Forever Blue Bloods
By Anonymous Author
Date: June 28, 2022
Ch. 1A century ago


It was courting season in England and Princess Bently; cousin of the British King was ready to present her daughter to the bachelors of the town. A gentleman introduced himself as Lord Dario, not giving his last name. Princess Bently sends in her daughter’s best friend Emily to meet a gentleman every time she does not like the looks of a man. Now it was not that she did not like the looks of Lord Dario, ‘but who calls on a lady this late in the evening?’

Lord Dario inspected Emily without even asking for a name. Dark luscious locks of hair, smooth clear skin, tall with blue eyes, and a dashing white smile. “She will do.”

“Excuse me?” Princess Bently wanted to know.

“One million euros if she leaves with me tonight for America,” Lord Dario said.

Princess Bently burst out laughing. “We are royal. We don’t need your money.”

“Excuse me for a moment,” the princess' butler interrupted.

“I have a guest. Why do you disturb me without a drink on a tray?” princess Bently wanted to know.

“It is about your guest,” the butler whispered.

“Just a moment, Lord Dario,” the princess excused herself.

In a private room, the butler told princess Bently that his daughter should go in exchange for the money. “My family can do with the money. Thirteen mouths to feed is no small task.”

“He would never know the difference since he will be in America. You have been loyal and hard-working for so many years. If I do this for you, you will continue working for me?” the princess wants to know.

“Yes,” the butler said.

Princess Beverley walked back into the room where Lord Dario was waiting. “She can leave tonight.”

“I can?” Emily asked, shocked, looking at her father.

Lord Dario showed another man that was with him, standing to the side, to bring in the money.

“Darling, go and freshen up,” princess Bently said so that Emily can go and say goodbye to her family that was staying in the staff courtiers of the mansion.

The butler took his daughter and walked her out of the room, but before he could leave with her, Lord Dario interrupted. “She is fine the way she is, everything she needs will be provided.”

“Lord Dario, let her say goodbye at least,” Princess Bently said.

“Be quick,” Lord Dario said and walked out to his 1912 Cadillac.

“What is going on?” Emily asked the princess.

“Asks your father. It is what he wants,” Princess Bently said, retiring for the night.

“He is offering a handsome amount. Think of what it will do for our family, and the life you will have. You don’t want to end up a kitchenmaid with a poor butler as a husband?” 

“You are a great man and you made mother happy. Why would I not want to end up with someone like you?” Emily protested.

“Don’t take this away from your siblings,” her father pleaded, tired of not being able to provide the life he dreamt of for his family.

Emily thought of the better life her family will have and how proud her mother would have been. ‘I will be a lady,’ she thought, smiling.

“I take that smile as a yes?” 

“Yes, father,” Emily said and went to the staff quarters to say goodbye to her siblings after damping the tears off her face, she greeted her father.

“Let me walk you to the car,” the butler said, giving Emily one last hug.

Once inside the car, Emily looked shyly at Lord Dario. ‘I hope he is a gentleman and will marry me first before attempting to take my virtue,’ Emily thought.

They drove in silence for a moment and after a good distance from the town; the car came to a halt.

Lord Dario climbed out first and held his hand out to Emily.

“See you in a couple of days,” Lord Dario said to his driver.  

Before her feet touch the ground, she was in his arms. “Shut your eyes and sleep.” After compelling her, Lord Dario sped off using his vampire speed, going towards the frozen Arctic North Pole, and making his way to Canada just before sunrise. Once the sun settled again, he continued his journey to Hudson, New York, where he will deliver yet another royal for the Kings of the Supernatural world.

It was the year 1915 and the Parilli Castle, commissioned by Mr. Parilli; so it appeared on paper but he was only the human face, the front which the Supernatural royals hid behind, has finally been completed and ready to be occupied by the royals of the Supernatural world. To a visitor, the Parilli Castle consists of an entrance, a reception hall, a foyer, a dining room, a music room, a sun porch, a library, a grand stairway, a second-floor guest suite, a third-floor guest suite a second-floor rotunda, servants rooms, a kitchen, a butlers pantry, a butlers room, and a master bedroom suite which consist of a sitting room, a bathroom, and a sunroom but with a little of Shaman magic, the castle was much more than what the eye could see as it housed over one hundred royals of different supernatural species mainly consisting of Werewolves and Vampires.

After a supernatural war that left most of the kings of the higher council without wives, they send out their supernatural troops to seek out brides from families that have a royal bloodline history amongst humans.

Emily woke up, unaware that she was not in her own bed, thinking that it was all just a strange dream, but when she opened her eyes, she realized that it was not a dream.  Armenia looked up at the frills of the four-poster bed, with white lace layers. She lifted the white silk covers up and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw she was still dressed in last night's dress.

A lady that looked in her early thirties wearing an English Victorian Era dress that looked eighteen-thirties to Emily with a Bertha neckline that was a low shoulder neckline exposing the skin of her shoulders, looking smooth, almost marble-like. The neckline was trimmed over with a three-inch-deep lace flounce.

To Emily, it seemed that the lady had no problem breathing with her corset that she was clearly wearing, with that tiny waistline. Emily wondered how she was able to even move her arms with the sleeves of her dress so tightly fitted.

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