Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 4Just Suffer…

Chapter 4 Just Suffer…
Mrs. Vivian Robert Phoebe Robert's mother tried very hard to use up the relationship when she was here and spent a big amount of money to apply for a school for her daughter. Her daughter has finished level II but by level III some areas will start to filter types, people, Vampire, and Werewolves will study in different places. People's places of study are schools from form to teaching quality are very good, werewolves are not competitive but the way werewolves are educated, both humans and Vampire can not learn together. As for Vampire... there is no school, the majority of Vampire students have gone to work, and very few Vampire have money and relationships to continue studying.
Fortunately, Vivian Robert was a human being. Before Phoebe Robert was born, she had a lot of friends working in pedagogy and medicine. In general, the mutual relationship was quite good, but because her daughter was Vampire, there were also a lot of people who did not dare to accept this child. Finally, because she insisted too much, they also tried to help her daughter enter human school with the condition to re-dye her hair and wear contact lenses.
Then Mrs. Vivian Robert came home on the way to buy black dye and contact lenses for her daughter, the money was really big. The time when hair dye is sought after and popular in the market, especially for young people makes its cost not cheap and so are contact lenses. But it's all about the future of girls.
Vivian Robert always reminded his daughter to focus on her studies and leave a university for a decent job and a better future. Not being able to express themselves as a Vampire, no matter what anyone says, just bear…
Phoebe Robert understood from a young age, she also reminded herself not to panic, not to suffer badly, just consider it a lesson for life. Phoebe studied a lot, she also studied on holidays, went to work more, she also studied, took her mother to see her mother outside and also studied...
After the end of the math teacher's period, she went out to see Phoebe standing down and looking at her nose and feet with her eyes full of aversion. She shook her chin and said, “If you don't know what to say, just shut up and listen, and think of yourself as something you can say to me.”
Phoebe did not say anything, she dared not resist the teacher's words, her face bent down with a feeling of regret, her hands clenched at the corner of her shirt, and her mouth tightened without coughing. The other teacher was invaded by water, she said again:
“Do you know how much time I spend on it? I can't tell you that, early in the morning, since the next time you argue with me, I can fire you. Do you copy?
Phoebe's eyes are red with her head down, so this is not the first time she's ever had this, she should be used to these things, but it's hard to adapt when she's done nothing wrong, but people are always making it hard for her. Phoebe still tries to contain her emotions so that tears don't roll down, she says, “Yes, I'm sorry, miss, there won't be another time.”
Seeing Phoebe obediently replying that she was different from when she was still trying to fight with her, she was very pleased, her face also showed complacency, saying, "Knowing that this is better than before, your future is also destined to do dirty work, don't try to study, give opportunities to other people. I don't know what you're trying to do when you're not human.”
She emphasized the two words "human" as if she wanted to make it clear to Phoebe that her kind should not be here, that she does not belong here. When that Math teacher finished saying those words, she still did not stop wanting to say more, she said: "You should know what you are quitting school, our teacher is also the rector who has been teaching you for two years, no one wants to teach you. The world is a mess right now so that the dirty people can go to school and the work is unacceptable.”
She didn't notice how Phoebe looked, just laughed, and then walked out Phoebe leaving the lonely and hurt silhouette standing alone like that by the classroom door. Phoebe Robert was silent without his lips waiting for the teacher to go away and then she let loose the suppressed tears that had long flushed down her cheeks, her face white and bright red with shame.
The next subject was a teacher's, Phoebe regained her composure for a long time, tears in her hands still clenched at the corner of her shirt, Phoebe's legs were shaking because she was crying but she knew there would be no one to comfort her, no one sympathized with her so it was best not to cry, tears just showed she was weaker.
Phoebe went to the classroom to sit down, her desk was also filled with insults and insults, return they only made her feel more about her because, in this school, no one was on her side, going to school for her was very happy, so she dared not ask for more.
The teacher enters the classroom to continue today's lecture, Astronomy is a very difficult subject and for students who are an abstract subject it is extremely difficult to understand, but it is still one of the subjects that must be learned, so no matter how difficult it is to understand.
The teacher held the book and wrote on the board at the mouth of the lecture:
“Today we are going to learn about Pluto, which I reminded you about earlier, have you read it?”
The students in the class began to look at each other, their faces clearly showing that they had not read before. The teacher sighed with an eye to Phoebe and asked:
“Did Robert read it?”
Phoebe was slightly startled by her name and nodded quietly, “I've read it.”
"Good." – The teacher smiled softly and did not start breaking the whole class.
“As you know, Pluto or Pluto is the second heaviest dwarf planet known in the solar system and the tenth heaviest object directly orbiting the Sun. It was once ranked as a planet, Pluto is now considered the largest member of a separate region called the Kuiper Belt.”
“We discovered the planet on February 18, 1930. Its rotation cycle is 248 years old, the surface pressure is 1 Pa calculated in 2015. Pluto's moon is Charon, Nix, Kerberos, Styx, Hydra…”
“This is the basic knowledge and the beginning of a deeper understanding of a certain planet, so you must also grasp what I have just said.”
The teacher at the top gave a lecture, the people at the bottom were bored with no games, they collected paper and threw it at Phoebe and laughed, they didn't forgive her during class, they let go of her insults even though those things didn't concern her, they just liked it.
Phoebe remained silent and unyielding, she focused on taking notes and listening to the teacher give the lecture, no matter the detractors. If you say a word against them, they'll have more than ten mouths to scold you, they're wrong, but that's true again and again.
“You guys be quiet, do you hear me?”
“It was Phoebe Robert who played, so we just talked.” – A schoolgirl gets up and points her hand at Phoebe.
Phoebe was mentioned by name and didn't understand why, but she kept her face down quietly reading books and didn't want to hear what the others were saying. Her silence led many in the class to start hustling the schoolgirl to slander her. The other male student also stood up and pointed to Phoebe and said:
“That's right, there's Robert in class I can't focus on, I don't want to study with an unclean child.”
“Do you know how polluted this class was with it? You can't learn from it in class.”
“My rating also dropped because of it, our teacher, our class also dropped because of it.”
All those hard words were about Phoebe. Even though she didn't do anything, she knew how to learn to lie and tell the wrong truth. But she also ignored that what she needed to do now was to endure. Yes, it was just to endure that everything would be better. Phoebe quietly coughed not a word of protest, her gaze was cold as if she and those here did not belong to a world. Although the expression on their face is very normal, the pen handle trembles, she clenches her hand to remind herself not to speak again, not to argue again so only more trouble.

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