Forever Blue Bloods
By Anonymous Author
Date: June 28, 2022
Ch. 3Claimed

“I am Princess Clare Edwards,” Claire introduced herself.

“Your scent is irresistible,” King Torvald said.

“Thank you,” Claire said, blushing.

King Torvald kissed each of the next three ladies' hands and asked their names, making Emilia wonder why not her.

King Torvald looked over at Queen Amirah and signaled for her to come over.

“What seems to be the matter?” Queen Amirah asked.

“Is she a princess? She does not smell like one,” King Thorvald said, looking at Emily.

“Perhaps she is just so far down the line that it cannot be picked up, Lord Dario has never made a mistake,” Queen Amirah said, even though she would want nothing more than to be rid of Lord Dario so that her son, Andre can finally have the woman he has been pinning over for the past four hundred years.

At that moment, another man walked in, also wearing a crown followed by a couple more, all from the various supernatural species, and last but not least, prince Deacon, who seemed as if he had better things to do.

All the men wearing crowns besides prince Deacon introduced themself to the young ladies, all believed to be from royal heritage, all showing no interest in Emily.

“She might be the most beautiful of the lot, but she does not smell like blue blood runs through her veins,” one of the royal men stated the obvious.

King Torvald was the only royal vampire amongst them and comes to a halt in front of Emily.

Before Emily knew what was happening, he sunk his teeth into her neck, making the other girls scream and run away. Emily also let out a scream, but then she stopped, as she felt a wave of calmness coming over her as she got intoxicated.

“Mmmm, definitely royal, but her bloodline is so thin that she hardly passes as royal,” King Torvald said, taking a napkin and wiping his mouth off, leaving Emily to fall to the ground.

Queen Amirah signaled servants standing nearby to come over. “Feed her to the vampires.”

As the servants drag Emily past prince Deacon, his inner wolf cried once more like it did so many times before, ‘MATE.’

Prince Deacon did nothing but watch them drag her away. ‘Will take care of it later,’ thought to himself.  Prince Deacon was lycan and he casted mates aside as if it was nothing.  He despised his parents but kept it to himself.

The royals waited for King Torvald to choose a human princess first.

“Princess Claire Edward,” he said and held his hand out to the group of girls, standing together in fear, she won't be his first wife this decade.

“Stop being scared, everything you know of vampires, werewolves, hybrids, shifters, and everything in between is true, but you do not fear it,” he compelled them.

Princess Claire stepped away from the group and took King Torvald’s hand.

“Shall we get married?”  he asked with a smile.

Not all the royals got a princess, but they knew their turn will come after the higher ranks got their wives.

The night of the wedding ceremonies, the royals that did take a wife consummated their marriages.

Two maids came in and helped a princess take her dress off.  As they were about to leave, she stopped them. "Where is my nightgown?"

"You don't need a nightgown," one said, giggling.

"Yes, I do!" she demanded.

"Give her a nightgown," her King said, making her jump in fright, grabbing the nearest sheets off the bed and covering her body, making the King laugh.

The girl that was giggling quickly stopped and ran to get a nightgown.

She helped the princess put it on while the King watched, making the princess blush and trying to cover herself the whole time.

"Tonight will be the last time you will ever wear a nightgown," the King said.

"W-Why?" she stuttered.

"As your husband and your King, I demand it," the King said, walking over to her.

The princess lay down on the bed, nervous.

"Stand up," the King demanded her, and she stood up, not understanding what was happening.

The King ripped the nightgown off her, tearing it off.

The princess gasped and tried to cover herself again.


The ruthless lycan Prince Deacon decided to wait for the day walkers to be asleep before sneaking around the vampires’ quarters to find the beautiful Emily to un-mate with her. Not only was she the most beautiful woman he has ever been fated to, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

‘Why do I always end up mating with the rejects?’ he wondered as he picked up her irresistible scent.

Prince Deacon was overtaken by her scent and found her soon enough in the arms of a vampire.  Emily did not look conscious with the vampire in her neck and his hands on her body, the beautiful, previously white wedding dress, half torn, exposing her full breast.

Prince Deacon felt his bones shifting, but he fought it, preventing his wolf from trying to control him. The vampire looked up and met Prince Deacon’s blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, neatly styled.

“Your highness, I was told we can have her,” the vampire stood up, explaining, his voice filled with fear.

“Leave us,” Prince Deacon demanded.

The vampire sped off without hesitation.

Prince Deacon walked over to Emily and tapped her delegate fair-skinned face. “Wake up.”

Emily lost too much blood and was too intoxicated to wake up.

Prince Deacon covered her with a bedsheet and picked her up to take her to his room to wait for her to wake up so that he can reject her as his fated mate.

In his room, he laid Emily down on the black velvet day bed. Prince Deacon went to his on-suit bathroom to run himself a hot bath while he waits for Emily to wake up. 

After his hot bath, he wrapped only his towel around his waist, as he liked to sleep naked. He walked over to where Emily was still lying on the daybed and reached out to feel for a pulse. Touching her soft, delegate skin made his manhood stir.

Prince Deacon looked at her beautiful angelic soft face with rosy lips, her dark hair making her skin appear fairer than it was.

‘Must be the mate bond that makes her smell so good to me,’ Prince Deacon thought as he reached out and stroked her cheek, her scent reminding him of his favorite time of the year, early spring.

Prince Deacon felt his bones shifting against his will and before he could do anything about it, his inner wolf took over. Once completely shifted into his wolf form, out of control, he bit Emily on her collarbone; the curve of where her neck and shoulder meet. Armenia snapped out of her intoxicated state and tried to fight the wolf off, screaming in pain.

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