The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 12, 2022
Ch. 15Counterattack

"I don't like it, having skin contact with someone else's husband is exhausting. If there is a deduction of points, then accept it." Phedra Elizabeth looking forward to seeing the app's response.
"Perhaps this app works during office hours, in my opinion from 9:00 to 20:00. In the past, it was probably because of the circumstances that forced the first bud to get up, or maybe it was just a problem during the upgrade." Phedra Elizabeth is deductive.
The male lead is a little sad in his heart, and the resistance is not obvious. Phedra Elizabeth went into the bathroom. Soaked for a long time, went out, and the sight she saw was that he was reading a love story intently.
"The story, how can the male lead be so busy with such nonsense?" Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks. Phedra Elizabeth was thinking many things today.
"But he also has a lot of privileges here, so he doesn't do anything. Who cares." Phedra Elizabeth doesn't want to bother with junk. She is loyal to resting and fostering health.
"Today I went out to sleep. I want to be quiet."
"I'm really lazy to deal with you." Quietly thinking.
"She's erratic when it comes to sweet and salty, and it's hard to deal with." The male lead puts himself in her thoughts.
That moon appeared like an artist stepping onto his stage. The moon was quite full, the moonlight looking at her through the window. The moon was full and golden like turmeric, giving off a faint light. It wasn't quite white, nor was it yellow, it was like a mother's milk, watering everything. Around the moon, there are thousands of twinkling stars, competing with each other as if cheering for the moon to rise faster. From time to time, the wind blew past, blowing the branches and leaves, causing the cuts in the sky to sway. So time passed quickly. Suddenly, the moon had reached the top of the sky, bright and bright. The moonlight became brighter, clearer, and denser. It is also a signal to everyone that it is late at night. Phedra Elizabeth lies alone on the bed.
The male lead quickly took the coat that was placed on the chair and put it on, serious face, and had sharp eyes, and walked out of the campus.
"I know you will be following us quickly. Don't be mushy in front of me right now. "
At this time, the masked man also appeared.
"You don't need me anymore? You promised to be with me forever. What if we give ourselves to each other?"
Two gatekeepers secretly buy late-night snacks, the camera screen disappears, and the eyes create their blind spots. The above damages were all arranged and caused by her one hand.
"Have I ever wanted to be with you before? Who takes the initiative first. Stop raising your voice here,"
"Go out and talk. She is sleeping upstairs."
"She? You also changed very quickly. Since I helped you investigate all the information about the case that year, you said you loved me with all your heart, now with miss Alice, you have changed. You are all equally treacherous, just being treated, I have sewn up the wound for you. You left me. I am your tool." Her feelings were like a joke. Her face darkened, her mouth forced into a smile.
"My whole life I have been immersed in people's scorn for so long. Time to show them what I can do. Lady Alice is an important prey. Don't mess around here." Duncan Hiddleston lose control, he brought out the words in the unconscious before her eyes.
She suddenly laughed out loud, her hand on her stomach, she had a good laugh.
"Didn't expect her to be the famous and intelligent lady of the Alice family, but she was just a tool for him to take advantage of. Rumors are just rumors like the wind blowing clouds away."
He started to get angry, pulling Maris Jane's hand out of the frame. Maris Jane used her strength to escape. Their voices grew louder and louder. Phedra Elizabeth stood from upstairs to observe. She is very fond of dramas of inner turmoil, like when one person dies or the main character has many events.
"This movie is really big. Come to think of it, his words sound hard to hear, is there a need to raise his voice if he wants to take advantage of it?" Phedra Elizabeth said.
"But unexpectedly, the heroine besides selling carpets is also a parasite, using words to insult the second female character in the story. It looks terrible."
[Invite the host to complete the next puzzle piece.]
"Oh, man. Thought the app only worked during office hours. Did I get a chance to shine? This is not easy."
[Invite the host to complete the next puzzle piece.] x2.
"But how did she get here?"
[Located in the car storage.]
"There are paradoxes in love stories. It's not like you want to understand."
"How did the male lead find out?"
"Too many questions that even technology can't answer specifically."
"Okay... Headache... Time to act." Phedra Elizabeth crossed her arms. She flashed a wry smile with a hint of irony.
"From this position, it should be..."
Phedra Elizabeth took the pillow in her hand and threw it directly at the male lead's head. The pillow is a misaligned target. That made Phedra Elizabeth unsatisfied, due to the force of gravity the pillow had already landed on the ground. The sound of objects falling to the ground attracted their attention.
"Well... An effect like that is too good." Phedra Elizabeth was half satisfied.
"You made noise in front of my house without the landlord's permission."
The male lead looked up at Phedra Elizabeth, absentmindedly pulling out her hand and pointing at Maris Jane.
"Don't blame me." The mood is not as stable as before.
Phedra Elizabeth has no shame children specialize in stealing other people's husbands. She was given a bad name by the heroine. Phedra Elizabeth brooded over in thought, still not responding to the heroine's words. Part of it had hit her mind.
"Looks like you lost your temper." Phedra Elizabeth thinks quietly.

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