His Silverhand (The Kings' Series)
By HFPerez
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 4The Pass

Anna Marie

"The crab risotto is on the pass, chef, easy on the salt and pepper as requested."

She nodded to one of her sous chefs. Fridays were busy nights. This supernatural restaurant was no different from a human restaurant.

If there was a slight difference, these people love expensive menus.

There was no sense in holding back from the expenses. She worked with the best ingredients money could buy and delighted her patrons with sumptuous delicacies. And charge them higher than normal.

These folks were extremely loaded. So far, her cashier has not seen an ordinary card yet. It was all in black or red. The no-limits type.

Vampires and Demons like blood on their wines, well they didn't have to go anywhere else for that. Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 and Château Cheval Blanc 1947 in type A. What more could they ask for? They were hooked for life.

Anyone who witnessed her in her chef's jacket would have thought she was too young for this shit. Her sous chefs and assistants didn't have faith in her at first sight.

Goddamn! She proved them wrong and made them eat their words. Literally.

All she did the first day was baked and cooked a storm. Fed them until they couldn't stand let alone picked on her shortcomings.

The next day, her staff was waiting for her five hours before the restaurant opened. That was two months ago. She pressed her lips to prevent a full-blown smile and smirked at the memory.

Apparently, the old adage was true.

Food was the way to a worker's heart.

Pausing, Rie thought she got the old proverb wrong. Pft! Like she gave a damn.

Oops! Anna has warned her about her constant swearing.

-I know.- Her cutie patootie pups. Aww, she missed the little darlings. Her schedule should be clear this weekend to babysit them.

"Cee this rack of lamb is a bit under, refire please, and go easy on the garnish." Her loud voice boomed over the noise inside her stainless kitchen.

"Right away, chef."

She went back to icing the indulgent Forest Cake for the evening. The patrons always stayed until dessert and eagerly partake in her creations every night.

Ever since Anna's mating, a lot of couples have reached out. Desiring a similar concept of cake for their mating ceremony. She graciously declined all such requests. The castle cakes were for Anna and Mish's only.

She made it worth their while though and created a magnificent 3 tier cake that has depicted stories of their love.

"Chef Rie, a VIP request for your presence." Odd. Her head snapped to Jonah, a head waiter.

"I wasn't aware we have royalty tonight." He paled at her serious face. Come on. Everyone's so stiff and serious. She took pity and grinned at him.

He exhaled in a relieved sigh. "I think His Majesty, the Lycan King has made the reservation."

"My family is here?" Now, she was excited. They usually dine on Saturdays, it's a treat nonetheless. She loved cooking for them and hasn't done so in a while.

"Oh, no. Not your family chef."

"Vampire?" Meaning, they were expecting them soon. However, it was weird if Xavier came here first. His instinct will lead him straight to Anna Michelle.

"Nope." Her perfect eyebrows furrowed. Don't judge. She treated herself to a spa from time to time.

"Demon?" Arg! She was baffled. Hating the guessing games.

He shook his head once more. "I think the Dragon King and his entourage, chef."

Oh. Haven't met him. Though she had heard of him in passing. He was from Greece. "Why did he request for me?"

"He and his sister want to meet the chef. I think they love the Mediterranean food you made from scratch." Okay. She got that a lot.

"You know, I don't mingle with customers." And with good reason. At the end of the night, she was covered in grease and whatever messy stuff she put her hands on.

She had never mastered the art of keeping her white jacket clean, mentally shaking her head.

Did she bring an extra pair with her? She had to clean up first. She didn't want to meet the royalty like this. The lycan king was her brother-in-law and his queen was her eldest sister. That associated Rie with them.

"What do you want me to tell the guests, chef Rie?"

"Umm...ask if they can wait until dessert. I'll meet them." He nodded his head. Ready to deliver her message.

"And Jonah, bring them one of these beauties when I'm done. Come back in 10."

"Yes, chef."

She glanced around her engine room. They work like a clock. It may seem like an organized chaos but she was proud of her staff. Dinner service will be done in two hours. No mishaps. No setbacks. And more importantly no complaints.

She will finish decorating her cakes and freshen up to meet the Dragon King.


-Take a deep breath. You live with royalty, Rie. There is no need to panic.-

Yes. She lived in a royal pack with its leaders. It's just that, this meeting was different.

She could hear deep laughter from outside of the private dining room. Men. All supernatural men were large.

-They won't harm you.-

At the compound, no one bothered her. Warriors stayed away, knowing what's good for them. Even at school, men avoided her. Not game to piss off the lycan king and his beta.

She even had her own security detail, remembering that vital information, she glanced around the room.

They were there as expected. Zachary was one of them. He became a friend over the years and she liked him.

Though not the type of like he wanted.

Gesturing she was going inside the VIP and they nodded.

The chef's jacket and a fresh pair of black pants were presentable enough. Her hair and skin smelled of vanilla and cream from the desserts she made so she smelled okay. -I think.-

Never one to bother much with her outfits and one couldn't do much in the kitchen with stilettos and designer clothes. She was sure to fall flat on her face in no time.

Deep heavy breaths left her chest. She shook the stiffness in her shoulders.

Okay. Here it goes.

Heavy lashes blinked several times to adjust from the glare of the well-lighted chandeliers. All eyes turned to stare at her. Her feet shuffled.

-Oh, shit! It's ok Rie. They won't eat you.-

"Hi, there," The woman closest to her greeted openly. Rie smiled in her direction. As expected, the lady looked stunning in her mid-eastern look with deep blue eyes and ash-blond hair.

She glanced casually around the room. Three perfect couples. All gorgeous and elegant. Who might be the Dragon King?

Ah, there he was. Looking so arrogant at the head of the table with his young date. The girl was Mish's age. Well, she wouldn't judge. Men like him do not age.

She strolled confidently to greet him formally. Have to show manners to the betters. Though Xander doesn't require it from family. She learned how from Alexie.

Like a true gentleman, he stood when he saw her approaching him.

Darn, he towered over her. Making her feel like a child. "Good evening, sir. You have requested my presence?" Rie asked with a kind smile.

"Your cake is too sweet, little girl." She blinked. Then blinked once more. Excuse me? This asshole called her little girl? And he criticized her scrumptious dessert without batting an eyelash? Confused eyes fell on his plate.

"Well, you have devoured every morsel so I think it's sweetened to perfection." He might be royalty but she was the tactless queen. "And it's chef Anna Marie for you."

It was so funny to watch his face contort in disbelief. How she managed not to smirk was beyond her. His sober features hardened but not much to alter his beautifully sculpted face and glowing hazel eyes.

She heard smothered giggles in the background. His kingship -- or whatever-- was staring at her so intently and, his luminous gaze crawled from her ponytailed brown hair to her black clogs. Yeah, she knew. Very stylish.

Shit! Consciousness crept in. Rie ducked her head to avoid his perusal of her and turned to his date. Who was smiling brightly? All beautiful white teeth and eyes twinkling.

A debutant. Almost a lady but not quite there. A budding Aphrodite.

To her surprise, she moved out of her seat and embraced her. Huh?

"Don't mind my brother. We all love your food, chef Anna Marie. I'm Indali." This enthusiastic girl was the opposite of Mish's delicate personality.

"Um...ok?" Indali was only an inch taller than her. She thought everyone was compared to her 5'2".

Unsure, she glanced around the table once more. Eager smiles met her bar one. This girl's brother had never taken his eyes from her, a frown on his face. More like he was scowling openly.

"I'm glad you all did. Enjoy the meal, I mean. Do you need anything else before I leave?" Goddess. She was not used to being a hostess. She was better off in her hot and spiced-induced environment.

The girl, Indali tugged on her sleeve. Turning to her and she arched her brow.

"I am wondering if I could apprentice here?" That surprised her. Her forest green eyes were so eager and imploring she kinda reminds her of...her. Anna Marie.

"I don't think she qualifies to be your mentor, baby sis." What the fuck! There he goes again. The dick was goading her. Her annoyance flared.

Without hesitation, she marched to him and jabbed him hard on his chest. Ouch! King or not, he goddamn insulted her. "I'll have you know king or whoever you are. I graduated top of my class at ICE and I run a 3 Michelin star restaurant. Thorough research will do you good, your majesty." She spat out her words with enough venom. Her eyes glinting with rage.

He stood there. Taking it all with a shocked expression. Urgh!

"I won't waste my time on your brother, Indali. Be here at 1 pm tomorrow to discuss this apprenticeship."

Why was everyone looking at her as if she had created the moon and the stars? She had enough. This was becoming weirder by the second.

"Have a great night everyone, except you king."

A dramatic exit was her goal and she had achieved it.

As soon as she was out the door. All hell broke loose. Her ears picked upraised voices but she didn't understand any of it.

Serves him right. He was so arrogant and she hated him.

-Then why are you still thinking of him?-

-The hell I am!-


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