The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 7, 2022
Ch. 10Take care of

Duncan Hiddleston was also home by this time. He couldn't see Phedra Elizabeth. He was a bit impatient. Intending to actively look for her, Phedra Elizabeth appeared. On the hand holding more bowl of noodles. She also did not explain anymore. Sparkling gazes at him, Phedra Elizabeth implicitly wanted him to enjoy it.
"After eating, remember to include a comment."
Duncan Hiddleston laughed, making Phedra Elizabeth very embarrassed. Just want to hit him a game to play. But thinking of the current situation. She quickly ignored that intention.
But Duncan Hiddleston saw her adorable face. Feeling happy in my heart. He tried to hold her back, but the more he stared at her, the more he was infatuated. In Duncan Hiddleston's eyes appeared a thread connecting her eyes. Phedra Elizabeth could not accept being humiliated. She immediately hit him a few times. Then sign his name on his forehead. Duncan Hiddleston suddenly blushed and turned away.
[Congratulations to the owner for +100 points, the male lead is in a happy mood.]
"It turned out that he was addicted to the opposite of the body. Knowing that I beat him every day. The accumulated points will overflow. But there is really no use in plowing these bonus points. Pointless work. Unfortunately, I did respond positively."
[There is a separate policy, the plus points will be converted into cash, sent in many forms, the more points exchanged, the higher the money. Currently, the employer has - 400 000 thousand dollars. Proposing a flexible operating period, improvising quickly, and avoiding debt to the body, will have to be paid to the investor in many forms.]
"Is it the exchange of accumulating bonus points for money? The male lead's favorite? With money, I can do anything. Love this app so much. Helping the needy through these systems with an investor is really a smart policy. The investor's eyes are not bad, right at me, it seems that you have luck from above."
"Eat fast, go upstairs to take a shower. It's rotten." Phedra Elizabeth glanced at the male lead, her eyes were distasteful, her eyes were full of special affection, not according to the calculation of romantic situations but rather money-laden situations, the male lead is the embodiment of wealth, glory.
"Really? You couldn't have said it better."
"I'm not a slave, I'll take care of you every day like a king? Impossible. Don't dream. I'm me. I have my own rules." Phedra Elizabeth thought quietly, her expression softened a bit.
"I'm happy to serve as you please. You don't need to sleep in the living room today. I'll be out there."
"Really? You really agreed to let me into the bedroom. The superiors support you. I have more energy, and more faith in life, is it because of you? You are the benefactor, the savior so in my heart." Phedra Elizabeth holds the male lead's hand with a cheerful expression, her face looks like a child who has just received a gift, this makes the male lead even more excited but the male lead has not yet opened up, he wants to make a price for a few more minutes, rarely seeing Phedra Elizabeth was so happy next to him, he wanted to look at her vital eyes for a moment longer.
"Please nod in agreement to make me happy." Phedra Elizabeth continued.
The male lead could not resist Phedra Elizabeth's gaze for a second longer, he was completely defeated, defeated by her innocence, the male lead quickly nodded in agreement.
"You make me so emotional. Thank you very much."
Phedra Elizabeth leisurely went up to her room and sang some congratulatory songs, in addition, it was also a symbol of a happy day.
"Didn't look closely. It turns out that her temperament is so childish." The male lead smiled.
"Is there any progress?" A maid serving Phedra Elizabeth spoke up.
The butler nodded, satisfied. Veronica Sarah happily ran into the room to find Phedra Elizabeth.
"Miss Alice. There is shocking news."
What? Which factor? Wait. First, tell me if the news is good or bad."
"Isn't the young lady a bit different from usual? Regardless, as long as you are happy, you can fulfill your responsibilities." Veronica Sarah timidly assessed but only in private thoughts.
[Build the opposite image from the original -50 points.]
"What is this? What the fuck is this? I don't care anymore. I lost a lot of money because of him." Phedra Elizabeth switched emotions from anger and extreme indignation to heartbreak to the bone.
"Miss Alice. It seems he has a different view of you. Stop falling in love? Don't worry too much. You have successfully pursued him. I feel happy for you."
"Is that all? What else is $500,000 just to hear this nonsense?" Phedra Elizabeth had a clear disappointment on her face, her original heart was broken.
"Really?" Phedra Elizabeth pretended to be excited.
"I and the butler have seen it all. This is verified."
"Okay, I'm a bit tired today, you go out first, talk later."
"Yes. Please stay healthy. Have a good evening."
Veronica Sarah lightly stepped out and closed the door. Phedra Elizabeth took the teacup in her hand and threw it at the wall, the broken glass fell to the floor.
"Miss Alice, what's wrong?" Veronica Sarah panicked and rushed inside.
"Get out, if you dare to come in, you will surely die."
"Yes... All right. Lady, please be careful."
[Keep the character image +50 points.]
"If something happens, calm down." The male protagonist quickly ran up, his clothes not neat.
"Are you injured? Why let emotions overwhelm your thoughts and lead to self-harm actions."
"Regarding you. Want to avoid. Without a job, find the heroine to connect the love of a young couple. Don't bother me." Phedra Elizabeth was very upset but could not speak out loud.
"I'm okay, just a little frustrated and annoyed. I go to bed early. You should rest too." Phedra Elizabeth pulled her hand out of his palm.
"Veronica Sarah. Hurry up. She will be injured." The male protagonist gently changed direction.
"Yes." Run to, act quickly.

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