My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 7Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Morning came Roseanna wake up early to prepare. It's her first day at the University.

"Let's go Kuya"- She said to her brother.

" Excited are you?"- James, Her brother asked after seeing her excited face, she looked while smiling. "You look really good in white"

"Really? Am I pretty?"- She smiled more widely that made James laugh.

" Stunning as always Rose"- James replied then She chuckles

James is 2 years older than she is that is why they are comfortable with each other. James was like a real older brother to her and she was like James's younger sister.

"Wait here"- James said then went out to open the car's door.

" Thanks"- Roseanna Smiled sweetly.

"It's still early, want me to your you?"- James asked which made her nod faster, not hiding her excitement James laugh at the sight of her.

" Easy, (mahihilo ka) you'll get dizzy"- James stop her from nodding she just pout.

"Your Talking in Filipino again"- Roseanna pouted even more. James pinched her cheeks.

" Of course. I love my language"- James laugh again that made her glare

"Stop pouting and stop glaring. Let's go"- James said and pull Roseanna to walk. Later on, Roseanna put her hands on James's arm.

" They will think that you're my girl silly."- James removed her hands she glared at him.

"Then they will think. It doesn't matter. Men won't come near me"- Roseanna said then put her hands on James's arm again. James just sighed.

As they entered the school whispers are all they can hear.

'O my god that's MK's famous Zoey'
'Oh my, it is Zoey. Is that her boyfriend?'
'Dumb ass that's James'
'Are they in a relationship?'

Roseanna and James didn't mind them. Roseanna is smiling widely that's why James is also smiling. They were smiling while they walk.

When they finished looking all around the whole school James send Roseanna to her room

" Wit for me here before lunch"- James said Roseanna just nodded and smile " be a good little lady"- James added Roseanna pouted.

"I am good"- Roseanna said while pouting.

" Go, Go."- James signed Roseanna to go inside

"Bye see you later Kuya"- Roseanna whispered then giggled

James nodded and give Roseanna a peck on the cheeks. Roseanna went inside her classroom while smiling. As she sat down she looks at the door of her classroom and she didn't see Jame. She directly gets her phone.

A minute later a message pop in.

' Don't play with your phone in class'- it was James who texted her.
She rolled her eyes, and look in the window James waved his phone

'The professor isn't here yet'- She replied while looking at James. James just shaped his head. 'What am I a kid? Stop it kuya'- she added

'I'll go now. Let's see each other at lunchtime'- James replied to her. She smiled widely and wave her hand at him

" Hey, mind if I sit here?"- A woman asked her

"Ow, no I won't mind. "- Roseanna smiled at the woman.

"I'm Hailey"- The woman introduced and handed her right hand.

"Roseanna"- She introduced herself as she takes Hailey's right hand.

" Yeah, the model"- Hailey points out. Roseanna stared at her.

"Ow, your Samantha? Samantha Talor? The other model"- Roseanna asked surprised.

" uh-huh, your rival"- Hailey said then they both laughed.

"Well, there's nothing wrong if we are going to be friends"- Roseanna said raising her right eyebrow.

"Yeah right, then that's big news for New York City"- Hailey laugh.

" uh-huh, you got it right! Samantha and Zoey the two big rivals became friends. New York News site is going to be busy"- Roseanna added then she chucked classily.

"Gosh, the way you talk is so classy and elegant. I like you"- Hailey confessed.

" Really? Well, I like me too"- Roseanna smiled as her eyes gleamed. Hailey just laughed again.

"By the way why did you move here? Your manager let you?"

"My Aunt has a business here she'll take 2 years and my manager couldn't do anything they wanted me to stay but what can she do? They needed me and they don't want me to be gone so they let me moved here for 2 years"- Roseanna explained " How about you?"

"I studied here last year, I'll just finish my remaining year's then I'll head back"- Hailey said.

They couldn't talk more cause the professor already arrived.


Roseanna ended her first day feeling tired.

" How's your first day?"- asked Allison through a video call.

"Exhausted. All we did was introduce ourselves over and over again. My mouth hurts"- She said while rolling her eyes. James laughed at her and continue to what he is doing on his laptop.

" Is that James? If you don't want your mouth to get hurt to learn how to talk in Filipino"- Allison started

"Uh-huh. He is here going something I don't know what it is and I don't want to learn as long as I can understand them I'm good"- Roseanna said then turn to face James
"Hey what are you doing?"- She asked

"School works"- James Said without looking back at her

"Really? On the first day of school, you have School works? Duh"- Roseanna, James just laughed at her.

"Of course, I'm a graduating Student"-James stated.

"Yeah right! You should study like Your brother young lady"- Allison pointed out.

"Allison, all she did at her classroom was to talk to her fellow model who happens to study here"- James loudly said.

"Hey!"- Roseanna throw him the pillow she was holding.

"ROSEANNA ZOEY"- Allison screamed over the phone calling her. Roseanna moved her phone out of her ear.

" Hey, you're scary"- Roseanna pouted and glared at her brother who's laughing.

"What the- are you glaring? Your glaring? I will freeze your bank accounts you like that?"- Allison warned.

"Hey, Hey, take it easy. Okay, I'm sorry. It's just that it's so boring all we did was to introduce ourselves and they talk about the story of the University"- Roseanna said while kicking James lightly.

"And you didn't listen?"- Allison asked.

"I'm not interested in the history of the school okay?"- Roseanna said

"You supposed to know your school for you to know how to act properly inside Roseanna Zoey"- Allison

"Hey, I'm in college already. I'm old! Stop lecturing me"- Roseanna was stomping her feet soundless.

" I'll go to sleep now Allison good night"- James waved then went to his room.

"I'll sleep now too"- Roseanna smiled widely, Allison rolled her eyes, Roseanna.

"Okay, okay. Sleep well you two. Bye"- Allison then called off the call.

"Good night Kuya James. Mhuaaaa love love"- Roseanna shouted and went to her room to wash up and sleep.


SATURDAY MORNING Roseanna took a morning run for about 2 hours then went home after. Her eyebrow wise up when she heard noises.

"James? I'm back"- Roseanna called and she was surprised to see a group of men and women in her living room she scans them wondering where James is.

"Uhh, James went to his room"- The guy with dark skin said.

"And you are?"- Roseanna asked raising her left eyebrow the man went silent.

"Rose? Hey, your back. They are my friends"- James went out from his room. Roseanna looked at James

"Ow, I didn't know you'll bring them here today"- She said her left eyebrow still raising. James chuckled.

" I thought you will go to Allison today?"- James made his shoulder moved up and down.

"So rude of you for not introducing us to her James"- The girl with a very short skirt said. Her left eyebrow raised higher after she heard the girl's tone.

" Ow, sorry my bad. Guys this is Roseanna Zoey Stone, and Rose they are is my friends"- James introduced her to them.

"Yeah. You said that two times already"- Roseanna sarcastically said that made James laugh.

"So this is Phillip, Luke, Jake, Julianna, and Colin we're all classmates"- James

" Whatever. I'll be going to Allison after breakfast"- Roseanna said. Went to the kitchen.

"Ok. Just be home before 4 pm. And you'll drive?"- James asked shouting so she comes to the living room.

"You are going to drive me there"- She said "And no buts, I think your Friends can wait right?"- She asked while looking at James's Friends. They nodded while the flirty girl was glaring at her she smiled and raise her eyebrow. " Got a problem with me?"- Roseanna asked looking at the Flirty girl

"Ugh. I hate you"- The flirty girl went outside stomping her feet then the other girl followed her.

" Roseanna"- James warned. She glared at him.

"What? She was glaring at me I just asked her if she has a problem with me! And I hate the way she talks to you"- James sighed after Roseanna talked.

"Why? Are you two in a relationship or what?"- Phillip asked?

" and why would I care about that?"- Roseanna raised her eyebrow at the man.

"Huh! Bro? What is this? Live-in with no relationship?"- Phillip said sarcastically.

" Bro please"- James

"No! Why is she acting like she's so high!? She's irritating"- Phillip?

"I'm sorry for her actions and words. She's not used to seeing me with someone than her"- James explained.

"Why? What are you two? You are not even in a relationship."- Phillip

" Ugh, excuse me? If you don't like to be treated that way then stop talking to me. What's the matter with you?"- Roseanna is angry but she's trying to calm down.

"Stop it. Rose we have school works to do. Let's go I'll drive you to Allison. You can have your breakfast there" - James then drags Roseanna to her room. "Get change"- James and closed the door. He walked down to the living room.

"Is she gone? She's irritating"- Phillip said

" Watch your words, man! She's my sister."- James warned him.

"Ow really? So she's a spoiled brat?"- Phillip

"If you can't respect my sister then you can leave!"- James said to him

"TSS. I will leave."- Phillip then went out.

" Sorry, dude! Let's finish this next time we can't finish this now. Phillip is acting up again! Let's go guys."- Luke they all nodded and so do James.

"Ok, let's finish this next time"- James. They all pat James's shoulder as they all went out.


" I don't like that girl Kuya"- Roseanna stated while James is driving.

"I told you to be good here Roseanna"

"But she's flirting with you!"- She rolled her eyes " wait don't tell me you in a relationship with that girl?"- She raised her voice.

"Hey, stop it. We're not in a relationship okay? To hell with that!"- James said and keep on driving "And if I have one you'll be the first to know"- James stated. Roseanna leaned her back on the chair's back.

"Okay, I'm sorry. It's just that she's so flirty. It's disgusting"- She rolled her eyes.

" I have a woman that I want. Still pursuing her."- James said. Roseanna's eyes open widely.

"Who? Who??? Make sure she's kind Kuya. Or else I won't like her"- Roseanna crossed her arms James laughed.

" Yeah, she is kind. And she's beautiful too, she's studying in the same University as us."- James

"Really? Well, That's interesting"- Roseanna smiled when she sees her brother's eyes he is in love for sure.

"she's so intelligent. She's the top student in our batch I'll introduce her to you if she answers me. Hopefully "- James smiled and took a glance at her.

" I'll remember that Kuya. And I'm pretty sure shell give you an answer soon keep it up"- Roseanna then went silent.

"We're here"- James stated Roseanna look Outside the window.

"Whoa, it's fast"- Roseanna said as she gets out of the car.

"I took a shortcut. I'll be late when I go back if I don't hurry."- James and sign her to go inside

"Okay, I'll see you off"- Roseanna said James just nodded then went into his car.

"Bye. Make sure you're on your way home at 4 pm"- James remind her and started the engine

" Yeah, Yeah. Bye drive safe"- With that James drove off. Roseanna waved her hand and went inside.

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