Maris Jane sitting on the white ground, hands constantly beating on the chest, mouth screaming non-stop.
Duncan Hiddleston did not bother to manage the matter, approaching Phedra Elizabeth. He hugged Phedra Elizabeth from behind.
"Are you okay?" Duncan Hiddleston leaned into her ear, his breath filling her ear and making her uncomfortable.
"Are you crying? Did her words hurt you?" Duncan Hiddleston's eyes rolled back, his face full of terror. Duncan Hiddleston's limbs stiffened.
"What do you know about what I have to go through. Get away from me now." Phedra Elizabeth didn't say a word and hurried upstairs.
Jocelyn Hiddleston witnessed everything from afar and couldn't cover his mouth with laughter. Kelsey Susan calmly looked on and didn't care.
"Why is that child so stupid. Even the carpet sales can not be done. How pathetic!" Jocelyn Hiddleston laughed.
"What fun? It's boring to look at." Kelsey Susan was not interested in it, but it was annoying and noisy to him.
"I don't know how the baby tastes?" Kelsey Susan.
"It's a used item after all, what do you want to do?"
"This drama should have ended. Quickly catch her, earn some money."
"She looks beautiful. Craving to touch her."
"Do you want to taste it? You are my friend, give it to you for free."
"Stop it, brother. Goods passed. Do not touch."
They grabbed Maris Jane's hand and dragged her away. Maris Jane doesn't give in, she uses her fingernails, injuring Jocelyn Hiddleston's hand. Maris Jane pinches Jocelyn Hiddleston's hand. Next, Maris Jane used her teeth on Jocelyn Hiddleston's wrist. She used all her strength but was still mercilessly shoved away by him. Kelsey Susan looked at her with venomous, fierce eyes, then grabbed her hair, tugging hard. Kelsey Susan strangled her, causing her to almost choke to death. Kelsey Susan used her strength to slowly lift her. Maris Jane struggled. Her face was red, and tears started to flow out. Her breathing was very weak. Maris Jane's legs floated in the air. Maris Jane tries to damage him with her legs but is physically hit by Jocelyn Hiddleston on her head and neck.
Maris Jane finally fell silent. She was fainting. Kelsey Susan simply carried her on her shoulders, taking her away from this place. Jocelyn Hiddleston's arm is still injured, but the wound is not bleeding much. He looked into Maris Jane's face, and smiled an evil smile, he let his blood drop to Maris Jane's face, then used his hand to wipe the blood stain all over Maris Jane's face.

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