Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 10What is love?

Chapter 10 What is love?
Alex not only rejected her love but also demeaned and despised Phoebe Robert, causing her to be deeply hurt, her heart-achingly broken into a hundred pieces like being stabbed just because she was a Vampire and fell in love with one human - Alex. Phoebe, because she was so sad for herself and her feelings were trampled, hid in the gym and cried alone, skipping the next class.
Phoebe has always wondered that apart from being a vampire, she is also a human being with compassion and has never had any bad intentions to hurt anyone, but why should all those humans be? Hate her so much? Why a little sympathy they also not for her?
She had cried like that for over an hour, Phoebe's eyes were red and her sobs were clear. She was exhausted and returned to the classroom, Phoebe tried to regain her composure and pretended that she was not sad or having negative emotions because even if she was sad, no one would come to comfort her, they even mocked her. you are more so you have to be strong.
Miss Matty, who was giving a lecture, saw Phoebe, who had just entered the class, angrily scolded her:
“Phoebe! Why do you look down on me now that you're in class, so you're skipping class, something like you won't do any good, you're useless!"
Phoebe Robert was so used to those contemptuous words of Miss Matty, whether she was right or wrong, she still bowed her head to admit the mistake:
"I'm sorry, there won't be the next time."
Miss Matty saw Phoebe so apologetic, she said proudly:
“If there is a next time, I will expel you, you should be reasonable and understand the school rules.”
"I'm sorry…"
It wasn't the first time that Phoebe had been scolded like this without reason, she was used to it. If anyone in the class made a mistake, they were forgiven and only gently reminded, but Phoebe wasn't so lucky, she was always a front for them.
After Valentine's Day, everything is back to normal. The school is full of couples because yesterday they confessed to the person they love. Phoebe admiringly watched couples walking down the street holding hands. Last night, she walked on the street in the night alone crying so much that her eyes were swollen and had to be covered with foundation.
After that, Phoebe decided to forget about Alex who hurt her, if she was to blame, blame her for foolishly giving her feelings to such a person.
After school, Phoebe brought a sad and tired mood to work, causing the store owner to wonder, he asked her with concern:
"How are you today, your face doesn't look very good."
Phoebe looked at the shop owner and was silent for a moment, who did not urge her to speak. Phoebe finally tells her sad story:
“Alex is my teacher, he helped me a lot, and because of me he almost got fired, so I appreciate him very much. Alex always spoke softly to me, at that time I thought he was the light that saved me in a school full of bad humans.”
The shop owner asked, "So the man named Alex is your favorite?"
“Yes… I fell in love with Alex, yesterday I confessed to him but…”
Phoebe hesitated, she burst into tears when remembering Alex's words yesterday made her heartache even more.
The shop owner looked at Phoebe's eyes, which were already red. He guessed that she cried a lot because of that man, and did not want to make her sad anymore, so he comforted her:
"Don't cry, you did a good job expressing your feelings, that man will definitely regret rejecting you, Phoebe is a beautiful girl so you should smile more."
Phoebe wiped away her tears with her hand, and smiled at him, he was right she didn't have to be so sad, one day Alex will regret treating her like that.
Phoebe finally returned home, her mother was reading a book to see her daughter back very happy. Phoebe says:
"Mom, I'm back!"
"I have made orange juice for you, hurry and drink it." - Her mother said
Phoebe is a hybrid vampire, although she is half-human, her food or drink must taste blood in order for her to be able to eat it. Like the orange juice her mother prepared, she put some of her own blood in so that her daughter could drink it, this is also a mandatory condition for the vampire to be able to maintain the best life.
Phoebe carefully took the orange juice, drank it slowly, and suddenly wanted to ask:
"Mom, have you ever been in love?"
Her mother was surprised to hear her daughter ask this, she said:
“Then, why do you ask?”
"Since I'm curious, who is the beloved mother?"
"It's your father, that's why you are standing here now." Her mother shyly replied.
“My father? He… is a pureblood vampire, why do you love him?”
Vivian Robert smiled remembering the old days, she said:
"Because that's love, simply because I love him, whatever he is, I'll still love him."
Hearing her mother say surprised her:
“Love is very special, no matter how good or bad the other person is, every time they appear, you will feel missed and moved, that is the beginning of love. But love makes us miserable, broken, and lifeless, losing ourselves sometimes just to please the other we forget who we are and what we want. However…"
She paused for a moment, her eyes sadly looking down at the book:
“However… without love, we would be very lonely and unable to exist, if you are grieving because of that don't worry because your true love hasn't appeared yet.”
“Love is… strange…”
Phoebe has lived with her mother since childhood, she has never seen her father, her mother said he was a purebred vampire, and every time she mentioned him, her mother was very sad. But now that Phoebe wants to hear about her vampire father, she asks:
“Mom, where is my father now?”
“Your father… was… dead… when I was pregnant with you, that day I was so heartbroken that the memory of him grew, it felt like I wanted to kill me. Until the day you were born, when I found out you were a vampire, I was very happy.”
Phoebe was also not surprised that her father was gone forever, because she had guessed at first but that was only in her mind, she wanted her mother to say it herself. Her mother always takes old pictures of her father to see, she loves him very much, because Phoebe has not had his father's love since childhood, but in return, Mom loves her a thousand times more
Phoebe used to hate her father very much because he was a vampire, that's why she had to suffer the contempt but look at her mother, she loves him. Phoebe is the crystallization of their love. Love does not discriminate, her mother that day defied all prejudices of society to come to her father.
For human beings love makes them suffer and also makes them happy. Humans are high-minded animals, they can choose to be faithful to only one person or to have feelings for many people.
So for Vampires, what is love like?

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