My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Allison showed Roseanna to the whole place where she works. She introduced Roseanna to all the people working there. She introduced Roseanna as her heir. She took care of Roseanna as her child. She'll drive Roseanna to school and then she'll pick her up after. As Roseanna grows she slowly teach her to sing, dance, and how to earn a man's attention. Little by little Roseanna learned all of what Allison teaches her and became an expert on it.

"Can you tell me the reason why I need to learn these things?"- For the eleventh time Roseanna asked Allison sighed

" Just do what I told you to do young lady"

"But we've been doing the same thing over and over again for years now Allison. I'm tired of it"- Roseanna is irritated

"You are graduating from college Rose you'll be out in school next year"

"And what does it have to do with this?"- Roseanna asked confused.

"You need to be careful with man Roseanna Zoey"

"Yes, I know that"

"And I also know your secret Roseanna"- Allison glared at her

"What? What secret?"

"You were in a modeling agency for 3 years now"- Allison Said while still glaring at her. Roseanna's eyes widen

" How did you know that?"

"Do you think I wouldn't know it? Your bank account is all full the bank told me that you have more than 3 bank accounts and your card is all A black card well except for the one your using"

"Why didn't I think about that!?"- Roseanna mumbled then she looks at Allison when she saw that Allison is still glaring she immediately smiled " look I just like to do it, Allison. No big deal"

"Are the money I'm giving you isn't enough? Why did you have to look for a job?"- Allison still glaring

"No. No that's not it. It's not like that. All the money that you've been giving me is more than enough it's just that I love modeling"- Roseanna explained and she smiled widely when Allison stopped glaring " I know you'll misunderstand and stop me that's why I hid it from you. Don't be mad"- Allison sighed

"I just don't want you to be in danger Roseanna. Your lime my child now."- Roseanna smiled wider when she felt sadness in Allison's voice.

"I won't be in danger Allison. I'll keep myself safe. Especially from men. I will always remember what you teach me"

"You'll visit me twice a week okay?"- Roseanna laughed

" Of course twice a week. Now don't be sad"

"I am not"- Allison " and you are new here"

"Yes you are, Let's go shopping?"- Roseanna smiled widely not minding what Allison said

" You are just sweet to me so that I'll go shopping with you"

"That's exactly what in doing"- Roseanna said while laughing she made Allison laughed too.

"Bad kid- Allison said laughing " Let's go?"

"Yeah, let's go!"- Roseanna shouted

" Shut your mouth! There are costumers"-Allison Stoped her

"Oops, sorry my bad."- Roseanna giggles then pull Allison towards the car


Roseanna whirled her eyes while listening to Allison.

" (Hey are you listening? I told you to remember to call me in the morning and your gonna tell me what will you do and then call me again before bed. You need to call me two times a day understand?)"

"Yeah, I understand"- Roseanna keep on nodding her head then went inside the car

"Remember Roseanna Zoey. No boyfriends while studying do not let a man enter your house"- Allison stated repeatedly

" (Hey)"- Roseanna cut her off "you've been repeating that since yesterday. I memorized it all"- Allison pouted

" I'm sorry"- Allison then made a sad face like she is going to cry

"Can we go now? I'll arrive late in there Allison seriously"- Roseanna said looking outside the window where Allison is.

" Okay, okay. Bye. Take care you two alright?"- Allison waved her hands

"Bye Allison. You Take care too"- Roseanna said then look at her brother " finally Let's go?"- She asked feeling light her brother just laughed at her and nodded.

Hours after, Roseanna and her Brother arrived at their house. Of all the houses in this villa, theirs is the most outstanding. When you enter the gate you can see a lot of plants, and they're a little pathway to the door. Inside the house already have appliances from the living room to their kitchen a bedroom for her brother and hers upstairs with an aircon by room a shower and a bathtub in their huge bathroom one in her room and one in her brother's room. This is the biggest House in the villa. This house is supposed to be a graduation gift for him by Allison after she graduates but she needed a place where it's near where she studied at a university so it became an early gift.



Aides were so busy with the task his father gave him that sometimes he hates having a smart brain. He was asked to manage their company in the Philippines.

"Sir, Mr. Rico is here"- Aideen's secretary Anna said.

" let him in."- Aideen ordered without looking at her.

"Yow! Aideen my man. Busy are we?"- Rico said while laughing.

"What do you want? I'm busy. Dad gave me a lot of works"- He said. Rico sit in front of Aideen's desk

"I can see that, anyway the gangs wanted to hang out tonight"

"Not today Rico! I told you I'm busy"

"I didn't say you won't be coming pal. Come on it's been a while when we last hang out with the gang"

"I'm sorry I can't leave this here. I need to finish and pass it the day after tomorrow."- Aideen said then he looks at his friend his eyebrows meet

"Well then, if you change your mind we'll be at the bargates"- Rico said while smirking. Aideen's eyes quickly widen

" Bargates? Rose's Place?"- Aideen asked that made Rico laughed

"She has an impact on you huh? Your ow so big brain become small when someone mentions about something that you know she's in"- Aideen's face became serious

" I don't know what you are talking about"- Aiden then avoided Rico's gaze

"Fool me bud. Fool me."- Rico said the smirk is still on his face. " So you coming?"

"Ok. Alright. Just for today. I'm working overtime tomorrow anyway"- Aideen said then stand up and clean his desk.

" let's go?"- Rico asked. Aideen just nodded at him then Aideen picks up his coat and they headed out.

"How are you and Kaylee?"- Aideen asked when we entered the Elevator.

" We? We're good I'm planning to propose to her."- Rico smiled but Aideen knows his best friend isn't happy about it.

"Just make sure you won't do anything stupid Rico"

"You know what I'm feeling Pal. Don't worry I'll try to hold back but I won't promise"- Rico said. Aideen just nodded

(Aideen's P.O.V)

"New?"- Rico asked looking at my Ducati.

" Yeah, mother gave this to me"- Aideen said then Went inside the car and started the engine. He looks at Rico who also went inside his car too.

"Let's go?"- Rico said then started his engine Aideen close the car's window and beep before he zooms out.

We are having fun drinking when my right hand Harvey called. I stood up then distance myself.

"Aideen, Roseanna left Allison's house this morning g. She brings her stuff to her condo"

"Really? So that's why I can't find her here. Thanks, Harv"- I said then he turn off his phone. He returned to his friends to say he'll go first but his friends stop him.

" Don't you want to have fun Aideen?"- Danica said, My classmate who's been in love with me.

"No. Sorry I need to go guys. Dad called"- I lied

" Your dad won't mind"- Danica said then started dancing in front of me that made my friends shout. I was about to sit when Danica danced so sexy at his lap. I didn't mind Danica I made my eye roam around every corner I stared at a girl's back I knew that I had seen it somewhere and when that girl turns to face the guy who's saying something my eyes widen and in a split of seconds I push Danica away from me.

"Ouch, what the hell is wrong with you?"- Danica said irritated glaring at me. I look at her shocked.

"I'm sorry I left something important on my office, I really need to go"- I said then I looked at Rico calling for help, Rico sighed

"Let him guys, You know his dad"- Rico saved him.

"Thanks man."- I thanked him and walk fastly to the exit. I can't let Rose see me.


Aideen arrived at his house he directly went straight to his room and wash himself up.Aideen's Room is so big Just like his room on his house in New York. His bathroom and his room us so big. He also has a mini office connected to his room, he have a mini fridge, a Tv and a sofa. And the highlight of his room is Roseanna's big picture frame. Roseanna was wearing a black lingerie with a jacket that is a see through. Roseanna's curve body is shown, Her beauty shines on that picture. Aideen bought that picture the first time he sees it, and he gives money to Roseanna's company for that picture not to be seen and display in public.

Aideen finished washing himself and went to bed. His face is facing Roseanna's huge picture on the right side of the wall. He keep on staring at the picture and on her beautifull face until he fall asleep.

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