Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 2The demise of the self-righteous species.

Chapter 2 The demise of the self-righteous species.
The vampire is like a man who is very greedy and wants everything that belongs to him, something that is not his own will be robbed so that it is owned by him, whether it be people or things.
People who fought for so many years didn't change anything, Vampire still grew and grew more, they couldn't even grow old, what about the weaknesses people found? Can they help? The answer is no.
The vampire is afraid of the sun, so they live deep in the forest with many animals, especially wolves. Humans are infallible. The vampire is afraid of crosses, fire, and garlic, but no one can get to them, and if they do, they don't have the power to do damage, they just make the Vampire run away, and they don't kill them. Hunters can only kill the Vampire E's that are the worst and stupid ones, they're like lower animals that only eat and don't think.
The world of Vampire divided into clear ranks, the A rank is the highest, these are the Vampires with the longest lifespan, have awareness, and intelligence more than a whole rank, their food is mainly human blood and raw human flesh, and their strength is also the strongest but they do not hunt. It can be said that A rank is like the king who dominates his race, they easily integrate with the upper class and the royal family of people, controlling people to offer food to them.
Next is the B level equivalent to the A level living in the nobility; food is also human blood and human flesh, the C level is below the B level, self-hunting and self-living with no available supply can only predict the amount of food, awareness, and intelligence is only two levels below the above level. The common trait of the three grades A, B, and C is that they do not lose control because of hunger, they breed pure Vampire generations and try to live like humans without fear of the sun, fire, cross, and garlic.
But levels D and E are completely different, the worse the levels are, the rotten the perception and morality, their food is not just human but an animal. Killings are like an integral part of their lives, they kill somewhere. They don't have to be hungry to do that, they like to do it. And more and more of these two types of vampires, breed as many and as few.
In human terms, people don't want to live day and night in fear anymore, so a lot of people join the hunters' union. It's just…nothing changes when they show up, the number of Vampires they destroy is just a mosquito.
The power gap between the two species makes people more desperate and more anxious, the hunters one go not to return, making so many families and friends hurt, miserable, and screaming. People feel that the arrival of the Vampire is no different from the end of the world for them.
But as the achievements began to emerge, mankind found the disparity too great, and if it continued to do so, humanity would sooner or later be extinct. So in addition to the hunters' union, they set up an association that specializes in the study of the power and longevity of human beings from the blood of the Vampire. No one knows how humans have invented that amazing drug, only how when they take that drug, their strength is doubled, and their life expectancy is extended by more than ten years. Although it is still far from the purebred Vampire, for mankind this is the greatest wonder of the solar system. With this invention, mankind had more hope, but the person who invented the drug was hidden from anyone by the hunters without knowing what it was like. The information of the inventor was well kept by the hunters, even if they stood on the verge of death and didn't spit out half of it.
Because they know that man is the hope of all mankind!
Human strength suddenly increased, and longer lifespans than before made the higher-ranking Vampire unable to pay attention, they began to notice and monitor the growth and see the number of their fellow human beings decreasing, although not as large but with the higher-ranking species as they are, which is not acceptable.
In the biggest war ever fought between man and Vampire, the man burned Vampire alive, Vampire chased to kill the man. The war will last for generations to come. The vampire was hunted down by humans, they couldn't do it anymore, so they prayed for peace, people agreed to that because they knew they couldn't kill all of the Vampire and human resources were consumed too much for this war.
The peace treaty starts here, Vampire returns to the deep forest, no longer appears to kill people, and people regain peace and begin to build from the rubble.
Put an end to the dominance of a species that considers itself superior.
The world has not only two higher species, the Vampire and the human, but also the Werewolf and the Sphinx, but one can only live underwater, the other is neutral and irrelevant because their number is so small that they can't live comfortably because humans have hunted all their food. They are angry but not hateful, and for the Vampire, they are not able to fight in numbers, but in terms of strength, an individual werewolf has equal or greater power than an individual Vampire.
Werewolves and Sphinxes are the two most peaceful species at any given time.

In modern times, after the world had gone through bloody wars in history, all species had lived together in peace. But since Vampire crimes in the past have caused so much human suffering, Vampire is now no different from the lowest classes, despised and hated by mankind. The achievements of mankind are written in the book as a heroic history transmitted to many generations later and they also know the cruelty of the Vampire, so the status of the Vampire is less and less respected.
Vampire food is no different from human food, except that Vampire eats raw food, not processed food. Currently, Vampire hunters are not as respected as before, but people have always worshipped them as heroes, at the moment no one has chosen to become a hunter.
The world's species hierarchies are divided: first mankind, second the Werewolf, third the Vampire, and finally the Sphinx, then other lower animals.
The number also coincides with the rank of the four higher species above. Humans make up the largest number, followed by Werewolves, which are half the number of humans, and Vampire is quite rare because they have to live in the past for generations, so even though humans live next to Vampire, it is difficult to detect because they are quite similar to humans, just because the skin is brighter than humans.
Books about the characteristics of the genres are widely available around the world in many different languages. After centuries of passing, people have lost the sensitivity of their senses to recognize their species.

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