Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 7Fear because Alex might be fired.

Chapter 7 Fear because Alex might be fired.
Phoebe was very happy when at school someone stood by her side and defended her from people who only spoke ill of her and insulted her. Phoebe thinks that not everyone is evil, just that she hasn’t met the right person for you.
After coming home, Phoebe told her mother Vivian Robert at dinner. She smiled and said:
“Teacher Alex in front of people who slandered and insulted me, he took my side and defended me. But today he was called away by the principal, I was very worried that Mr. Alex would be fired because of me…”
Phoebe's mother heard her say, she was upset, she was glad that someone had finally helped her daughter, but was being looked down upon by others. Phoebe continued to say in her voice was also higher:
"But no, Alex was not fired, he went to the chief's office to talk, although there was also mention of me but not as serious as in the words of the people in the classroom."
Her mother looked at her cuddly and said:
“So the good thing, my dear Phoebe didn't do anything wrong, Alex didn't do anything wrong, none of us did, it's just that social stereotypes are still there.”
Right, Alex wants to help people as weak as her, but also due to social prejudice, people are frustrated and despise vampires, seeing vampires as animals without humanity.
But it's all about human's ancestral past, and vampires in this era are no different than humans. They also have jobs, love, and wisdom, no different than humans.
Also because the guilt in the past of vampire ancestors treating humans makes all vampire generations now feel so guilty, they always feel ashamed of what their ancestors did and their vampire bloodline.

Now every day of school for Phoebe is a happy day. She is still hated and despised by the people at school, but she has found a person who understands her, teacher Alex, even if he pities her or just wants to give her a little love, but a little is very precious. price for her.
Only teacher Alex did not look down on her, regardless of race, but all the teachers and students in the school did not talk to her properly.
Still, life has not changed, the people around her look at her with hate and contempt, Phoebe is so used to it because her mother has been very resilient.
Although she liked Mr. Alex very much, he didn't come to school every day, only when he had to teach astronomy did he come to school. Phoebe's pretty upset about this, but each of Phoebe's lessons is very hard working and more focused than any other subject. Phoebe's scores are always the highest, but no matter how well she proves herself, she is not recognized by the other humans, and society will never have a vampire superior to humans.
A female student wants to come and make trouble for Phoebe:
“Hey, why haven't you taken a break from school after that?”
“Why do I have to leave school?” – Phoebe unpleasantly said.
“What, you still don't know, because of you, Bioly has been traumatized and still hasn't attended school, there are so many people who want you to get out of here but you still have a thick face to stay. You have to know where you're supposed to be, you idiot."
“I… because of me, Bioly was psychologically hurt? But I didn't do anything to her." - Phoebe replied confused.
The other schoolgirl unreasonably kicked Phoebe's desk and shouted:
"Get out, get out of here, you lowly vampire!"
All the people in the class were whispering and complaining about Phoebe calling her cowardly, thick-faced, who only knew how to bring trouble to others. Even though Phoebe was so used to being taken in, she couldn't help but shed tears for the pain of why she was so treating her, she was so trying to fit in.
Phoebe sat lounging in class during class, her desk was painted with lewd words by the people in the class, making the desk too old and damaged in many places but she had no right to change it.

The amount of money Phoebe Robert earns when working multiple jobs at the same time is also quite good, in addition to medical care and medicine for her mother, she can still pay for school for the next term and buy food every day.
Phoebe Robert took her mother to the clinic, the doctor didn't let her family in, so she could only stand outside waiting for her mother, not knowing what to do so she pulled the book out to read, by chance someone came to talk to her, making Phoebe startled, turned to know that she was an astronomy teacher Alex.
"Phoebe, why are you here, are you sick?"
“Master Alex! I'm not sick, I take my mother to get regular check-ups.”
"Really." Master Alex nodded.
Phoebe also wants to know why he's here, she asked:
“Then why did you go to the hospital?”
“Well… I'm a bit unwell so I just came here, a friend of mine is a doctor here because he was too worried about my health so he scheduled an appointment.”
Phoebe heard Alex say he wasn't well. She asked anxiously:
"So you feel better now?"
“I'm fine, how long are you waiting for your mother?”
"There are more than thirty minutes left, so I read in the meantime."
Alex was enthusiastic about talking to Phoebe and every word showed intimacy and closeness, which made Phoebe very happy because it made her feel respected.
Phoebe asked about the knowledge she did not understand in class, he was also very excited to teach her again and guide Phoebe about the new knowledge he had not taught in class. The two people were passionate about talking, Phoebe's mother had finished her medical examination, and she went out of the clinic to see her daughter talking to the teacher, she felt very happy that she had not seen her daughter smile so hard and have such vitality.
Alex saw Phoebe's mother say hello.
"Hi, I'm Phoebe's astronomy teacher, Alex Smith."
"Oh, hi I'm Phoebe's mother Vivian Robert, she must have been bothering you a lot, thank you very much for your concern and talk with my Phoebe."
“Vivian Robert said too much, all my students are fair.”
The three of them talked for a few more sentences, Phoebe had to take her mother home to rest and teacher Alex had to continue to the clinic for an appointment with the doctor.
Phoebe on the way home with her mother, happily told her about Alex, she said that he was a nice, kind and very funny man, he also gave a good and interesting lecture. Everyone loves Alex. Her mother was very happy to hear that Phoebe had found a good friend, but she still felt insecure but didn't know what made her feel that way.

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