My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5


Helena is comatose for 4 months now and Roseanna always asking where her mom went but everyone said that her mom is on a trip and can't go home yet. Thankfully Roseanna believe it.

"Rose? Wanna go out with dad?"- Edward asked Roseanna who was lying on her bed.

"Where?"- She asked back

"We'll go to mommy"- Edward answered that made Roseanna smile

"Really? Little girl are allowed in there?"- she asked again Edward sighed.

"Yes baby. We'll just see your mom and nothing else so it's ok"- Edward tried to smile at the poor kid.

"Yey! Okay. Okay I'll get ready"- She hurriedly goes to her dressing room.

waiting downstairs Edward receive a call from the hospital

"Yes?"- he asked as he picks up the call

"Helena,"- the doctor stated his heartbeat was fast as the doctor mentioned Helena "She's... dead I'm sorry Mr. Stone We did what we can but her heart just stopped beating and her brain stop responding all of a sudden"- The doctor sighed, and so he is.

"It's okay Dr. Arnault we can't do anything about it"

"Helena's daughter? How is she? "- Dr. Arnault worriedly asked

"She's fine. I'll try to explain smoothly to her later. She'll understand she's a smart girl"

"I hope so Mr Stone. I'll hang up now"- the call ended after they bid goodbye.

"Daddy? I'm ready let's go"- Roseanna said while smiling.

"Roseanna baby listen to daddy okay? Your mommy Helena is sleeping right now at peace let's now disturb her okay?"

"She's asleep again? Mommy always asleep these days"- She innocently said.

"Baby listen. Mommy won't wake up again and I need you my smart girl to understand mommy okay?"

"Mommy is dead?"- Roseanna asked then started crying loudly.

"Hushhh now baby. Listen to daddy"- He hushes her daughter "mommy wants you to be strong"

"No you're lying. Mommy is just asleep"- She shouted loudly then Started crying on the couch.

"Dad? What's happening? Why is she crying?"- Sudden showed up entering that house walking towards them.

"Helena is dead. She won't accept it"- Edward sighed and couldn't do anything to make Roseanna to stop crying.

"I said my mommy Helena us just sleeping"- she shouted again. Aideen sighed and walk closely towards the little girl.

"Roseanna please understand, don't give yourself a heavy heart"- Roseanna looks at Aideen while sobbing

"I won't believe them! My mom is just sleeping"- she said then run upstairs.

Days have passed Roseanna still won't believe that her mother is dead

"Shhhh. My mommy is sleeping Don't make noise"- she said glaring at the guest who was making noise.

She was like that when doesn't want any noise cause she said that her mommy might wake up from being sleeping beauty, and she doesn't like that.

Today is the day Helena we'll be buried Roseanna was Standing beside the coffin of her mother that was being buried underground beside her was her Aunt Allison.

"Bye bye my sleeping beauty mommy. I'll wake you up if your prince will come"- Roseanna said while waving at the ground people who are watching Roseanna Felt sadness for her and some even cry when hearing her talk.

"I'm going to take Roseanna with me. That's what Helena's last statement"- She said to the stone family. Then bow a little to show respect "let's go Roseanna Aunt will bring you with me"- Allison said to Roseanna then they went to her car.


"I NEED TO BRING ROSEANNA BWCK AT HERE!"- he said at his attorney

"If it's possible we can declare your fathership to Roseanna"- Atty. Dalton

"I think we better stop it dad"- Aideen interfere then he raises his hand holding an envelope and a notebook

"What do you mean?"- Edward raise a brow "what is that?"- Aideen sat at the chair infront of his father

"It's Helena's notebook. I've read it months ago. The truths are in here"- He handed the notebook to his dad.

"She'd been writing letters for Raphael"- Edward said in a low voice

"And this"- Aideen handed the envelope to his father

Edward opened the envelope confused and he gasps in shock. Veronica took the piece of paper and she's shock.

"She decieved you. How dare she?"- Veronica stated "that's what you got for cheating again and again"- She added.

"She didn't mom stop it. She wrote that in her letter"- Aideen

"Urggh! Whatever"- his mom Veronica rolled her eyes then left them.

Aideen look at his father

"That will probably going to be a reason for you to stop bullshitting our life dad"- Aideen

"Words Aideen I'm your dad"- His father warned him Aideen just shrug then he went upstairs. Edward sighed.

It is huge. The house is at the back of the bar.

'This house is huger than dad's house' she said in her mind the door if her room opens and it showed her Aunt.

"Hey little lady. I bring a glas of milk"- Allison then she handed the glass of milk to Roseanna

"Thank you"- Roseanna said after drinking the milk

"You really look exactly like your mother Roseanna you have your mother's face"- Allison then touch Roseanna's head

"Really? Do I look like my daddy?"- the little girl, Roseanna asked hoping for the answer to be yes.

"Your face show what your mother look like honey, there is nothing similar to your father"- Allison smiled.

"Yeah, everybody always say that"- Roseanna then smiled sadly

"Don't worry he is still your father. You should sleep now"- Allison help Roseanna to get ready for bed, and she lay beside her.

"Read me a story please. Mother really used to read me stories when I go to bed"- Roseanna said keep on remember her mother.

Allison felt sad for her she felt what she's feeling, and she knows how deep that scar is she just lost her best friend and other half. Roseanna keeps on keeping her mother in her every word that made him much sadder.

"Okay honey, Aunt Isn't very good with stories and I don't have books how about I'll sing you a lullaby?"- She said then hug the little girl

"Yes, please"- Roseanna said while nodding

"Okay I'll your you to my whole place tomorrow alright?"- Roseanna just keep on nodding so Allison started singing a lullaby

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