Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 5The Strongest Base.

Chapter 5 The Strongest Base.
The teacher stood on the platform looking down at the students who were ignorant and still had many miscellaneous measures, their eyes showed contempt but in a moment they restored their normal, smiling and saying:
“So Phoebe Robert is in the class, so the other students don't learn, right?”
She was mentioned by the teacher with a mutated face, in her heart, it was predicted that she would be kicked out of the class like the math class, but she knew it was still an inkling of silence. The teacher saw that everyone in the class was “Yes.” Immediately ask:
“Is it true that Phoebe Robert dropped out of our class?”
“That's right, teacher, you should kick her out of class, but this kind of future doesn't help society, it's probably just doing lowly work.”
The teacher silently listened for a moment to the students judging Phoebe Robert, until he could no longer hear him laugh loudly, making the whole class confusing, the teacher stopped the lecture and said, "You are bad guys."
“What do you say!” – A male student bangs his hand against the table and says.
Am I not right? Have you seen the school rankings? Phoebe Robert ranks first in school, you know? Top 1 of all schools!”
“You say that because of Phoebe Robert, you're out of rankings? You just said right, May, the stupidest student in this class even wants to be ranked as a school.”
“I feel like a bunch of idiots, and the rating of this class is all Phoebe Robert's. It's hard to understand, but it's okay that before I became a teacher I had to learn a lot to talk to the ignorant.”
The teacher spoke bitterly to those who were under but had a big smile on his mouth, probably had to train other mouth muscles. Phoebe sounds comforted, the Astronomy teacher who is standing in front of her is a teacher who has only been coming for two days, on her side so she probably doesn't know she's Vampire.
The teacher's hard words upset the people below, they say he doesn't know it, defends the kind of sadness of society, then ranks the inestimable qualities of a person, and say that he will go back to talk to the parents and transfer.
“Transition ahead, I'll see what school you're going to, your parents are going to burn a lot of money here, I'm the one who has the right to kick you out."
A blonde schoolgirl could not hear the teacher's words, and they were used to the teacher standing on their side, and Phoebe Robert, the blonde, said to her face, "You've defended her like that before, haven't you? You know what she does, she works as a whore, the dirty thing doesn't die, she wants to go to school, asks if anyone wants to go to class with her.”
The whole class was strengthened with the other girl standing by Phoebe Robert's hand. The teacher smirked at the blonde saying, “How did you know Phoebe Robert was doing it, who was in the business with you?”
The blonde was stunned because this was the first person to speak to her like that, she shouted, “What are you talking about! How could I do that!”
“So how do you know I played Phoebe Robert?”
Then I hit the eye toward the other people saying, "I don't know, but it's very clear that I don't do that, it's okay if I'm afraid of being discovered by my parents, the students in the class remember to keep it a secret...Yes, I have a lack of guests so I don't have to introduce them to make sure they don't disappoint me."
“You… you … how can you say such dirty words?!” – The angry girl yelled madly.
“So what, you want to sue me? As you know, Bioly is very beautiful so I think the boys in the class must also like to be able to buy "goods" if there is a need."
“You're crazy!” she shouted.
The teacher was inspired and added more fish sauce and salt: "Don't look at me like that, I'm hardened, how much do you go?"
"AAAAAA!" - she shouted and ran out of class.
The class was quiet, nobody dared to say more words, they knew that the teacher in front of them was not easy to play with, easy to say. Phoebe Robert was amazed by the words and actions of this newly arrived teacher, who was truly too poisonous to just say the words that made the bully fear others and run away from the classroom, in contrast to the admiration she feared more.
The teacher readjusted his breathing and said softly, “Okay, Bioly is taking up too much class time, I will reflect on the headmaster, do you feel that?”
“So silence means yes, thank you for being on my side, let's continue the lesson.”

The whole study day ended very quickly, in the afternoon, it was to increase the number of such sessions, she had to pay more money, but she did not have any money to study, but she was still very good at learning on her own. In the afternoon, you can go to work to earn some money to pay for school. Phoebe Robert's job was part-time cashier of a bookstore, shipping and packing at a fruit stand, and cleaning lady at a supermarket in the city. One day she did three or four jobs, but Phoebe only told her mother she was working as a cashier at the bookstore so her mother wouldn't worry.
Phoebe Robert has never worn or hated her race, she is Vampire and she feels very good about it. Because of the health and endurance of Vampire and mankind, Vampire's strength is great both in body and stamina, people have to rest for several hours but she does not do so much work at the same time she also does not feel tired, sweat does not splash a drop. The speed of a Vampire is also very fast, the others take two to three hours to put all the fruit on the display shelf along with some other little things, and Phoebe does all of those things in just forty-five minutes or less.
But what's sad about Phoebe is that since she's Vampire, no one wants to hire her, she has to sneak up some of her mother's blood to be able to apply for jobs in the city, but only do simple things that are a little less common.
After returning from school, Phoebe Robert opened the door to her mother who had prepared lunch for them very well, Mrs. Vivian Robert, when she saw her daughter returning, happily laughed and said, “Why don't you come and eat?”
Yes, Mom.
“Is school fun today, is everything all right?” – She asked softly.
“Everything's fine.”
Phoebe smiled and ate and said, on her face still fresh and beautiful like that, in her heart it was not like that.
“Look at you, you're not as good as you say, I understand.”
Mrs. Vivian still smiled and said: "I know how you are at school, I know you are bullied by them but dare not say it again just quietly, I only know at home waiting for you to come home, I'm sorry."
Phoebe clenched the choking piece and said, “It's not your fault…”
“Oh… I’m such a bad mother who can't give you a better life, but if you do, try to study because the others don't understand what's going on and abandon your future.”
Phoebe nodded her lips, she understood that a dog bites if she bites it back, it only took a little longer to endure, but she didn't know how long to endure. Is that how all Vampire is?
“My dear Phoebe, no matter how they tell you outside, you're still my treasure, I'm always here waiting for you, always will be waiting for you. I'm not as healthy as I used to be, but I'll make a strong base for you. It's just…well nothing, just hope you understand, don't do stupid things just because of those idiots out there, live for yourself.”
Phoebe nodded, she hugged her mother and cried loudly not only today but almost every day she cried like that, every time she left the house to go to school, she was insulted and laughed at, she did not do anything to them, why they always had to make it so difficult for her, if she could not bear it, there was no other way, just a little resistance, she was accused of being antisocial, harming people.
Mom is Phoebe's biggest motivator, her stronghold without her maybe she wouldn't have been this strong. Every morning before leaving the house, her mother smiled and said to her a sentence: “I wait for you to come back, remember to come home early.”

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