Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 6Helping the lowly doesn't end well.

Chapter 6 Helping the lowly doesn't end well.
After class, Phoebe was very grateful to the Astronomy teacher for taking her side. All the teachers in the school saw her as a dirty piece of shit that wasn't worth living just because she was a Vampire even though she had dyed her hair, covered her real eyes, and tried to apply poor-quality creams to get her skin as human. So Phoebe Robert naturally gives birth to feelings of gratitude and appreciation for people who understand and be friends with a Vampire like her.
Phoebe was sitting at the end of the class and nobody wanted to talk to her. A group of schoolgirls came to stand in front of her desk banging hard on Phoebe's desk. One of the girls said:
"Phoebe Robert, you're too much. You know, just because Alex taught astronomy on your side yesterday, he's now called up to the office by the principal.”
“Called into the room by the principal?” – Phoebe is surprised.
"That's right, it was because of you that he was called away, also because you messed up and caused trouble for others."
“Yeah, why don't you just quit school? No one wants you to go to class."
The other girls kept saying nasty things to Phoebe but she got used to it. The thing that bothered her the most was that because of her, Mr. Alex was called away by the principal, Phoebe didn't want that, he might get fired. just for standing up for her.
The guilt kept rising in Phoebe's lap, the other girls continued to insult Phoebe, seeing Phoebe didn't say anything, they thought she was scared and yes, she was scared.
At this point, Phoebe would like to run to the principal's office to explain everything or at least do something for Alex. Unfortunately, the bell that said the class time was ringing, Phoebe couldn't wait to sit any longer but there would be no teachers who would let her leave, they all hated her and would take the reason she escaped from school and expel her, if that were the case, her mother would be very disappointed.
Next subject, Phoebe couldn't concentrate. She couldn't stop thinking about the guilt she'd committed. At that time, Alex should not stand for her or defend her, be like other teachers who ignore her, hate her, and treat her as an invisible person, perhaps better because she does not deserve to be loved by others.
“What do we do now…?” – Phoebe sat looking at the book on the table, tears coming down too, she trembled not knowing what to do.
Finally, it was the break, Phoebe quickly got up impatiently and ran out of the classroom. The students in the class saw Phoebe running out of the class like that, they laughed quietly and happily said to each other:
“It's funny to look at that stupid Vampire, who must be feeling guilty right now because he heard Alex was called up to meet the school principal. Why doesn't that filth quit school, every time I see it in class I get upset and hate it.”
“Yes, this lowly thing should not have been born in this world.”
"Teacher Alex was on her side, that's why others spoke so badly of him."
"Helping the lowly doesn't end well."
Followed by great laughter, they felt very happy to see Phoebe like an idiot running to find the person who saved her. All the ugliest things fell on Phoebe as a matter of fact during her time at this school.
Phoebe was running so fast, that she hadn't reached where Alex was sadly walking in the hallway. She called loudly:
“Master Alex! Are you okay, you won't get fired because of me, right?"
In her heart, she was really afraid that he would have to leave until Alex said:
“Why would I be fired? I didn't do anything wrong, what are you worried about?”
The teacher's words made Phoebe a lot more secure, she was very worried, but now her mood was much better, it feels like throwing the rock away on my back. Phoebe smiled and said:
"I thought you were fired by the boss for defending me, I was very worried so I ran here to see."
He heard Phoebe's innocent words laugh happily:
“Thank you for your concern, but it's not your fault, it's not my fault, it's just… nothing.”
The burden on her heart was put down, Phoebe was in a good mood, she stood back talking to Alex, the two of them were very good together, it had been a long time since Phoebe had felt this respect, it had been a long time since she had been laughing like this. Master Alex is like a beautiful glow in the sky saving Phoebe's dark and boring days.
But Phoebe Robert didn't know that Mr. Alex was defending her for saying bad words to a Bioly schoolgirl that made her angry so early this morning Bioly's parents came to talk to the principal about it and they wanted to fire Mr. Alex for hurting their daughter.
Bioly lamented to her parents that it was Alex who humiliated and disregarded her, causing her psyche to be hurt, unable to go to school, her body to languish, and unable to eat. Her mother was too worried to sue Alex, but the principal made amends and flattered her so things were going to be easier.
But Bioly still refused to go to school, she wanted Mr. Alex to kneel and apologize to her, the excessive absurdity made Mr. Alex uncomfortable but he could not do more, because the previous advice of the headmaster was that he did not speak loudly and only gently talk to Bioly's mother and say sorry to her daughter.
Bioly stubbornly refused to go to school, she insisted on Alex apologizing to her but he didn't do so. Although Bioly said that she had suffered psychological damage, she went to the bar with her friends and danced until the morning.
After Bioly's incident, many parents who had previously been dissatisfied with a Vampire like Phoebe had attended school with their children had sent a letter to the school principal with most of the content of the letters, wanting the school to expel Phoebe because it had been deranged and adversely affected the teachers and students in the school.
Poor innocent Phoebe can only suffer silently but no one will understand her and the person who loves her will never want her to be sad and to think.

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