The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 1Dream

Phedra Elizabeth who had just woken upturned her eyes forward. She saw her name written on the white, glowing nametag, pasted on the gray, blood-stained wall. In the bottom corner of the wall, there was a nametag with two words Duncan Hiddleston, but unlike her, it changed color from red to white and then back to red. The middle of her field of vision was separated by an iron fence. She looked around, all four sides were iron fences, at this time she correctly identified. She was imprisoned in her hardened heart of stone. Phedra Elizabeth realized that countless people had died here, watching the white skeletons pile up into the mountains, the blood flowing into the rivers. There are some people who are facing severe punishment. An example is a man who has just received a prison sentence. His body was cut into three pieces. Specifically, the blades continuously pierced his arms, legs, and abdomen until his body split into three parts. Or a woman who is facing the penalty of having thousands of tiny needles pierced her body. Phedra Elizabeth, feeling uncomfortable with her posture, looked up at her arms and legs. Phedra Elizabeth's hand was tied with a white thread, but it was dyed with blood so the white turned red. She struggles to break free from the bondage.
But contrary to what she thought, the thread was getting tighter and tighter. Phedra Elizabeth looked down at the ground, completely clean, she could clearly see that her hands were bleeding but there was no blood on the ground at all, her feet were very uncomfortable, and her legs were chained, is attached to 2 large iron blocks. Although Phedra Elizabeth was facing punishment and bondage, she felt no pain. In front of her appeared a fluffy bunny with white fur. Suddenly it moved, greeting her.
[Congratulations to the last two players. I showed up and told them the good news. Only the last round remains, players, can take the prize money and leave. The mission this time is LOST. The organizers have prepared for you a maze full of traps. My advice is to be careful. No more buying time, the final game STARTED.]
As soon as the word beginning appeared on the blue screen, the thread and chain under Phedra Elizabeth's feet also disappeared. Phedra Elizabeth felt something touch her shoulder. She was so scared that she turned around and threw a punch at the opponent's face. Duncan Hiddleston fell to the ground, his breathing was very weak, his resistance was not much, and he sat flat on the ground. His mouth started to bleed. Duncan Hiddleston with a cold tone, wiping the blood from his mouth.
“Living up to this round, are you still such a coward?”
"Coward?" Phedra Elizabeth frowned, her emotions were very angry right now.
“Stop arguing. I would like to cooperate with you. If we get out of here together. The bonus amount will be split in half. You and I both get to live.”
“On what basis should I trust you?”
“Will I still be able to harm you?”
Phedra Elizabeth did not deny this statement of Duncan Hiddleston. His current situation is too dire. His left arm was gone, and his shirt was covered in blood. There was no irony or provocation in Duncan Hiddleston's tone. His breathing was very weak. When she used force to hit him, he caught up with her movement speed, despite being able to block the punch but Duncan Hiddleston still easily crawled to the ground.
"I agree." Phedra Elizabeth reached out and helped Duncan Hiddleston to his feet.
“We share the action. I realize there are two paths here. Force the player to choose. I go to the left. You turn right. If you find a way out. Use a rock to hit the ground to signal. And vice versa, I will do the same.” Duncan Hiddleston had just stood up and begun to devise a strategy.
Phedra Elizabeth agreed and the two split into action. Phedra Elizabeth is very responsible for her own steps, she walks slowly step by step, around there is no difference. The walls are the same, all decorated with strange drawings. Phedra Elizabeth accidentally touched the top of her head a step and unfortunately, Phedra Elizabeth fell into the abyss, her back landed on the ground. Compared to the position she stood in, falling here is still safe. She was greeted by the weeds growing around the abyss. Duncan Hiddleston's side also encountered a similar situation, but instead of falling over, he had to face the three-headed bat. The bat was four times the size of Duncan Hiddleston and ten times more resistant than he was. Duncan Hiddleston did not want to die here, so he drew a knife to solve the problem at hand. Duncan Hiddleston ran forward, the left head also began to attack him, it used its teeth to bite into his leg, instead of chewing Duncan Hiddleston's leg, it released. Duncan Hiddleston tried to step back, his back against the wall, Duncan Hiddleston's leg poisoned. Duncan Hiddleston didn't want to lose his life, so he sacrificed his left leg. Because bats' eyes are so poor, they can barely see moving objects. That's why Duncan Hiddleston remained motionless.
Phedra Elizabeth felt footsteps, she put her hands in front of her chest, taking a stance. Phedra Elizabeth sensed danger. A young man dressed in black slowly approached. He used sweet words to seduce Phedra Elizabeth. He is trying to hypnotize her with his own words, forcing her to voluntarily commit suicide. He slowly approached Phedra Elizabeth. Phedra Elizabeth knew well, that he was the enemy, the more she stepped forward, the more she backed away, reaching behind her back, touching something, it was a hammer. She gripped the hammer's handle tightly, waiting for him to come close to her. Phedra Elizabeth quickly threw her hands behind her and hit him on the head with the tip of a hammer. No matter how scary he is, he's still just human.

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