My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 8Chapter 8

Chapter 8


"You will be getting married tomorrow. Don't be lack of sleep or you'll make Kaylee feel wrong to marry you and she'll run out"- Aideen said to his best friend Rico.

"Hey! Keep your mouth shut if you won't even say anything good. Yours ruing my moment"- Rico shush him.

"Your moment is tomorrow not now dumbass! Why did you even come here? Did you know how exhausted I am today?"- Aideen said while closing his eyes.

"TSS. You always-on work seriously make some time for yourself bud. Relax and chill!"- Rico said and stand up. "Alright, I'll go now see you tomorrow. I'm sure you won't attend my Batchelor's party tonight"- Rico added before he walkout.

"Silly. Why won't I come? I'm your best of friend you dumbass"- Aideen said looking at the closed door where Rico gets out.

Aideen slept for an hour before he went to Rico's bachelor's party and of course, their friends are acting up again about him coming.

" Assholes. Did y'all think I'll pass this one? It's the last night this dumbass single life stops"- Aideen said pointing at His Best Friend.

"How about you Aideen? When will you tie the knots? Or are you even tying the knot?"- Jeriko said that made all of them laugh except for Aideen.

" Don't hope for it guys or you'll be hopeless"- Rico Added and burst out laughing. Aideen just smiled and shook his head. "This man right here is busy stalking his lovely step-sister"- Rico said Patting his shoulder.

"Hey! I'm not stalking her. Stop talking nonsense "- Aideen said then playfully push Rico.

"Nonsense your ass! I can't understand bud. If it's just because of the share your father gives to her why are you acting like that?"- Rico pointed out.

"Like what?"- Aideen asked

"Acting like a stupid detective in love"-  Rico then became serious.

"Seriously man stop joking! Are you already drunk?"- Aideen refused to talk about it.

" I'm dead serious Aideen. You have other sisters that have a share that's higher than Her but you're not acting like how your acting with her. Did I miss something Aideen?"- He was shocked to know that Rico had a thought like that.

"Come on guys. What makes you bring that up?"-  Aideen laugh to break the tension because eye know one wrong word their friends will question him.

"You are already 27 buds. Your not getting any younger. The troops already have a Families and me? I'll be building mine starting tomorrow. You are being left behind"- Rico and their friends nodded as a response.

"I don't have a problem with that. I'm okay"- Aideen smiled at them and they couldn't do anything but start drinking.


One by one all their friends leave for home until he and Rico we're the ones left.

" love someone else bud. She can't love you back"- Rico talked when they were going to their cars. His thoughts leave him. Can't she love me back?


Months passed by so fast and Roseanna became busy staying on the top spot at the while 3rd-year batch. Phillip started hitting on her since 4months ago but she keeps on reminding herself to always know her limit but her feelings are not obeying her. She knows she had been feeling warn around Phillip's side.

"You ready?"- Phillip asked they're going to the birthday of one of their friends.

"Ah, yeah! Let's go? Kuya already on his way to pick up Claire"- Roseanna said while smiling.

"Ow okay, let's go"- Phillip then helps her get into the car.

Phillip became her driver wherever she goes, Phillip will drive for her. James always warns her about Phillip and Phillip's habit of changing woman to another woman for less than a week but Phillip did prove that he did change and she didn't see not hear someone said that Phillip we're with another woman for more than 4 months now. James always warned her that 'A cheater will always be A cheater' but what can she do? Her feelings betrayed her. She has been turned to believing Phillips's words and actions. She was trained to seduce men and know their actions but she fails to read Phillip. She failed to know Phillips's intentions all she can read was the love and kindness Phillip is showing her and Phillip's care for her. She thinks 'maybe Phillip's the one'.

"Hey man. I guess you're serious about Zoey huh?"- Phillip's Friends approach them at their table.

"I'm whipped man."- Phillip laugh.

"Yeah, yeah Good luck on that one! Ow, we'll go to our table now won't you come? The other troops are there"- Anothony said Phillip look at Roseanna. Roseanna's eyebrows raised.

"It's okay I'm with Sam and Claire. Go enjoy"- She said the smiled. Phillip nodded and to her surprised Phillip kissed her cheeks that made their friends shout and whistle.

"I'll be back. It won't take long"- Phillip smiled and because of shock she just nodded

"Phillip. Is he really serious about you? I mean no offense but He is a cheater"- Sam said.

"I don't know but I kept on believing his actions"- Roseanna sighed. " Let's just hope that I won't be hopeless."

"Well, A guy can change if they'll meet their real one"- Sam chucked.

"Kuya does not believe in that you know. If we talk about Phillip, Kuya and I ended up fighting. I'm not used to it"- Roseanna said feeling down.

" Don't worry about James Roseanna. He simply just don't want you out of his side so that he can watch over you."- Claire said then laughed.

"James is worried about his little sister"- Sam agreed to Claire.

" He can trust Phillip. Phillip's his friend"- Said Roseanna.

"Yeah, that's the reason why he's angry. Phillip is his friend, he knows Phillip and for all the years that they've been friend he always saw and know that Phillip is a cheater"- Claire then hold Roseanna's right hand. " No offense alright? Remember the day that you first met his friends and Phillip? He said to the boys that no one should hit on you"- Claire added

"James is protective of you Roseanna. You are his little precious treasure"- Sam


The party isn't over yet but Roseanna got home first because James need to drive Claire to their house

"Phillip?"- Roseanna called Phillip over the phone.

" Yes Roseanna?"- Phillip answered

"Can you not fetch me for the whole week?"- Roseanna asked.

" Why?"- Phillip asked.

"I'm going with James for the whole week. I missed him please?"- She asked.

" ow, alright. It's the late good night"- Phillip chuckled.

"I saw that"- Roseanna almost jump when James pop out from somewhere.

" Saw what?"- Roseanna asked holding her chest.

"In the party? You let him kiss you?"- James asked. Her eyes widened and couldn't speak. " So you do. Okay"- James and turn around while nodding and directly went inside. She hurriedly followed him.

"Kuya"- She called pouting " Hey talk to me"

"I just talked to you a seconds ago"- James

" Your bad. I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry"- Roseanna said tearing up. James sighed then faced her. James stared at her and couldn't talk when he saw Roseanna tearing up.

"Hey, hey don't cry"- James then walks towards her.

"You have been ignoring me these past few weeks. You think I won't notice?"- Roseanna glared at him.

" Of course. You have also been very busy entertaining Phillip that you hardly talk to me"- James talked back and hug her. "I'm sorry I've been overreacting"- James added.

" Yes you are."- Roseanna is still glaring at her brother.

"It's just that. You are the only one left to me except Allison. You are my little girl. I don't want to lose you and let you get hurt by someone else"- James said Roseanna smiled and huge him back.

" I know, I know and ill never leave you alone ever. I'm sorry if I didn't listen to your reminders about Phillip"- Roseanna's hug tightened.

"Don't be. If you're happy with it then ill just support you, and if he'll hurt you don't ever hesitate to turn your back on him ok?"- James said that made her smile even more, and nodded.

" You know what? I'll make it up to you this week"- Roseanna smiled widely while facing him.

"Really? I won't see you with Phillip for the whole week?"- James chucked when Roseanna pouted. " It's a joke. It's past midnight already sleep now"- James pinched her cheeks.

"Ow, right. Ok! Goodnight Kuya Hihi mhuaa love you"- Roseanna said and kissed James on his cheeks and went to her room upstairs.

" Good night, princess"- James shouted then went to his room smiling.

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