My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 9Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Everybody at school already knows that there's going on between Phillip and Roseanna. And it's all over the internet. Their picture walking together, inside the car, In Roseanna's house's gate, and even that time that Phillip kissed her cheeks at the party.

Aideen's face was consumed with jealousy as he read the articles about Phillip and Roseanna.

"Get over it bud! I told you she can't love you back."- Rico said while drinking his beer.

" Fuck off bud. Don't talk"- Aideen then put down his phone "Even miracles happen"- He added.

" what the fuck? Seriously? She's your sister for heaven's sake and you are older than her for 6 years man"- Rico reacted.

"I said fuck up"- Aideen warned.

"Wake up. Even if you turn the world upside down, right side up you can't change the fact that she's your sister. "- Rico raised his voice " Maybe what your feeling now is just because you miss her. Godman she's your-"- Aideen cut him off.

"Fuck it. She's not my sister ok? She's not. So shut up."- Aideen

"What the hell? She's not your what? Ow, you've got to be kidding me?"- Rico asked surprised.

"I'm not kidding. I'm telling you the truth"- Aideen said calmly.

"How. How is it possible? Does she know? Oh, what am I thinking, of course, she doesn't know her surname says it all! Wait how did you know?"- Rico asked his best friend.

"I accidentally read her mom's notebook and saw a DNA paperback when her mom is still in a coma, but before I found that out I was already thinking that Roseanna, she isn't dad's kid"- Aideen let out heavy breathing.

"What makes you think of that?'- said Rico.

"Her personality and everything she has on her body has no trace of dad. Her personality isn't like my dad not her mom, when she started growing up I notice how similar her face with her mother's late fiancee."- Aideen explained

" Are her hair red? How about her eyes? It's dark blue"- Aideen nodded at his Best friend.

"It is. That's her natural hair and eyes. Her hair is just like her father while her eyes resemble her mom"- Aideen

" They're rare"- the only thing that Rico can say.

"Yeah, and that's what makes her beautiful"- Aideen said with so much admiration in his eyes then a moment of silence runs between them.

" How can she love you back if she thinks that she's your sister?"- Rico asked breaking the silence.

"Hurtful reality isn't it? What father has down to them is terrible and the karma was on me. I am the one who's hurt right now because of my stupid dad."- Aideen laughs sarcastically.

" I can help you, you know that"- Rico said feeling sad for his best friend.

"No, I'm fine holding it back. I've been doing this for many years now."- Aideen smiled and pat his best friend on the shoulder.

" Alright, I'll be going now. Kaylee us waiting for me"- Rico, Aideen just nodded.

"I'll be working now. Don't disturb me again you dumbass"- Aideen said that made Rico laugh.

" Whatever single man, Gotta go"- Rico waved his hands backward as he gets out of the office


IT'S JAMES GRADUATION DAY Roseanna is busy preparing at her house for a mini celebration and Phillip helped her. Phillip was the one cooking and she was the one arranging the table. Just when they are done their friends arrived.

"Congratulations! Whooo!"- They all shouted except for Roseanna. She just gives her brother a very warm smile and mouthed 'good job, I'm proud.' Then her brother smiled back at her.

Roseanna was just in the corner holding her glass of wine watching them drinking their ass off, sing and dance all around. Then suddenly someone hugged her from the back.

"You are not having fun? Why aren't you drinking?"- It was Phillip?

"No, I'm happy watching them from here! And my manager didn't allow me to drink heavy alcohol"- She said.

"They're taking good care of you, that's good"- Phillip said sniffing her hair

"Did you drink?"- Roseanna asked, Phillip, who nodded.

" Just a bit"- James answered.

"Hey, love birds, join us"- like said.

" Roseanna can't. Phillip will join you"- James while pushing Phillip to their friends then James let Roseanna sit beside him. "Did you already said yes to him?"- James asked, Roseanna, shook her head.

"No, but I confess to him an hour ago. I told him I like him but I can't give him my eyes. He's okay with it he said"- Roseanna said playing with her glass of wine.

" That's good. Take your time! And by the way on your birthday Allison wanted to tell you something"- James said.

"What is it? Did something happened?"- Roseanna asked confused James just move his shoulders up and down.

"As far as I know nothing happened but I don't know what she will say to you"- James.

"Why are telling me this now? My birthday is months away"

"I'm saying this to you now because Allison wants me to say this now."

"Okay, in getting scared now."

"Don't be. Remember, you have me okay? Buy a will protect you"- James hugged her.

"Now I am scared."- Roseanna said then tightened the hug.

"Just. Just live a happy life, Rose. I will always love you ok?"- James smiled as he let go of the hug.

"Why am I feeling that you gonna be gone from me? Kuya"- She said seriously.

"You are just thinking like a paranoid. Stop it"- James laugh

"You're making me think."- Roseanna pointed out.

" Shh, stop it. They'll think I made you a paranoid"- James chuckled and catches the pillow Roseanna throw at him.

James and Roseanna what h their friends go crazy partying on their house while Roseanna was resting her head on James's shoulder

"We only had one year left. Im going to miss them."- Roseanna

"Yeah, Phillip"- James uttered, " What are you going to do with him?"

"I don't know."- Roseanna said then looked at Phillip.

" That's also one of the reasons why I don't want him for you"

"And that is also one of the reasons why I'm not saying yes after that confession"- Roseanna smiled.

"It's alright, just be happy for now and let the future worry for itself"- James said comforting Roseanna and brush her hair using His hands.

"Hey, I'm getting a jealous man"- They heard Phillip clap then they all laugh.

"You drunk Phillip. Go home"- James tease

"No, I'm not. I am not"- Phillip then leans close to Roseanna.

"Yeah, you are. Your breath stinks"- Roseanna said covering her nose then look at James " (Who's sending this drunk home?)  "- She asked James

"What? What language are you saying?"- Phillip asked but Roseanna didn't mind him

"(I don't know, I'll be sending Claire and Sam to their house)"- James

" (Sam will sleep here, you send Phillip home)"- Roseanna said then James just nodded.

"Hey, I heard my name. What the hell are you guys talking about?"- Phillip

" Shut up drunk man. Sit down and take a rest for a minute okay?"- Roseanna. Phillip just pouted and sat down. "You're going home okay? You aren't allowed to sleep here"

"Okayyy"- Phillip said with a sing tone voice while his eyes are closed.
Roseanna smiled and stand up to clean the mess with the help of James.

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