Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 3Current Life.

Chapter 3 Current Life.
The past has fallen into oblivion, but racial hatred and discrimination have almost permeated the bone marrow, making it impossible for people to live together as if nothing had happened. The status of Vampire is very poor in the current society, the jobs they do are only poor and poor, where a separate area is wet, and murky without sunlight, and very few Vampire get decent and recognized jobs.
After generations of Vampire to the present time Vampire was no longer afraid of the sun, they could also walk during the day, but the operating time was mostly night.
Phoebe Robert Vampire is a hybrid of man and Vampire, her mother was human because of her love for her father and she was born. Born at a time when Vampire is disregarded, even if it is a hybrid Vampire, the characteristics of a Vampire are still very clear and no different from purebreds.
In the tiny house that collapsed only about six to seven square meters, all the toilets, the sleeping places, and the cooking places were in this house. Phoebe Robert has lived here since she was born, when she was a little girl, her father left, she asked her mother many times, but the answer was always, "Your father will come back quickly." But for years, he never came back, she has grown up to understand things better and no longer calls for him.
“At home, please don't open the door for anyone, I'll be back soon.”
"Um, I'm waiting for you."
Phoebe Robert took care of her mom's breakfast, then locked the door to school. Every time she left the house, she had to lock the door for one reason: her mother was a person who was a Vampire that she didn't care about, so even though her lock still had to remind her mother.
She went to school like any other normal day, even though Vampire was considered by humans, but that was the generation that preceded it, and the younger generation is now much more open. Phoebe went to class early with very few classmates, the teacher had not yet grown up so she had time to review the lesson, she did not study in the evening because, in that small house where the two parents lay together if she turned on the light, her mother would not be able to sleep, even if her eyes lit up in the night, her mother did not allow it because she was very hurtful, Phoebe exclaimed that she would sometimes forget her daughter was Vampire.
She read the book again, and wrote down the things to remember in a notebook, meticulously and carefully, then a few girls came in, including a beautiful blonde who threw the book Phoebe was reading to the ground, flipping her chin and saying:
"You want to go to class, why don't you do something more being a whore."
After the blonde spoke, the rest of the girls started hustling.
“That's right, with this face you don't know how many men there are!”
“How much do you do every night, is there much? Give us some, let us keep it for you.”
Phoebe Robert still silently picked up the book she was reading and continued to take notes without paying any attention to the dirty words. Seeing Phoebe look indifferent and don't care about herself, she immediately got upset again and threw all her things to the ground and stepped on her feet to move her friends interested in following her.
The proud blonde said, “I'm talking to you about me, bitch.”
Phoebe was not angry, she was defiant for years, and she was used to it, she just smiled quietly and said, "If you want to know how much money I make every night, would you like me to introduce you to the job? Your beauty is fine.”
The fire nurses shouted, "Are you crazy! Why do we have to go do all that dirty work? "
“So why be curious and tell me to split the money with you, if you want, then why should you be shy like that? You're an addict.” - Phoebe keeps a smile on her lips.
At this time, there were also more people in the classroom, the girls were so angry that everyone's face was red as if they were going to hit her right now. The blonde goes on to say, "Only a bitch like you can do the job, you dirty, disgusting thing, if you don't do the job, you can't afford to study."
There were enough students in the class, Phoebe looked around and suddenly stood up and shouted, “You want to be prostitutes like yourself too, let me introduce you!”
Phoebe Robert's words caught everyone's attention, but they didn't look at her, but at the group of blondes, everyone in the class began to hiss. The blonde and her group of friends were both afraid and immediately threw her hair away, before leaving, she also warned her soul. Not only did those girls bother her, but the whole class was upsetting to her, especially the girls. Phoebe doesn't know why people are so hard on you because of poverty? For the kind? Because of the color? No one told you, so you think this is all three.
Poverty is not enough to eat every day but there is money to go to school so the job must be to change money, the kind that has been disregarded before. This is not her alone - this is probably what they think of her, Phoebe guessed.
But Phoebe doesn't care, and no matter how much they don't eat your family's rice, it's just some insidious talk you can take, it's been years.
“All students quiet down, Phoebe Robert quiet down, you come to class to learn or to mess around!”
Phoebe Robert did not object to the teacher getting up and bowing and apologizing to everyone for messing up the class. The blonde found her mouth smirking with satisfaction, her disrespectful gaze always on Phoebe.
To facilitate studying in the school that she had a hard time applying for, she did not want her mother to worry, she just had to do well in her study obligation to pass the University exam to become a person with money and such status that her mother had a better life, committed to what that meant.
The teacher came to the hard questions and immediately called Phoebe up to answer the question.
"Phoebe Robert, answer me this question."
Phoebe went up to the chalkboard and started writing, the students below started talking about Phoebe and she said she certainly wouldn't know how to do it because the math was very difficult, some of the formulas had not been taught, some people were despised expecting her embarrassment, some people didn't care, some people were still cursing, she couldn't do it, get off and don't itch their eyes. All those mean words she heard one at a time, of course, the teacher next to her also heard, but she ignored them.
Phoebe wrote down the final answer and said, “I'm done.”
By the time she got in her seat, the teacher started to fix the problem, some people down there said that the result wasn't right, she was just doing the coloring. The teacher, in contrast to having fun when the student can do her homework, is annoyed to show up for a while and Phoebe Robert's results are correct, rather than saying “The results are correct.” Then she looked at Phoebe and said:
“Is Phoebe Robert the one who saw the book?”
Phoebe was surprised by the teacher's conclusion and immediately stood up to explain: “I did not see the explanatory books and today I taught this lesson in all the books I have no books in that format, it was entirely my work.”
"So you mean I slander you!"
“I didn't mean it, I just wanted to say that the homework on the board I did myself didn't see the explanatory book before.”
The teacher still didn't believe Phoebe's words, she didn't listen to her student explain, but she insisted that Phoebe look at the textbook or one of her children wouldn't be able to solve such a difficult task. Whatever you explain, no one hears, and neither does the teacher suspect Phoebe. The teacher could not speak again Phoebe immediately kicked her out of the class for making noise in the class, at this point Phoebe was silent and stopped talking and shook her eyes, and walked to the door of the class to stand up to face the punishment of standing until the end of the teacher's period to enter.
Phoebe sighed and looked down at her feet. She thought she should not have argued with the teacher. Whether she did well or not, no one recognized her ability, the test was high, and they said that she copied other people's papers, but if anyone noticed that she was sitting at the end of the class in a corner, there was no one next to her so she could copy, the exercise did not understand at the end of the hour to ask the teacher, they said that she pretended to want to make a good relationship with the teacher to get a high score, go to school late, they said that last night she served first it sounded very uncomfortable and annoying as long as she ignored.

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