His Silverhand (The Kings' Series)
By HFPerez
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 3Underwhelmed

The Dragon King
Lucas Voskopoulos

Eighteen fucking months of deep excavation in South America and Egypt. Those were the possible places that the ancient book has referred to.

Their hands remained empty. Not even a sliver of dust from the said tomb. It was a fucking needle in huge bundles of haystacks.

To add more salt to injury, during his absence, there were raids and thievery on the kingdom's treasury.

The renegades and rogues became bolder. Some managed to get away with bars of gold and silver. Though it did not dent his riches, it still irked. A nuisance and it grated on his nerves.

Dragon vaults had been hidden for centuries. What riches they managed to rob from him at the treasury was nothing. What it managed to do was piss him off.

If not for the ground troops Alexander and Lucifer have provided him with, he will be outnumbered.

His royal army was exceptional fighters however, most of them were women.

And there laid his enigma. A dilemma of sorts.

The dragon kingdom was overpopulated with women. Only thirty percent comprises the male portion of the total equation.

The female does not have a dragon beast. It was either they were Argetlam, -- a mate and a dragon rider -- or they became fighters or workers.

It had always been a blessing if they were mated to other species for it strengthened their kingdom. Those circumstances were rare. Precious and predestined by the gods and goddesses.

Some will live for centuries before they found a soulmate and some died mateless. Souls incomplete.

Unlike other species, their kingdom does not condone premarital sex, especially women. He might have dalliances during his younger days --most with human females and some with widows of nearby clans -- he never encouraged and had bluntly explained to the opposite sex that all was for fun and nothing more.

Those dalliances have stopped years ago. His beast had gone stronger. It was either that or he roasts his bed partner.

He preferred the former. And have sworn to his dragon to wait for their silver hand. Argetlam. The equivalent to a mate or beloved. Except she gets to control and ride their beast.

The more time they wait for her, the more his dragon's vitalities dwindled during raids and battles.

Their power stemmed from her soul. From her heart. The fucking problem was she might not exist for him.

-That's why you look for her, human!

There he goes again. The centuries of nagging have not eased up. Not even a bit.

-I don't have the time nor the energy, dracon.

-We don't have energy because we don't have her, idiot!

True. But it was the least of his worries. He blocked his dragon before he flooded him with aggression.

The first on his list of things to do was how to keep his vaults hidden from the enemy. He should contact Esmeralda for that.

Second was his little sister, she will graduate from senior high soon. A straight-A student at a boarding school in France and she had plainly declared she wanted to become a chef. He made a mental note to ask the Lycan King's help on that. He has bought the most expensive culinary school in NYC for his sister-in-law. They had always been amused by how he indulged his Lycan Queen. His lips twitched. With that kind of beauty, he thought anyone would.

Lucas will take a page from his book and enroll his baby sister where he could be assured of her safety.

Third, he glanced at his notepad, he had to open his estate in New York City once more. The vast land adjoined the Vampire, Lycan, and the Demon's realms. This will keep his sister safe.

Decisions made, he paused. Planning and reassessing all. Satisfied, he requested for his commanders to join him in his vast and open lair.

His body erect and stiff, his back at doors, he inhaled deeply. The sea breeze coming from the open ocean never failed to soothe his senses. Though not quite -- would have been better if he had his Argetlam -- but it will do for now.


"ο βασιλιάς μου," his younger brothers bowed elegantly in respect and their mates curtsied. (My King)

It was a known fact, he preferred the old ways.

Lucas lifted his chin in approval. His siblings were his commanders, they flew with him in battles with their riders. They also kept his unruly dragon in check.

"Our little sister, Indali, will be home soon." He murmured. Never one to raise his voice. In his opinion, a deep and quiet cadence will deliver the same result.

The announcement was met with rare smiles from his usually brooding brothers.

"I can't wait to teach her the sword," Emeranth, Hughes' Argetlam exclaimed. Eyes alight with purpose.

"Oh, she should learn boxing first!" That was Athena, Petros' rider. All but rubbing her hands in anticipation.

Deep chuckles filled the room. Lucas hated to burst their bubble, regardless, "She wants to be a chef." Ruthlessly tamping down his smile at their shocked expression.

Silence. Disbelief on their faces. Women with dragon lineage, especially a princess, will either be a fighter or a lady of the household and help the King rule the kingdom.

In his case, he should consider that since he hasn't found his Queen yet. The problem was, he wanted to spoil his baby sister. What she wants, she gets.

Indali was sweet and kind and so down to earth. People sometimes mistook her for a commoner. She never corrected them, instead, she smiled serenely and act as if nothing happened.

She was as sweet as they come.

They all wanted to indulge her, no matter how small her request was.

And the fact she was insanely stunning and innocent drove them, brothers, to put her in a Catholic boarding school in France.

He felt guilty for doing that. So he decided to help her fulfill her dreams.

"What is your plan, brother?" Hughes asked.

"We move to New York City and rule the kingdom from there. It's a sensible option since it is the capital of the Alliance." His brothers inclined their heads. Trusting his decision.

"How many days do we have?" Glowing hazel eyes fell on Petros who asked the question. He can see the calculation and plans by his expression.

The burden of managing the household and finance was his and his mate's. While Hughes and Emeranth run the army and barracks.

And Lucas oversaw the Dragon Realm with over two million population, mostly strong-headed females and stubborn dragon beasts.

Talk about migraines. He doesn't even need his dragon as a repellent for his nonexistent sex life.

"We leave in two weeks, this weekend we all go to France for Indali's graduation," he smirked at their curses and grunts at his announcement.

This will make them extremely busy and it will interrupt their very active sex life. Served them right.

They rut like animals, it constantly grated on his nerves. Every corner he turned, they were at it.

In their desperation to have their own little beasts, they don't care if anyone saw them.

Lucas was all for it. Babies, he meant. He loved kids. They don't have to rub it in his face.

"You knew this beforehand," Athena accused.

"I guess you have to start with the preparation then, no?" Humor and good spirit followed him as he walked out of his office. Leaving his brothers and their mates to their devices.

Lucas had preparations of his own and he needed to contact the Lycan King.

It felt surreal. It felt like his world was about to change. Maybe New York City was a good place to live.

Lucas, you don't know what's coming for you.

New York, here we come!

Until the next chapter, babies.

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