Forever Blue Bloods
By Anonymous Author
Date: June 28, 2022
Ch. 4Werewolf

‘No! What have I done!’ Prince Deacon yelled at himself within, because his wolf just claimed Emily as his forever mate, and once marked only death can separate them, and even then, it was not always certain that the one staying behind will get over the lost love.

Prince Deacon got hold of himself and shifted back into his human form, making Emily think she was having a nightmare, seeing the transformation.

Emily touched the part where she had just gotten bitten and flinched at the pain as tears ran down her face. “This is not a dream.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” Prince Deacon pleaded, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around his waist.

“You are a monster!” Emily tried to get up from the daybed but stumbled as she was still too weak from the blood loss.

‘Send me a Vampire,’ Prince Deacon mind linked one of his brothers.

It didn’t take long for a vampire to hesitantly show up, knocking on the redwood door.

“Come in,” Prince Deacon demanded.
Prince Deacon was one of the most ruthless lycans around and the oldest of the lycan brothers. Right now, the Lords are searching the world to find royal lycan princesses for the lycan brothers. Prince Deacon hated being fated as it weakened him, making him a love-sick puppy.

“Offer yourself to her so that she can regain the blood lost and seal lick her wound so that it can heal,” Prince Deacon demanded.

The vampire bit open his wrist and offer it to Emily, but she refused, shaking her head and trying to crawl away.

“Compel her!” Prince Deacon demanded.

“Drink,” the vampire compelled her.

While Emily was drinking against her will, the vampire licked her wound so that his saliva could heal her wound.

Prince Deacon felt the jealousy rising in him, watching the vampire in her neck. “That is enough! Now compel her to always do as I say.”

After obeying Prince Deacon’s orders, the vampire got out of there as fast as he could.

Emily stood up and ran to the door but before she could reach it Prince Deacon stopped her. “Come to the bed.”

Emily does as she was told and walked up to the bed wondering why she was doing it.

Prince Deacon sat on the bed and looked at her, almost in a trance, unable to take his eyes away from her beauty.  He reached out and touched the tip of her fingertips, but she retracted her hand away from his.

"I am still a virgin, please don't do this. Please let me go," Emily pleaded.

"You don't want to be with a prince?" he asked, full of himself.

"You are not a prince, you are a monster," Emily cried, tears running down her face.

"I assure you, I am a prince.  Perhaps not one of the human world but nonetheless, I am a prince," he chuckled.

"Then in that case I do not wish to be with a prince, no matter what world he is from," Emily said through tears, holding her arms over her exposed breast.

"Put your arms to your side," Prince Deacon ordered. Emily did as she was told.

“Don’t move,” Prince Deacon said, looking at her torn dress, her breast fully exposed. He wanted to do nothing more than to make love to her right there and then, but he cannot imagine doing harm to his precious mate and resending the stupid mate bond.

Prince Deacon stood up and ripped the dress off her body making her gasp in fear.
“I hear you have mated, and you are keeping her?” Queen Lana, his mother with red hair and blue eyes, asked, not approving.

“Let him have her until we can find him a royal bride,” his father, King Makens, said.

Prince Deacon wanted to give them a piece of his mind, but decided it can wait for another day. Prince Deacon signaled a lady-in-waiting to come over. “Take some food to princess Emily. She is in my room. Afterward, get her cleaned up and dressed for the day.”

“Princess? I thought she is not a princess?” one of his brothers pointed out again.

“As I said, I would have not mated with her if she did not have some sort of royal heritage,” Prince Deacon said, slamming his fist down on the table, making everyone jump a little.
King Makens gave him a look of warning. ‘When will he learn to control his anger? This new girl better tame him, or I will get rid of her myself,’ King Makens thought with a stern warning on his face.

After an uncomfortable breakfast that was nothing new, Prince Deacon went straight to his room to be with Emily.

The lady-in-waiting has just finished pinning Emily’s hair up when Prince Deacon walked into his room.

“No, let it down,” Prince Deacon said, and the lady-in-waiting does as she was told.

Emily looked at Prince Deacon in the mirror as he took his morning jacket off and laid it over the back of the daybed.

Once the lady-in-waiting was done, Prince Deacon ordered her to leave. “Take the tray with you.”

“Would you like a morning coffee?” the lady-in-waiting asked, before leaving.

“Yes, Emily will also have some,” Prince Deacon said, not bothering to ask if she would like some as he knew that she was from England and would probably want tea instead.

“Tea for me, please,” Emily objected.

“You will have coffee,” Prince Deacon said.

“Coffee it is then,” Emily agreed. ‘Guess I can try something new,’ she thought to herself.

“What happened to all the princesses?” Emily dared to ask.

“They got married to Kings or a prince and soon will have bellies filled with babies,” Prince Deacon said, without batting an eye.

Emily bit her lip before uttering out the words. “What will happen to me?”

“That all depends on you,” Prince Deacon said, standing at the window, looking at the gardens below.

“What do you mean?” Emily wondered.

“Get to know this world. If you don’t like it after a year, you are free to go,” he said even though he had no intensions of ever letting her go.

“A year?!” Emily exclaimed.

“Six months?” he tried again.

“I have a confession to make,” Emily said, wondering if she told the truth, if she will be allowed to go back home.

“Confess already,” Prince Deacon demanded, interested to hear what she had to say.

“I am not really a princess. I took the place of my best friend because my family needed the money,” Emily said, looking down at her hands.

“I know,” Prince Deacon said, as he already saw everything there was to her when he mated with her.

“What will happen now?” Emiliy asked, hoping that she can go home.

"You will stay for six months and if you still want to leave after six months, then you may leave and your family can keep the money," Prince Deacon said.

'Guess six months are nothing and we get to keep the money,' Emily thought, happy about the arrangement.

"So? What do you say?" Prince Deacon asked.

"I thought I don't have a say?" Emily asked sarcastically.

"Are you not the least bit interested in this world you find yourself in?" Prince Deacon asked.

"I am more interested in my safety," Emily admitted.

Prince Deacon laughed at her wittiness. "You are perfectly safe if you don't try to run away and end up in the vampire wing again."

"Are you a werewolf?" Emily asked a question that she already knew the answer to, but she needed to hear him say it.

"Lycan." Prince Duncan says. “Werewolf is a beast that shifts against their will and only on full moons walking on two legs and has claws where lycans shifts at will, looking like a wolf.”

"You are much prettier than the horror stories," Emily thought out loud. 'Oh no, I said that out loud.

"Thank you," Prince Deacon responded, smiling at her.

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