Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 4, 2022
Ch. 8Sexualized the body.

Chapter 8 Sexualized the body.
Although she did not want to go to school, Phoebe Robert always had to try to get out of the house. Goodbye, mom, she walked down the street sighing every day she woke up depressed, the nightmares weren't as scary as the reality she was struggling with, Phoebe thought she'd rather live in those nightmares rather than wake up to this cruel reality.
Every time Phoebe feels helpless and hurt she thinks of her mother and teacher Alex, at least she can share what she's going through with Alex.
As usual, Phoebe walked wearily on the deserted street with few people, this road was the fastest way to school. Suddenly Phoebe heard a whistling sound, she turned around to see the vile perverted men looking at her, whistling to her and saying crude, lewd words:
“Pretty girl, do you want to go out with us? You're still a student, why don't you come to school early, play with us for a bit, and then come to school later."
"She's so smooth and white, her legs are so pretty."
“The breasts are full too, the face is pretty, come with us, we have a lot of cool stuff for you.”
Phoebe Robert heard the words of those perverts, it gave her goosebumps and nausea. The beauty of a Vampire makes humans in general and especially women very jealous and jealous.
Phoebe is a very beautiful Vampire, her skin is light and soft, but because she is a hybrid, her skin is not as white as a purebred Vampire. Her eyes are big and round, her pupils are as red as fire, but every time she goes out of the house she has to wear contact lenses to look more like a human, her eyelashes are long and curled, every look of a Vampire makes a human. ecstatic, so it is often rumored that Vampires have the ability to control people with their beauty.
But because many people are jealous and jealous, Phoebe is often sexually sexualized, humiliated by them because of her beautiful beauty, and said that she has to seduce men to pay for school. Phoebe Robert does not hate humans, she understands that because her ancestors did things that are unacceptable to humans, a Vampire like her deserves to be despised.
Bioly went to school, she saw Phoebe enter the classroom and shouted loudly:
"Stupid thing, why haven't you gotten out of here yet?"
Phoebe did not respond because she knew that if she responded, she would be slandered as intending to attack a human, a Vampire who intended to attack a human would be severely punished by the law.
"Shut up already!" – Bioly kicked Phoebe hard on the table and shouted.
Phoebe didn't want to argue with the fierce Bioly, so she walked out of the class without saying a word, she went to the bathroom to wash her face and was calming down when a sorority of about six people came in. Headed by Bioly, she and her friends cursed Phoebe:
"I told you to get the hell out of this school, why are you so stubborn, if that's the case then you have to bear the consequences yourself."
"Catch it!" – Bioly pointed at Phoebe and told her friends.
The six girls aggressively rushed to beat and strip, splash dirty water on them and slam each other hard on Phoebe. Because of so many people, Phoebe was beaten by them until the corners of her mouth were bleeding and her whole body was bruised, she no longer had the strength to resist.
Phoebe Robert couldn't resist them, the girls kept pouring water over her, Phoebe couldn't even stand because they nearly broke her leg. The moment Phoebe thought she was going to deserve to die, she heard a loud noise, followed by a loud yell from a man.

Phoebe Robert woke up in pain, she was in the school infirmary, and she was alone in the room. Phoebe was surprised to gently pat her leg, someone had already bandaged her up, although she didn't know who she was, she was very appreciative of that person.
Phoebe grieved, she cried helplessly and whispered:
“Mom, how much longer do I have to suffer?”
Phoebe's mind was filled with grief, she didn't notice that someone had entered the room, Mr. Alex. When he saw her, he called out:
“Phoebe, how are you feeling, is it still painful?”
“Ah! Mr. Alex, I feel better now." Phoebe was startled.
Only then did she remember:
"Are you the one who saved me?"
“Yes, I taught a class near that area, saw a lot of students gathered in the girls' restroom, so I asked a new person to know that you are suffering from…”
Hearing Mr. Alex say that, he didn't care about other people's eyes but ran to save her and not only bandaged Phoebe's wound, which touched her heart.
Phoebe's current body is in great pain, being beaten violently by six people and bruised all over her body. But the ability of a Vampire to regenerate damaged cells by itself is amazing, even though it is only a hybrid Vampire, she still has this ability.
Alex watched as Phoebe's skin was slowly healing, ability humans don't have, and it takes weeks to heal if injured. Alex smiled and said:
“Your body can regenerate damaged cells very well, but this ability should not be overused.”
The two talked for a long time, he wanted to make her feel more comfortable, if the spirit of a Vampire is positive and refreshing, the ability to heal the wounds on the body will also be faster.
The teacher in the infirmary in charge of treating the students' injuries at the school is a werewolf named Demo, so Phoebe Robert can talk more freely with humans. Because in the history of Vampires and werewolves, there was no friction or fighting with each other. The werewolves are the most peaceful and friendly living race.
After medicating Phoebe, Demo said:
"Don't let the wound get wet, it will slow down the healing process and cell regeneration."
"I got it…"
Alex looked at her worriedly and added:
"Phoebe, you can rest assured that I will get justice for you."
Hearing this, Phoebe is very happy but she doesn't want to involve him like last time and she is also worried that her mother knows this is not good so she wants him not to say anything, nor to get justice for her. Because she could stand it, it wasn't the first time she was treated like this by other female students.

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