Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 9Love?

Chapter 9 Love?
When Phoebe is at home, she will be comforted by her kind mother, in school, despite being despised and ostracized, no one wants to come near her, but teacher Alex is the first person besides her mother to understand and talk softly. easy with Phoebe. Ever since then, the eyes of the little girl have always been directed to this gentleman, she often sneaks glances at Alex during class and breaks.
Phoebe Robert doesn't know what's wrong with herself, every time she sees Alex, Phoebe's heart beats so fast and so strong that she can clearly hear how her heart is beating. Phoebe couldn't control her emotions, she was confused and felt strange.
Phoebe wondered, “What is this feeling? Why do I feel so restless every time I see Alex?
Whenever Alex is not seen, Phoebe Robert always looks towards the classroom door as if expecting a figure. In Alex's classes, she couldn't concentrate on reading, just watching him lecture. Alex's words are warm and gentle, making Phoebe captivated, she still doesn't understand what her current feelings are for the other man...
Alex is completely different from the men Phoebe has met, he is gentle, warm, and kind, and when others see a Vampire like her, they only think of things like sex and beauty that make Phoebe disgusted.
At the big supermarket center, Phoebe Robert works as a cashier here, while paying customers, her mind is always on Alex's image, she can't concentrate on work. At home, too, is it possible that she is "in love" with Alex, so she always thinks about him like that, like in romantic movies when humans in love will often think a lot about the other person.
Phoebe Robert gradually realized that her feelings for the other teacher were not simply feelings for students but budding love in her heart that made her begin to feel shy but could not hide her excitement every time she saw Alex.

A special holiday is coming up that is Valentine's Day.
The streets are like new clothes, bright pink and red in every store. On the street there are many couples holding hands, the owner of Phoebe bookstore who is working part-time also makes some chocolates to sell, he displays a variety of Chocolates on the shelf near the cashier.
Since birth, Phoebe Robert has lived with humans, but she knows nothing about human holidays. Phoebe curiously asked:
"What's the Date Today? Why does everyone buy chocolates and flowers?”
"You do not know? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, a holiday for couples, an opportunity to give each other gifts and show affection to each other. If you are in love with someone, you can give them a gift today to show your love to the other person without saying it."
Hearing the shop owner say that, Phoebe Robert smiled. She didn't know that people could have such a special holiday. This holiday is something new and magical for her.
In shopping centers, supermarkets, and flower shops, there are also many customers who come to buy, much more crowded than on weekdays. Because of sold out, Phoebe Robert was able to leave early, before leaving the shop owner called her back, he took out a box of chocolates and gave it to Phoebe:
"This is what I made for you, try it and see if it's delicious."
“Oh, I have a part too, thank you.”
"Go back carefully, see you later."
People's holidays and anniversaries are really beautiful, people are a species that respect and love history, they never forget the things of the past whether painful or happy. Vampires, on the other hand, don't have human-like holidays, which makes Phoebe Robert jealous, but Phoebe remembers what her mother used to say:
“Inside you have half-human blood inherited from me, you can still choose to be a human if you want to, if you are a human, then my dear Phoebe will also enjoy all the favors of society. this association.”
According to the theory, it is true that she has half-human blood inside, so this Valentine's Day is also for her. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't conceal herself as a Vampire.
Phoebe carefully put the Chocolate box in her pocket, she wanted to give this gift box to one person. She couldn't sleep all night because she was looking forward to being able to give it to Alex tomorrow, she didn't understand Valentine's Day well but heard that if you give a gift to the person you like on Valentine's Day, you will receive love. pretty.
No matter what species they are, they all want love…
Phoebe went to school to see a lot of people running to confess to each other, her hearing is very sensitive and can be heard within a radius of 500m and this cannot be done by humans, so the words of love from the students in the school Phoebe heard them all, she felt a great admiration for humans because they had beautiful words.
She also wanted to say those beautiful words like them.
Phoebe Robert also knew that Alex was also confessed to by many female students and gave him gifts. It is not difficult to understand because Alex is very loved by everyone, he is kind, gentle, and handsome.
Suddenly Phoebe wants to give up, she thinks about her Vampire status being despised by humans, is it worthy of Alex? But her heart doesn't want her to give up, it beats fast as if to urge her to hurry up and confess to the person she loves – Alex.
Phoebe Robert mustered up her courage, she went to find Alex very quickly and was able to see him in the school garden. Alex didn't know that Phoebe was coming, he was reading a book about the stars.
Phoebe stood in front of him shyly wanting to say, her voice soft:
"Master Alex, I have something to tell you."
“Phoebe? What's up?" Alex closed the book and listened attentively to her words.
Her hands hid the box of chocolates behind her back, slowly bringing them in front of Alex, she was so nervous and confused that she didn't dare open her eyes to look. Phoebe said loudly:
“I like you, please accept my love!”
She could say it, say the words she had cherished for the past few weeks, her heart pounding as if she was about to explode. She didn't dare look Alex in the eye, only looking down at the tip of her shoe.
After a long time, still no answer from him, she looked even more confused into his eyes. Alex, after hearing Phoebe Robert's confession, he suddenly became different.
He gave Phoebe a disdainful smile:
"Give me a gift?"
"Yes…?" – Phoebe was puzzled by Alex's attitude.
Alex laughed loudly: “Hahahahaha….”
Phoebe didn't understand why he was smiling like that, why was his attitude towards her like that? His gaze was no different from other humans looking at her, contemptuously and contemptuously.
“Why are you smiling?”
“You even asked me why I laughed? Because I find it funny, I was just a little nice to you and you fell in love with me."
Phoebe looked at him in amazement, she couldn't believe what Alex was saying.
“I find you pitiful so I want to give you some love, a Vampire like you deserves to be despised by society, I would never want to get close to lowly people like you. And this box of chocolates…”
Alex said as he took the chocolate box from Phoebe's hand and threw it in the trash in front of Phoebe's presence. He looked down at her and said:
“Don't imitate humans, a Vampire like you should be grateful for being allowed to live until now, so don't imagine yourself as human.”
"Now get the hell out of here, I don't want to see you anymore." Alex looked at her with contempt and left.
Only Phoebe remained standing still, she still couldn't calm down, the tears that had shed her feelings were crushed by that man.
Phoebe cried loudly, she fell to her knees, her heart aching. Why does the person she loves to treat her like this? She did nothing wrong, why throw away her feelings...
What if she is a vampire? She did not harm anyone, and never thought she would harm anyone, why was she treated so unfairly?
Phoebe's heart hurt like a thousand knives and it was bleeding.
A seventeen-year-old little girl, who first fell in love, was trampled by him, ridiculed, and despised, causing her heart to be broken and painful. At this moment, Phoebe was surrounded by cold nights, the light she thought for herself had disappeared. He lifted her up to cloud nine and made her fall in love with him and then threw her back into the dark hell that made her heart bleed.

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