Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 13Mother's departure.

Chapter 13 Mother's departure.
Mrs. Vivian knows she doesn't have much time left, maybe die today, die tomorrow, die next week, or die next month, soon death will come to pick her up hoping that then he will be generous to her, give her some time to look at her little daughter. Even though she knew she couldn't live anymore, she didn't feel too sad because she understood that when she could no longer breathe, her beloved daughter would still be by her side.
She weakly reminded Phoebe Robert a few sentences, also just around studying, she emphasized that even if she died, Phoebe still had to continue living, so she despaired or kept thinking, a difficult life is So Phoebe will surely find someone who truly loves her, and protect her.
Whether she hates or hates humanity depends on Phoebe, she doesn't interfere, just hopes that Phoebe can live for herself, and doesn't cry for anyone anymore.
Phoebe cried loudly:
"Don't be like that, don't say it anymore, you have to try harder, you have to be with me, how would I live without you, mom, I'm so scared."
But at this moment, her mother couldn't breathe anymore, and the thin hand that had lost its warmth that was holding Phoebe's hand also fell. Vivian Robert has finally breathed her last in the arms of her daughter.
Phoebe cannot accept the fact that her loving and protective mother has left this world. She kept calling her mother:
“Mom, mom, what’s wrong with you? Don't scare me, I'm scared, mom, why are you so cold, let me get more blankets for you. Mommy! I'm begging you don't leave me, I'm so scared, how do I go on when I'm gone, Mom..."
Phoebe tried to call out to her mother, she called until her throat ached, and ignored it.
Phoebe painfully hugged her mother's cold, heatless body, and refused to let go, Phoebe's mother suffered a lot of pain from her kind all her life because of her kind, for Phoebe, she was the whole world. Her mother died taking everything with her, now that Phoebe has nothing but this life, she really wants to end herself.
In a small dark room, there was a girl who was holding a cold corpse of a woman for a day and a night without leaving a single step. She felt this could very well, the next day she painfully forced herself to accept that her mother was dead.
All the money she earned was spent to prepare for the funeral of her respectable mother. Originally, that money was used to treat her mother, but now it is no longer needed.
Phoebe replaced her mother with an exquisite white dress that her mother loved most, it had been in the closet for so long, that her mother would never have thought of herself wearing it at her own funeral.
Phoebe helped her mother fix her beauty, carefully placed her in an expensive coffin, and placed a flower in front of her chest. That day, the weather was very beautiful, windy, and sunny, but Phoebe's mood was the opposite, murky, sad, and tired. She couldn't cry anymore because she cried for a day and a night until she ran out of tears.
At the funeral of Vivian Robert, Phoebe dug her mother's grave by herself under a large peach tree in the yard.
The funeral of her mother - Mrs. Vivian Robert was very simple, she cried and cried, the pain was heartbroken, broken, and despaired, after taking care of her mother, Phoebe really wanted to follow her mother.
She stood in front of her mother's gravestone and said:
“Mom, can I follow you? This world is so cruel to me, how can I persist in living here, mother?"
The small house suddenly became empty, silent, and became so cold that Phoebe was scared, curled up with her arms around her trembling body as if trying to suppress her fear and despair.
Phoebe Robert mumbled to herself, her mind hazy and filled with pain.
Her mother is gone, how should she continue to live, her solid support is where she belongs, she gives her warmth, a warmth that no one in the whole world has ever given her. So now that she's gone, leaving her with a bone-chilling patch, it's so sunny outside, why does she always feel afraid of the cold and cold like winter?
"Mom! Can I come with you?" Phoebe Robert shouted.
Phoebe Robert was no longer alive, she felt as if she were dead as much as she deserved to die. Having to live made her feel more like torture than death, maybe it would be easier to die, she would be freed from this hell on earth. Why try to survive when it's not easy.
Phoebe Robert laments why life is so unfair, it's okay to be unfair to her but her mother is human why did they all abandon her like that. When her mother was alive, she never complained about anything like that because she used to say that she was happier than many others, so I have no right to complain about this life.
Her body was exhausted and lifeless, she hadn't slept for several days, vampires like humans needed time to sleep, but she couldn't fall asleep suddenly. If you want to die like that, you should eat a lot before you die so that you don't become a hungry ghost.
Phoebe Robert used up all the money left after finishing the funeral for her mother, put on a set of clothes, and went out to buy all the things she had never eaten and dared not eat, things she always wanted to take home.
The life of poverty weaves in her mind a thought that is to save as much as possible, to live with austerity, sometimes very hungry seeing blood will not help but salivate, but under the guidance of her mother's teaching and understanding, she overcame that instinctive hunger.
Phoebe Robert now doesn't think about saving anymore, she doesn't need to eat as conservatively as before because she no longer wants to live. Before death comes to take her away, she wants to be able to do what she likes.
Buy a lot to eat a lot, she lived frugally for many years and then lived hungry and thirsty, but she absolutely must not starve to death if she doesn't go to hell, she will become a hungry ghost. hungry.
She ate as if she had been starving for a long time, she didn't know what she was full of, no matter how dirty and dirty her appearance was, she still ate really well, if anyone looked at her, she would feel she had been starving for a few days.
The school, the workplace she no longer wanted to go to, didn't want to leave anyway, they all didn't want to see her, didn't want to see a Vampire they despised. Maybe her not going there anymore made them happy because that's what they wanted.
Very quickly, the whole room was piled up with plastic bags, boxes, cake shells, ... because the house of mother and daughter was quite small, very quickly the room was filled with garbage she threw into small mountains. body, face smeared in filth, the beautiful appearance of a vampire was gone.

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