Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 12Mother's illness gets worse.

Chapter 12 Mother's illness gets worse.
Alex still went to class as usual as if nothing had happened, but sometimes he would make jokes insinuating about Phoebe, and the students in the class would follow him to mock her. Phoebe has always remained silent without protest because she knows that the more they resist, the more they continue to do so, and the more pitiful she will be.
Phoebe always reminds herself that just enduring will make it through, she will get out of this damn school and go to a University, then her life will be better for both of them. and her future will not be despised by humans like now as long as she endures everything.
Vivian's illness got worse, she coughed more often and had trouble breathing than before, even though she suppressed it so that she wouldn't be detected by her daughter, but Phoebe is a vampire with much more sensitive senses than humans, so she quickly found out. Phoebe is very worried about her mother's health, she wants to stay at home to take care of her mother and not go to school anymore, but her mother was very angry when she heard her daughter's decision because she did not want her daughter to worry and neglect her studies, her mother said:
"Go to school quickly, mom will be fine."
"You need to go to school right now."
Phoebe ran to buy medicine for her mother, the seller saw Phoebe's red-eye color and immediately knew she was a vampire, so he didn't want to sell it to her, but because there were many people waiting behind, the seller had to sell the medicine to Phoebe with reluctance and hatred.
Because she was so worried about her mother, Phoebe could not concentrate on her studies. After school, she quickly ran back, but before she reached the school gate, Phoebe was stopped by a group of girls, an arrogant girl said:
“Where are you running so fast? I heard that you hang out with a lot of men so you must have a lot of money, give us a little bit."
What they're doing is stealing Phobe's money.
“Get out of the way, I have nothing to give you.” Phoebe clutched her backpack.
They laughed and threatened her:
"Then give the other bag so we can check if you don't have the money, we'll forgive you, but if you have, give it here or don't blame me."
What nonsense logic allows them to check other people's things on their own, they know she's a vampire, so they bullied her. The people around knew she was being bullied but no one cared to help, they just stood and watched and whispered.
They still want to take Phoebe's backpack without reason, she is very angry, but her fingernails grow long to hide them, she clenched her fists and did not dare to show it, the nails were too sharp to pierce the palm of her hand with fresh blood dripping all over her hand. drops to the ground. Phoebe thought she wouldn't be able to go home when, fortunately, a teacher found out and quickly stopped an impending fight in the schoolyard.
“What are you guys doing? Are you fighting? Please stop now!"
The group of girls heard the teacher's voice and quickly left, one girl did not forget to warn Phoebe:
"You remember, next time it won't be that easy."
Phoebe did not pay attention to their threats, she rushed home because she was too worried about her mother's health.
Vivian Robert's health was getting worse and worse, she could not hold back the attacks and pain in her body. Even if she takes medicine, it only relieves the pain, which lasts for a few hours and then goes back to normal. Seeing her mother losing her vitality, Phoebe was heartbroken, she asked for leave from work at the supermarket and fruit stand and took the salary they did not pay her last month but was scolded, belittled, and forced by them. head to drag her unremarkable mistakes to deduct her salary. They threw wages at Phoebe as alms.
The owner of the bookstore who understood her situation, in addition to giving her a salary, also gave her some supplements for her mother.
Her mother is sick but stays at home often doing light chores like cleaning and cooking to help her daughter. When she was alone at home, she often recalled memories of the past.
Until one day her mother could no longer walk, she was extremely weak but refused to go to the hospital for treatment. Phoebe regardless of her mother's anger still took her to the nearest hospital but also more than 10km away from them.
Unfortunately, just because Phoebe Robert is a vampire, she was rejected by the hospital even though she tried to explain that her mother was human. Phoebe looked at her mother in pain and then knelt down begging them to save her but they still accidentally left.
Phoebe carried her mother to many different hospitals, but the hospital did not agree to treat her mother because the only reason she was a vampire, she begged to no avail.
In the end, Vivian Robert could not bear to see her daughter being humiliated again and again because of her, she said:
"My dear Phoebe, I want to go home."
"But mom, your illness is so bad right now, it needs to be treated quickly."
"I want to go home, take me home, let's go home, it's cold in here."
Her mother said sadly, she was right, this place is really cold, people's hearts are colder than winter.
Phoebe Robert brought her mother home in helplessness and pain, in her heart a clear hatred rose, she hugged her tightly as if she was afraid that if she let go of her hand, it would disappear like a sponge. Phoebe regretted not taking care of her mother more, she blamed herself.
Vivian lay on the bed, she said:
"If in the future, I can't be with you anymore, you still have to try to live a good life, there will definitely be someone who understands and loves you like me."
"Don't say that, I'll be by your side forever." Phoebe cried.
"Impossible, even if I don't get sick, I will die because of old age, vampires' lifespan is very long that's a good thing, you will have more time to see this beautiful world."
Phoebe cried louder, she said:
“This world is no different from hell, nothing is good, if it is good why do those people refuse to treat me, why do they leave you, why does society treat you so unfairly?”
Phoebe's mother understands the pain she has endured since Phoebe was just a child:
“Don't grieve Phoebe, what you see and feel is only a small part, the world is really beautiful, always remember that your presence in this world is great and sacred.”
“Being born and watching you grow up is the best thing in the world for me.”
Phoebe was touched to hear her mother say, she still loves her and always comforts and protects her, she understands Phoebe's suffering.
Phoebe grievingly thought she had to work so hard working many jobs at once to have money to take her mother to the hospital for treatment, but in the end, no one would help her.
She looked at Phoebe and said:
"I'm sorry, it's I who made you suffer those insults."
"It's not mom's fault, it's just their mistake."
The two talked for a while, then her mother felt sleepy, she quietly closed her eyes and Phoebe was looking at her weak mother in pain. Mrs. Vivian still can't get better despite taking medicine, her body is getting weaker and weaker, her health is not as good as before, and the medicine doesn't help.
All the hospitals had no one to help, Phoebe could only helplessly watch her mother's breathing weaken.

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