The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 13, 2022
Ch. 16What's the matter, gosh?

The male lead's hand moved slightly, intending to silence Maris Jane. The housekeeper and servant one by one woke up and ran out. Phedra Elizabeth paid attention to the male lead's every move.
"The heroine's aura is extinguished. If he acted improperly, he would deviate from the original direction." Phedra Elizabeth is deductive.
"Don't do anything."
The male lead stepped back but still kept a distance just enough to protect what he thinking inside.
"That's ridiculous. You are the one who steals other people's husbands, do you know that he and I have exchanged vows with each other. You are the one who interfered in our love."
"He also slept with me. What is the difference between us?"
"The male lead is so beautiful. Even using a hundred punishments on his body can't erase the lipstick on his neck." Phedra Elizabeth smiled politely.
"Don't be shy, come down here, let's face each other once."
Phedra Elizabeth slowly lowered her feet to the steps, and glided on the brick, facing Maris Jane. Phedra Elizabeth turned and slapped the male lead in the face.
"How dare you do this in front of me."
He had no intention of protesting. Phedra Elizabeth slapped a second time.
"Why not answer?"
"No matter what, my every move is unchecked. Just follow the natural solution. If the male lead realizes that he needs to fight back to protect the one he loves, the role will be perfect."
"I would like to list some crimes committed by the male lead if he gets into the character." Phedra Elizabeth thinks.
"First, I hit you to make noise and keep you from sleeping. Second, if you dare to take advantage of me even though you know I'm in the story to take advantage, but reveal behavior. Punishment."
There is nothing to justify yourself. What she said was your fault. I made a mistake with you, I admit it, I take the punishment."
"Even now, you still dare to act in front of me. He loves her but doesn't dare to admit it, lowly thing, even the bravery to say he loves a girl does not dare to say it." Phedra Elizabeth sometimes feels contempt for the male lead.
"It is true that you are weak. I don't even dare to say I love you. Because I useless."
"Now that the male lead has unleashed his sugar-sweet mouth-to-mouth skill. This play is also slowly falling into a stalemate. Acting requires eye contact as well. That's what a great actor is. Are those words meant for me?" Phedra Elizabeth wondered.
"Forcing myself to cope? Sometimes I feel like I'm being used as a substitute for the heroine, trying to play all the heroine characters in the legend, and then the heroine regains her glory." Phedra Elizabeth recognizes some obvious truths.
"I'm confessing my feelings to you." The male lead took Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
Phedra Elizabeth's cheeks were red. But the eyes are always on guard.
"Am I stupid enough to follow him?" Phedra Elizabeth fast change.
"I'm here to make it all clear." Duncan Hiddleston is standing between two women.
"In the past, I loved Maris Jane very much, that I did not deny, it has been five years, I have lived with her for five years, everything will change, and so will my feelings."
"The fact that I tell you that I have never held hands hugged, or kissed is fake. It's I who lied to you, but the truth is that I and her clean. I'm sorry. I firmly refused to accept it." His eyes were fixed on Phedra Elizabeth.
"I will take responsibility for the behavior and trouble I have caused, leave this matter to me, I will handle it, you go inside and rest first."
"The male lead admits he's guilty of his wife's family and asks for punishment. Oh my god! Rare and hard to find." Phedra Elizabeth did not have time to curse her ears to listen to the male lead's colorful words.
"I do not accept." Maris Jane pulled Phedra Elizabeth's hair back.
"Miss Alice." The butler and servant shouted in unison.
Maris Jane rushed in and strangled Phedra Elizabeth. Phedra Elizabeth raised her hand and hit Maris Jane's neck hard. Her hand relaxed. Phedra Elizabeth broke free, lifted her leg, and kicked her left cheek. Maris Jane turned back and could not answer. Her cheeks started to turn red and she fell to the ground. She was determined not to let go of Phedra Elizabeth. She scratched Phedra Elizabeth's leg with her claw, causing it to bleed. Phedra Elizabeth was very gentle, bent over, and used a strong force on her head, Phedra Elizabeth grabbed her hair and pulled it back. Evil eyes met Phedra Elizabeth's.
"If you still dare to act rude in front of me. Next time won't be so light."
The male lead froze, unable to think.
"As for him, you want to ease your mind or rekindle old love. Please meet him directly."
"I've handled it so well, why haven't I received the money yet? Is this app broken?" Phedra Elizabeth thinks.
[The host has not resolved it completely, the male lead shows no signs of excitement or satisfaction, and points will not be increased.]
"What? Obviously. Took the whole evening, and my whole body ached. Stiff throat."
Phedra Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her temples.
"What are you dissatisfied with? Make it clear at once. Do not hold back the fire. I was harassed all night by you, and now this is the case. Am I the court or the parish priest to judge or hear confessions for both?"
Their four eyes were all directed towards Phedra Elizabeth. She turned to leave. The male lead also quickly followed, Maris Jane was stopped behind by the house servants, constantly screaming, and the crying became more and more tragic.
"Come back here... Come back here..."
"The thing that robs someone else's husband has no shame? This is just a little funny."
"Come back." Phedra Elizabeth paused and looked in Duncan Hiddleston's direction.
"Fix this for me now. As for her to make noise, you were officially expelled from the Alice family." Phedra Elizabeth gradually lost her temper.
Duncan Hiddleston walked towards Maris Jane.

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