The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 14Situational response

The male lead hugged Phedra Elizabeth in his arms and pressed her face to his chest. His heart was beating hard.
"There must be some underlying heart disease. If given the chance, I should take you to the hospital, if the romance is going well but the male lead is seriously ill... Isn't it the other way around?"
"Now you understand." The male lead spoke up.
Tears welled up in Maris Jane's eyes. She tries to cover her eyes and runs away. The male lead also let go.
"So it's over." Phedra Elizabeth regrets.
"Impiety." Duncan Hiddleston's cheeks were red.
"I want to go see her. She doesn't look good. Gestures, gestures seem to contain a painful emotion." Phedra Elizabeth lightly, small voice message to the male lead
"Don't worry, she'll understand."
"Does the male lead let go of his hand so easily? Absurdity. Is there a mistake somewhere?"
"What does she have to do with you?"
"Old mistress."
"Also frankly." Phedra Elizabeth was not surprised.
"But now it is nothing. She is now a flower whose I cannot touch anymore, I don't want to hurt her, and I don't want to let Jocelyn do more wrong things because of love."
"He accepted to let go and also thought that she would be happy with someone else. So sublime." In Phedra Elizabeth's heart, the male lead has become a shining image in the night sky. She is very much proud to the point of having bad thoughts in his head.
Phedra Elizabeth and he took a leisurely walk, wholeheartedly she asked the parts she still did not have a specific answer for.
"So how long have you and her been together? The two of you are very close?"
"Are you jealous?"
"If I ask, answer it, why fight back."Phedra Elizabeth freeze.
"Where is it?" Phedra Elizabeth concessions, her cheeks puffed up, looking incredibly adorable.
The actor has a heart for the job even though he is horizontal. The male lead is very pleased with this. He smiled a lot, and she also found it rare that he was so happy.
"I and she knew each other since middle school, at first she pursued me, then, later on, I pursued her against it. Experiencing many events together, she finally has Jocelyn by her side to take care of her and protect her." Looking at the road ahead, smiling softly.
"Have you two ever kissed?"
He shook his head.
"So hugs?"
He also shook his head.
"So hold hands?"
Also shook his head.
"The author is too picky about salary, hasn't given people the opportunity to hold hands, kiss, so what's the point of being in love." Phedra Elizabeth shaking her head sighed wearily. Her eyes were constantly rolling.
"It's a failure in love."
"Really?" The protagonist is surprised.
"What's more, it's bad if you love each other, live and die, but you haven't done anything yet. The road to love goes nowhere." Phedra Elizabeth constantly commenting.
"I show you that in love there is always an intersection called a sublimation point, if two sides are compatible, they will often feel that the other person is attractive and want to interact with them more." Phedra Elizabeth brings all the knowledge to be read in a love story to explain.
He just listens and looks. The eyes of a lover appeared, even he did not recognize.
"The future will have opportunities." The lead male suddenly spoke.
"Let's get her out of here, free from suffering, it's fine with faith and illusion."
"Not necessarily with her."
"Damn, I missed a word." Phedra Elizabeth covers your mouth with your hand.
He tilted his head and kissed her palm lightly. Phedra Elizabeth was startled and dodged.
"Is that right?"
"You learn so fast! I didn't even have time to turn back. Hey, stop treating me like a mini-substitute." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"Let's go home." Cold intonation.
"Is it... Is he starting to like me? The expression is like a couple." Phedra Elizabeth is a little scared.
"Impossible, wishful thinking." Lightly hit yourself on the head.
"Miss Alice, the car is over here. Hurry back." The male lead shouted. Turns back.
The two people sat in the car, he fastened Phedra Elizabeth's seat belt, went to the next seat, and acted as a private driver to drive Phedra Elizabeth home.
"Ah... That's right. Why you're here? You still don't have a job at the company today? A successful prison break."
"The company left early today, I want to go for a walk, see you." Duncan Hiddleston lies without blinking. Duncan Hiddleston's face was so trustworthy, his eyes of integrity, and the light of justice that emanated from Phedra Elizabeth could not be denied.
"There are also morals. I believe in you." Phedra Elizabeth nodded in agreement.
"You smoke?" Phedra Elizabeth looked at the medicine pack placed near the car window.
"If you don't like me smoking, I won't smoke anymore."
"How long have you been smoking?"
"Work is so stressful these days. I want to keep my mind relaxed and alert in the face of difficult deals. I'd like to borrow some items that can affect my nervous system."
[Just some errands in the company. It's just that since I lost my true love, the male has been addicted to alcohol and some other pastime.]
"No smoking, no drinking. Bad for health." Phedra Elizabeth with gentle eyes.
[+50 points.]
Phedra Elizabeth overlooks the bustling city, lights fill the space making the city brilliant. He just smiled, said nothing, and focused on the road. The wheel just rolled to the front of the villa. Duncan got out of the car and walked over to Phedra Elizabeth, Phedra Elizabeth opened the car door, ran upstairs, entered the room, and laid on her back on the bed.
"Finally coming home." Phedra Elizabeth rolled back and forth, she love it.
Duncan Hiddleston walked toward her and picked her up to avoid her falling on the bed. Duncan Hiddleston picked her up, her back resting on his arm. His head rested on Duncan Hiddleston's chest.
"Go take a shower."
"Release. Don't always stick to me. I don't like that."

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