The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 11Entertain

He clasped his hands and went to the bathroom. Not long after returning, intending to go out. The male lead does not want to disturb her.
"You keep sleeping here."
He is fearless, removing obstacles, and all boundaries appear to be annihilated.
"Then it will be more comfortable."
"Your arm is injured. I told you to be careful." The male protagonist looked at Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
"I feel a bit of pain."
Head up. Phedra Elizabeth turned herself into an actress. Pitying eyes.
"Let me lean on you for a bit. I'm in a lot of pain." Phedra Elizabeth tried to role-play.
"I went to get a bandage, a first aid kit to help you with the wound."
"Thank you, husband."
The main male cheeks were flushed red. In the quiet space, the sound of the male lead's heart kicking is very clear. Go to the medicine cabinet, and take the medicine box from the third compartment. Help Phedra Elizabeth heal her wound. The male lead from the beginning to the end was just silent and didn't say any words. He gently helped Phedra Elizabeth to bandage the wound.
[+50 points.]
"What did I do?" Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
He pulled Phedra Elizabeth closer, pressing her head against his chest. His arms hug her waist. The male protagonist used an affectionate look at Phedra Elizabeth.
"Again the face of the holy general. The male lead's aura was built to portray the top characters?" Phedra Elizabeth thought silently.
Phedra Elizabeth struggled to escape, could not be too intimate, Phedra Elizabeth felt allergic to interrupting the love of others, not wanting to rob the female's lover, Phedra Elizabeth separated but not enough to resist, she helplessly lay still, closing her eyes.
"All right. What do you want to hear?"
"Did you like someone before? Why did you decide to marry me?"
"The male lead's life event. Asking the main owner is still correct."
"Nothing to say. Have you ever liked someone?" The male protagonist hesitated, then raised his eyes to look at Phedra Elizabeth.
"Destiny. A fateful love." The male lead continues to take his breath, it seems that this statement is a bit heavy.
"Is it over?"
"Lied without blinking. Plan to take advantage of me." Phedra Elizabeth gave the male lead a hostile look.
"Who is the person you keep in your heart right now? Personality?"
"To see the IQ of the male lead?" Phedra Elizabeth deliberately explored the male lead's qualifications.
"She is a bit childish, her temper is erratic, in the morning, and in the afternoon rain, actually I don't pay much attention to her, but lately like to manage her story. I find her very interesting, very attractive, and also very personality. Who is that?"
"Who is he describing? Half-hearted? Sounds annoying. This temperament is only for the female lead."
"Praiseworthy. Not guessing. Appreciated." Phedra Elizabeth felt indescribably uneasy.
"The narrator is so interesting." Phedra Elizabeth pretended not to care at all. Phedra Elizabeth quickly shook her head.
"Wait, I've never met before?"
"Ever met." Duncan Hiddleston kissed Phedra Elizabeth lightly on the forehead.
"The game looks at guessing. Yes, it's interesting." Phedra Elizabeth didn't have the heart to continue.
"Be mindful of another girl. No good results." Phedra Elizabeth pinched the male lead.
Duncan Hiddleston laughed amiably, he was a bit shy. Phedra Elizabeth has long guessed, but because of her mission, she did not dare to overdo it.
"Obedient, don't make noise, go to sleep." Duncan Hiddleston patted her head.
Duncan Hiddleston was silent. The heat from the male lead's body radiates, the outside air due to the application of the air conditioner is quite cold, and the combination of the two winds is very pleasant. The space is not as mysterious as before, the movement is also very easy. Phedra Elizabeth lies in his arms, sleeping without knowing it. In the painting of a prince and his lover peacefully together, carefree and fearless, the world changes, just being together, and overcoming together is the best thing that we can give each other in every moment.
[+50 points.]
"Clutter again? I don't understand why, but it works for me, right? Faced with the female lead aura again."
The weather is a bit chilly. The blister of dew gradually dissipates, revealing small, slender rays of sunlight falling on each tree canopy. Houses floating in the morning dew. From the east, the sun is round, pink, and shy behind the trees. In the sky, each light cloud floated. On the way, only the shadows of street vendors are carrying the burdens of street vendors. The scream echoed through the air and then echoed again. The sun is gradually rising in the sky.
"You can eat alone today, I have to go first."
Phedra Elizabeth quickly stepped out and smiled.
"Finally. Treat yourself to a comfortable space. Is this okay?"
[Not binding.]
Phedra Elizabeth with a pink interior was filled with excitement.
National leading shopping mall. Upon entering, customers were greeted with a friendly smile and greeting, when entering the shopping mall, families with young children can borrow a car for shopping or rest, with no need to pin the phone to satisfy needs. creation. To create the most comfortable and pleasant feeling, the observatory is located on the 65th floor of the building, with such a high position that customers can observe the panoramic city. Not only attracted by the entertainment area, but the food court here always attracts a large number of customers coming here to have fun and shop. With super-wide space, accommodating more than 200 booths, bringing a whole new culinary world, it is the convergence of the Asian and European culinary elite.
"I've wanted to come here many times to visit but still can't. Unexpectedly this place is even nicer than in the picture."
"Huh?" Phedra Elizabeth lifted your eyes.
"Oriana Alice ... Here ..."
[New feature. She is Acacia Richard - best friend of Oriana Alice, you can see me from childhood to age. Besides, they are Egbert Smith, who are best childhood friends with Oriana Alice.]
"Has the application been upgraded?"
"Going on vacation is not easy, one after the other."

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