The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 12The heroine

Phedra Elizabeth had to accept the new assignment helplessly. Phedra Elizabeth smiled and greeted.
"Long time no see. The situation? Is it okay?"
"Good spirit. What about the two of you?"
"It's okay. Deal with the death of his brother. I and him are okay. However, his heart is a bit weak, the cold wind can also kill him."
"What's wrong? Seems normal." Phedra Elizabeth brought her face closer to that of Egbert Smith, Phedra Elizabeth before Egbert Smith's.
"I'm fine." Egbert Smith was confused.
Duncan Hiddleston hid behind a tree, observing Phedra Elizabeth. Hand holding the paper-shredded green leaves, after being marked into the mind by the owner in the best situation, Phedra Elizabeth ignored Duncan Hiddleston for a long time, making him feel uneasy, unconcerned. Duncan Hiddleston thought that to act, handle cruelly, the incident to score a reasonable goal, Phedra Elizabeth certainly did not mind.
"What did they say?" Duncan Hiddleston wasn't comfortable.
Phedra Elizabeth and the two left and entered the shopping mall.
"Just now, he said he likes someone, but that jade girl already has a lover."
“This person is a stranger to Egbert Smith but is a muse in someone else's hands, but don't worry too much, it will only make him sad and feel more desperate. Try your best, tens of thousands of beauties in this world are waiting for you, try to see other people's eyes.”
"He said that from childhood to adulthood, he only liked that beauty, everything, vows, wedding rings, wedding parties, vacation plans, honeymoons... All decided by the beauty. She gets married soon, this is just a dream, a dreamlike beauty but not real Beauty has the right and the right to marry me, it's her but it's not real, I dream something I'm far away but I can't convince that beauty to stay with me. There's so much I can tell you, it's exhausting. I'm really not satisfied with that."
"Why do you say that, do you find me annoying?" Egbert Smith.
"Super annoying."
"You try staying at home with him. Every time I go out with my lover, when I come home, my face is happy, and my mood is better. But as soon as I saw Egbert Smith, all emotions disappeared, like a heroic epic but had bad luck and came to a standstill."
"..." Egbert Smith was a little upset.
"Do you have an owner?" Phedra Elizabeth casually asked to increase spiritual power.
"I couldn't be that lucky. If I want to get what I want, I must pursue it."
"But if you still have the heart to mock yourself, someone will follow you."
"At that time, I will agree. Fast and decisive. I bored myself." Acacia Richard has a feeling of regret filling the air.
"Your love is as long as my tuition debt list. The people pursuing you are also countless." Egbert Smith replied.
"You talk too much. You are the toughest debt disk I have ever met."
"Is someone watching me? There's a very strange feeling." Phedra Elizabeth feels insecure.
Phedra Elizabeth looked around, rolled her eyes continuously, and turned her head back.
"Let's not talk about this anymore. Come on, let's go eat together." The theme of nature is cleverly and skillfully transformed by Acacia Richard.
Acacia Richard took her hand and pulled her away. Acacia Richard considers the two of them as an opposing magnet that will be attracted to the cathode like her, a region she loves, and of course, the two of them will like it. Phedra Elizabeth was feeling bad for a long time and gave up all the fun with her best friend for one night. That's not overkilling.
Classic restaurant. They stayed in there talking for a long time. Looks interesting, and looks consistent. Duncan Hiddleston stood outside watching Phedra Elizabeth overly intimate with Egbert Smith, exasperated, with no chance to stop, whether interrupted or suddenly appeared as a passer-by, Phedra Elizabeth will feel lashed out. Any action behind the back will not be accepted by the other person, even if it only comes from sincere feelings.
In the fun surrounding the mall, Phedra Elizabeth kept eyeing every corner, Phedra Elizabeth noticed, utmost alert, that she was being watched. Phedra Elizabeth sensed something was wrong. Watching the sky change color, Phedra Elizabeth's heart seemed to relax.
"I'm a bit tired, you two go ahead, don't wait for me. I'm sorry!"
"Are you okay? Do you need me to take you home?"
"No problem, my legs are tired, and my forehead is a bit hot. This lasted for too long, affecting my health, I also felt dizzy. I asked for permission."
"Be careful." Acacia Richard waving goodbye.
Phedra Elizabeth was walking while observing her surroundings, careful in every action. Phedra Elizabeth put her fist in front of her chest, prepared to take a stance, as long as the enemy appeared, of course, it would take action.
"Finally she left." Egbert Smith found himself wasting time on unnecessary things.
"How many years have you been together? Are you out of love?" Acacia Richard.
"Didn't I let time comfort you? Time is like a sisterhood. Spent on old love that has no value? She also comforts you. Why are you not paying attention?"
"I... I..." Egbert Smith's face darkened, his eyes dyed with sadness.
"Stop." Acacia Richard was powerless to let go of anger, accepting the other's wishes and needs.
"We go out for a walk and talk." Weak heart patted Egbert Smith. She patted his head. The image appears as a mother putting her child's head-on.
"You should always remember to thank me. I will always be with you in birth - old age - illness - death."
Phedra Elizabeth walked for a while, accidentally seeing Maris Jane with an unhappy face, and a little sad heart, Phedra Elizabeth instinctively ran over, taking off the high heels from her foot, a rush to run without thinking.
"Calm down... Calm down... Don't do that. Her parents were very tired to give birth to her, just because of a little impulsive thought that jumps to suicide. That is not possible."

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