Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 11Agree to the confession?

Chapter 11 Agree to the confession?
Phoebe's mother talked about the beautiful memories of her and Phoebe's father, although he is no longer in this world, her love for him is still as beautiful as the first day they met. Phoebe listened to her mother's story in silence, her mother told Phoebe why she followed her mother's last name and not her father's. That is, she doesn't want her to be looked down upon and abandoned by humans, eighteen years ago vampires had very different surnames from humans, and for this reason, humans could distinguish between vampires' surnames.
Mother saw Phoebe sad, she asked:
"You seem very sad today, what's wrong?"
Phoebe sullenly says:
"The person I like rejected my feelings, even mocked me, he, like other people, hates me."
“Is Alex right?” – Her mother asked.
Phoebe never told her mother that it was Alex, how would she know?
"How do you know it's Alex?"
"Of course I know, your feelings for him do not love."
Phoebe put her hand on her left breast.
"But I was moved, that's love, isn't it?"
"Vibration alone is not enough to conclude it is love, you just admire and appreciate him for him because he helped and talked to me while other humans did not."
Phoebe understood what her mother meant, and she drew the following conclusions:
“So I have no love for him, just admiration.”
“Yes, one day you will find someone who truly loves for nothing.”
After confiding in her mother, Phoebe understood the concept of love and things, not love, her heart was more steadfast than before. About confessing to Alex that she was disrespected by him when she didn't understand it, it was also because she admired Alex so much that he mocked her like that, she was pitiful.
At that moment Phoebe no longer dared to trust anyone but her mother. Her mother is the one who makes her feel secure and is a firm dependant that no one can replace.

As usual, Phoebe went to school without talking, just sitting in one place reading a book, sometimes someone would come to mock and annoy her. Today there was an Astronomy class taught by Mr. Alex, Phoebe did not show any attitude towards him, like many other subjects she focused on listening to lectures and doing homework but did not look him in the eye.
Alex was giving a lecture but her eyes were always on Phoebe, she knew it but she didn't care nor look back at him.
The bell rang, Alex said:
“Phoebe Robert comes up to my office after school.”
Phoebe doesn't know what he wants, she doesn't care anyway because he, like all humans, looks down on her.
But because he was a teacher, Phoebe had to obey even if she didn't want to. At recess, Phoebe walked slowly to Alex's office, she never wanted to go back to the classroom like now.
Alex waited for a long time, so he went to the corridor to wait for Phoebe, but seeing her walking slowly, he called:
"Phoebe Robert hurries up, you're wasting my time."
Phoebe was discovered forced to hurry to the office even though she didn't want to. In the office with only her and Alex, Phoebe wanted to leave, she said:
"You called me here for some business, if there's nothing, I'll go back to class."
Alex didn't say anything but quickly hugged Phoebe to her surprise and surprise, she pushed him away, she angrily said:
"What are you doing?"
Alex noticed her anger, he wanted to apologize for rejecting her yesterday. Alex's face was very apologetic:
"Yesterday, I'm sorry, because I wasn't in a good mood at that time, so I told you like that, can you forgive me? You like me, don't you, I like you too."
Phoebe is surprised, Alex apologizes and asks if she can forgive him? Are you dreaming? She didn't know how to react properly.
Alex said sorry and wanted to hug her again but was dodged by Phoebe, even though he was in a bad mood yesterday he also said things to hurt her, she felt his malicious words. Yesterday was the truth.
Alex was dodged by Phoebe many times but was so angry that he began to reveal his true face.
"Anyway, I've helped you many times, everyone in the school hates and despises the lowly you, and I don't understand why the principal can allow a vampire-like you to enter the school. What a shame this school is." – Alex said.
Phoebe was taken by him by surprise, she couldn't believe Alex could tell her that, this was his real face. The time before that just lying to approach her made her fall in love.
Alex continued:
“But one thing I have to admit is that vampires are very beautiful, much more beautiful than humans. Phoebe, you say see how much I help you, you have to appreciate and repay me, I won't let you lose anything without getting it back. How much money a night, I know your mother is sick and needs money too."
Phoebe stepped back, this man had evil intentions toward her:
“You are crazy! I'm your student, how can you tempt your own student like that?"
The person Phoebe admires and secretly loves is the kind of evil person with perverted thoughts, he still comes forward wanting to touch her. Phoebe felt disgusted with this man, she trusted the wrong person, how could she admire someone like this.
Phoebe felt stupid for thinking that Alex was a good person different from other humans. Now she had been splashed with cold water to make the province recognize his true face.
“What about students? As long as you sleep with me, I will pay any amount."
"You're disgusting, I misread you."
Phoebe is full of disgust and contempt for Alex in her heart, she doesn't understand, she thinks her mother is also human, and the others are also human, but why are they so different?
“I will denounce you, you are the lowly type!”
“Denounce me? Who will believe it? No one will believe a vampire.” Alex laughed.
Phoebe bit her lip, right no one would believe a vampire, but she didn't give in to him because of that. Phoebe exposed her claws warning Alex:
“Did you know that vampires have a lot more fighting power than humans? If you still insult me, don't blame me, I will definitely kill you."
Phoebe wants to end her admiration for Alex, he doesn't deserve it. An evil man with a perverted mind, he killed her faith in humanity.
Alex was not afraid of Phoebe's warning, he said:
“According to the law, in any form, if a vampire intends to kill a human is severely punished, do you dare?”
Phoebe was surprised, she really couldn't do anything to Alex.
Next, Alex, like the others, constantly mocked and insulted her. Phoebe Robert gritted her teeth and endured his words, she didn't voice any objections, but in her heart was full of hatred and hatred for him, if not for her mother and for the future lives of her mother and daughter. Phoebe will definitely kill them all.
Phoebe Robert's claws grow longer and sharper when she's angry like it's preparing for a fight, but she's so rational that she tries to stay calm and retract her claws after three years of schooling. In this school, she was exiled and despised, although it was very humiliating, she was still not discovered by humans with the killing intent in her heart.
In today's society, people have all rights, at the top of the food chain, if Vampires emerge to kill people in any form, they will be sentenced to prison, if they are young they will be sent to re-education juvenile. In short, not even a Vampire's right to self-defense.

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