Vampire's mate
By Vthvth
Date: August 1, 2022
Ch. 1The glorious past of a species.

Chapter 1 The glorious past of a species.
Society is now much more civilized and advanced than before, mankind is the highest-ranking species among all other species, people always consider themselves the truest, they are very talented and wise, the architects, advanced technology, fashionable fashion, high-quality education leading the world,... Many things show that people are very wonderful creatures, they think and rarely follow instincts like some other species.
It's enough to tell that humanity is the center of this universe, but human nature is greedy and curious, and they don't stop invading everything in the world, they don't know enough. It is also because of these things that it is possible to know the laws, the laws, how matter works, the matter that determines the spirit, and many of the achievements discovered by humans, that it is necessary to say that our knowledge is just like a drop in the sea, a grain of sand in a vast desert.
However, other species such as Vampire, Werewolf, and Fisherman do not think that way, because the achievements to build a society like this one are their ancestors' contributions, not least why mankind is so full of people, other species want to protest, but because mankind is so arrogant and authoritarian with the world's largest population, there is nothing more to do than leave mankind so complacent.
Today, schools, hospitals, public works, etc. are built by people a lot, all knowledge is just a different kind of language, in those textbooks are the words that hail how well mankind has been good even in the past and present, the spiritual and material growth of mankind at the head of all, no one can resist. This idea is almost embedded in the minds of generations of all species, just those who oppose or resist the “obvious” will be considered antisocial and pushed into prison at any age, but there will never be any such thing, schools are all human beings learning, and Vampire or Werewolf rarely appear in places where there are many human beings, but it does not mean that they do not go to school just because their social status is not high.

Now, humans are the highest-ranking species at the top of society, but it's rare to know what the human past has gone through.
Thousands of years ago, Vampire was the most powerful species that dominated everything from the first days that they appeared in the world, people used to look for the origins of this species, but no matter what, humans fell into a stalemate and started looking for the gods.
Before Vampire appeared mankind had had few wars just because it occupied the land to expand the territory, at this time military and territorial were the two most noble things. A country with a large territory means having a powerful army, such countries will be even more greedy and monogamous, and of course, mankind is a selfish species that thinks only of itself.
Because of the constant and endless wars of absurdity that cause not only humans and other lower animals and nature to die. At the same time when mankind weakened because of the constant intermittent fighting, Vampire suddenly appeared, initially just a few missing people but then a lot.
It all started one night when a village with all the people there had disappeared completely, no one was left alive, and the whole village was stained with red blood, all like a battlefield. People were scared but didn't care enough to think that that bad village had been killed by hungry animals coming down from the mountains. Things will probably be forgotten until the second, third, and fourth villages, no matter how many villages have been murdered, people start to fear nightfall and do not dare to leave the house.
At this moment, Vampire finally shows up, and they claim their place in the world, and humans are nothing more than food, and they can also be like pets that are housed and used as amusements. Mankind could not accept this strange occurrence, so it sought the origin of the Vampire, but there was no result. Vampires saw that mankind is small but resilient, so there is a gap that people are very consecrated to the soul, in terms of spiritual life, people consider the spirit as a solid base, the spirit gives wealth, strength, and children.
No one knows where the vampires came from, and when they started thinking about it, the gods were punishing them, because people had caused so much pain and loss to nature and all kinds of species for so many centuries, the gods brought Vampire to punish people, forcing them to give thanks for their stupid mistakes out of greed, just to please Vampire, and maybe the gods would forgive them?
That sounds very unreasonable and also very reasonable even though many people don't believe it, but no one can explain the origin of the Vampire Devil. Churches and groups of people who worshipped the devil began to worship the Vampire as a new god of that time, and these ideas began to spread and became known to many. Humans are terrible and worship the Vampire as nothing more than a god, the Vampire is too powerful for humankind, they show strength and kill those who resist them.
At that time, not to mention the power of Vampire is much more than humans, their life expectancy is also very high, the higher the life expectancy, the greater the power, but the beauty is only in the twenties, young and not old, human beings call them immortal gods.
The vampire at the top of the food chain is like a king of all species, small people are just their food. Many congregations or groups of people worship them to the point of blindness, the blindness of character, offering twelve- to ten-year-old virgins for Vampire enjoyment. Because they think that virgin girls are the people with the purest and sweetest blood, suitable as sacrifices to the gods.
From here, the number of Vampires increases rapidly, the number increases, of course, the amount of food must increase even more. Their favorite food is human blood. When the supplier does not meet the demand, the anger of Vampire will rise, they are hungry but the food is not enough, so many Vampire have kidnapped people publicly instead of every month for people to offer themselves up. Instead of drinking just a little bit so that the prey looks bloodied too much to die, they will now suck off the prey's blood until the prey is dry.
All their followers, they can't spare, kill all because of the uncontrollable hunger. They took off their nobility and royalty to be true to their wildest nature of being a hungry devil. Mankind has been oppressed by the Vampire for thousands of years for generations, but no matter how stupid people are, nothing can deny that their thinking and perception are the best. After many millennia of being considered food, people found that Vampire was neither a god nor evil, they were just a filthy and hungry species.
Mankind is aware of that, and they call upon all to stand up to the Vampire, which is trying to reverse the world order. After many generations of caste, mankind has discovered many weaknesses of Vampire: fear of sunlight, fear of fire, fear of garlic, and fear of the cross. They have a human appearance, but they don't have the warmth that humans or any other species do, no matter where they stab them they don't die, the only way to kill them is to cut off their heads and burn their entire bodies so that they can stop them thoroughly.
But not every human being is capable of killing them, so shortly after the human uprising, there was the first group of hunters born with the sole purpose of killing the entire Vampire.
But as much as it takes, people still can't deny the extraordinary power of the Vampire, the Vampire is afraid of the sun, but people are afraid of the darkness of the night. The vampire has more power than humans can imagine for a medium-sized Vampire that can crush a big rock without too much power, and humans can't do that.
Although many have not withstood the oppression created by the Vampire, they stand up to it, but in the depths of their hearts is the fear that many generations pass on.
The battle between the hunters and the Vampire is relentless, the Vampire is an extraordinary creature that if injured can heal itself without being decapitated their bodies are immortal. How resilient people are, they still can't live as immortal as the evil ones, they get hurt if they don't handle it in time, and they're dead, weak, and pitiful. In the eyes of Vampire, the other species is no different from the weak fly but has a strong will, and a desire to live too big.

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