The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 10, 2022
Ch. 13Backtracking

Maris Jane is attracted by the sound coming from the left. The eyes also met Phedra Elizabeth's shadow. Maris Jane was silent, no matter how Phedra Elizabeth moved, she was also indifferent as if we had never seen anything. Phedra Elizabeth feels like she has been flying. The whole body seemed to be lifted in the air.
"No matter what happens, you have to calmly solve it, don't worry yourself."
"What's up? "Why is he here?" Look at Duncan Hiddleston with natural eyes.
Phedra Elizabeth looking at the female lead could not help but feel uneasy, feeling surrounded.
"Let go, the heroine is watching. Am I imprisoned in a dungeon by a smart heroine after only one unconnected track? Phedra Elizabeth looked at the female lead and looked up at Duncan Hiddleston.
"There are people outside. You embarrass me in front of outsiders."
"Assuming you can hear it, release me, this is the signal the earth is sending you."
Duncan Hiddleston still ignored his ears and hugged Phedra Elizabeth tightly. His steadfast gaze sent Phedra Elizabeth's soul to the door of death.
"Why is she by your side, honey?" Duncan Hiddleston's cold pronunciation.
"Name change. Is it easy to say?"
"I run to her. I saw that she didn't look right, there must be something wrong with my eyes. It has nothing to do with her." Phedra Elizabeth replied.
"Damn men like that only bring suffering to women, let's warm ourselves up." Phedra Elizabeth was silently evaluating the male lead's behavior.
"Next time you want to help someone, you have to protect yourself first. Don't damage your body. That makes you worthless." Duncan Hiddleston.
"Don't say that, it's too funny, it can't be. The fact that I want to help these beauties comes from my mind, afraid of wasting my health. That I don't care." Phedra Elizabeth imitates Duncan Hiddleston.
"Stop saying that, kill me. If you help each other, you will hurt each other." Phedra Elizabeth reassured herself.
"I have something to tell him, can we talk privately?" Maris Jane holds Duncan Hiddleston's hand.
"What do you say, there are no outsiders here."
Maris Jane looked at Phedra Elizabeth. Every minute and every second does not leave. Phedra Elizabeth understood her intentions. Phedra Elizabeth was helpless and sighed, but his heart was filled with indescribable joy.
"Put me down. You two continue talking, I want to go for a walk. The air here makes me short of breath, dizzy."
"Am I doing too well?" Phedra Elizabeth considers herself a sniper with high damage.
Duncan Hiddleston is afraid she'll get hurt, but I can't bear to let her cold feet touch the road, he looked around the space, from her feet touching the ground. Kneel to put on her shoes. Phedra Elizabeth dodged. Maris Jane hugged his hand.
[Should follow the original principle of not allowing the male and female protagonists to get close to each other.]
"What does the app mean to cut off their love? These are other things that are not trivial facts. This is an interruption of the love story between the main love couple."
[Secondary role, repeat. +100 story completion points.]
"Hey... Why is she hugging him?" Phedra Elizabeth changed in a flash, and learn from dramas.
Maris Jane startled, bewildered, and then let go.
"Miss Alice, I'm so sorry. It's been a while since we hunted... Hurry up." Maris Jane explains in a confused mood.
"Is this an attempt to pave the way for fans of the original? A great suggestion for the two of you to be together, isn't it?"
"That's not true. The arrogance around the heroine can't be that weak. After all, the heroine of a novel has to follow a novel." Phedra Elizabeth has just realized a new truth.
He could only stand and watch, standing next to Phedra Elizabeth holding her hand. He was pleased with the attitude she created.
"If it's acting, you have to act to the top, touch the emotions of the audience, clearly express the emotions of the character. Fans and producers use themselves as a support for their values, thereby stealing the female lead in the hands of mine. In unexpected ways of support. I will pay dearly for these childish actions. I'm used to this trick." Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the sky with despairing eyes, feeling helpless with the arrangement of nature.
"I'm sorry. Indeed, now that I am a married person, I hope you will forgive me." The male lead has a cold tone.
"Yes, soon he will be my husband. Don't dream of stealing."
Maris Jane was confused. But there was a sinister force in his eyes.
"Do you not love me anymore?" Eyes teary.
"Cried yet? So weak." Psychological trauma from mild to severe.
"After all these years I searched for you, you are back. I want to be with you. But you let go of me."
"It's okay to stop here. I'm already married, I can't let her down."
"The climax has come. This is the reverse scene. It's time for the heroine to pursue her husband." Phedra Elizabeth calmly admires.
He suddenly pulled Phedra Elizabeth closer and hugged her.
"Is that enough proof for you to understand?"
"Do I have to participate in this play too?" Phedra Elizabeth used a variety of expressions.
He placed a deep kiss on her lips. The incident came so suddenly that Phedra Elizabeth could not react, just stood still, motionless.
[Congratulations owner +100 points for completing a fourth of the original, plus +50 points for discovering new stories in the original.]
"The score is constantly increasing, I'm getting better and better at it." Phedra Elizabeth is proud.
Phedra Elizabeth bit his lip. She lost her temper when she was the one who was robbed of comfort.
"My first kiss, eighteen years of virginity like pearls, lips that haven't experienced the sweetness of the world, how can that be." Phedra Elizabeth was dissatisfied.
"Don't... Do that... Outsiders look in... Not good." Phedra Elizabeth looks shy.
"I will kill him." Inner fire Phedra Elizabeth generates strong fire. Phedra Elizabeth at this time just wanted to kill the male lead but still had to act as a bewildered deer lost in the wild grasslands.

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