My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4


Days and weeks have passed and Veronica didn't talk to her husband. That was her last word to her husband.

Edward was drinking his coffee when he heard Helena's Scream it was like she was in deep pain
And he was right as he was going downstairs he saw his wife talking to Aideen to tell the driver to prepare the car

"It's okay your gonna give birth to your child"- Veronica. When he heard what his wife said he hurriedly ran towards Helena and carried her bridal style then walk fast towards the car outside not minding his wife.

Veronica felt a large bang in her heart as if she was getting shot at. She's jealous that's for sure. She's also angry, she's Furious so she chooses to stay at home hours later she receives a call from her husband she answered it and was about to ask if everything is alright but Edward spoke first.

"It's a girl! A beautiful girl"- The moment she heard her husband her tears fell on their own then she hung up.

Her husband is so happy he was like celebrating because of the happiness she felt under her husband's voice. She crumbled the paper she was holding. What she felt now was anger. The image turned around it was like she was the mistress and Helena is the wife as if Edward, Helena, and their child were the real families. She throws all the things her hand touches out of anger.

"What did I ever do for you to treat me like this?"- Veronica said while sobbing. The door went open, and she saw her son which made her cry even more.

"Mother?"- Her son run towards her and hug her "what's the wrong mother? Are you hurt? Don't cry anymore"- Aideen said then his mother stop crying.

Veronica felt her son crying on her shoulder when he was telling her to stop crying, so she stopped.

"I'm sorry baby. Did Mommy scare you?"- She asked her son while trying to stop her tears from falling. Her son nodded.

"Dad hurt you again?"- Veronica shakes her head "don't lie mother"- her son was angry, so she just smiles and shook her head again

"No, baby let's go to your room?"- she changes the topic

"Yes, please. I'm sleepy"- Her son yawned.

"Okay let's eat first then we'll head. To bed. Mother's going to sleep with you"

After they eat dinner they sleep together in Aideen's room without waiting for her husband


'Days, weeks, months Have passed mi amoré. Roseanna is already 7 years old. My baby Rise looks exactly like you Raphael. I was already begging to wonder why? She has supper red hair like yours and has skin that is as white as the milk, the shape of her nose and lips resembles you. There's no hint of Edward in her as if she's not his daughter. I'm begging to think that she's your daughter.'- that was her letter for Raphael for this day.

"Mom?"- Roseanna entered her room

"Rose? Is anything wrong? Come here baby"- She tapped the side of her bed. Roseanna then sat at the side where she taps her hand.

"Mommy, they said that I don't look like dad's daughter. Is it true?"-Her daughter made a sad face.

"Ow baby! Don't listen to what others are saying okay? They are just uh- Just- just don't listen to them okay?"- she said then brush her daughter's hair using her hands.

"Who is him mommy?"- her daughter Roseanna pointed at the picture on her table "why does he look exactly like me?"- Her daughter asked, and she sighed. There's no doubt that her daughter is smart.

"That's my Idol baby. And maybe because I love him very much and I look at him every day when I'm still pregnant with you maybe that's why you two look alike"- she smiled at her daughter.

"Really? You love him that much mom?"- Her doughy is amused.

"I want to have an Idol too like mommy,"- her daughter claps her hands

"Don't you Idolize your big brother? He's smart and talented"- She said that made her daughter pout.

"I don't like him. He is so annoyingly grumpy"- her daughter said while stomping she laughed at the face of her daughter.

"Mommy don't laugh at me"- her daughter said still keep on stomping

"Alright, alright. Stop stomping you'll hurt your feet. You are going shopping with your dad, big brother, and your big sister right?"- she asked as she stopped laughing.

"Yes. We're heading to the mall"- Her daughter said happily while nodding.

"Alright go change your dress already. You're dirty. Where did you go?"

"At the garden, I was helping the helpers to plant. It is so much fun to plant right mommy? Hihi"- her daughter giggles And twirls around while telling her all she did and the garden happily.

'I've been thinking about it for 2 years now she likes gardening and planting seeds just like you Raphael, her attitude resembles yours too. I need to get a DNA asap'- She said in the back of her mind.

DINNER TIME they were eating in the dining room Helena thought of how to get a DNA example of Edward. So when they finish eating Helena helps clean the dishes to get Edwards's spoon and Roseanna's spoon and put them in her drawer before she washed Roseanna and herself for them to sleep.

Early in the morning, Helena went out to see the doctor who can help her.

"The result will be out for a month or so."- Dr. Arnault said after she handed the spoons.

"Thank you doc. I should probably get going, I'll see you in a month or so"- She bowed a little to show respect then headed out.


6 months have passed since Helena went to Dr. Arnault to get the DNA of Roseanna and Edward and now is the day that she's been waiting for Dr. Arnault to call and said that the DNA result had already come out While she was on the way to the hospital her heart was pounding hard

'Tell me that my decision of following Edwards will be a big mistake'- she said in the back of her mind

"Here it is. I hope you are ready for the result Helena"- Dr. Arnault said then handed her the envelope.

She slowly opened the envelope and when she read the DNA result her tears started to fall. Helena weakened so Dr. Arnault helped her to sit on the chair she is crying hard and can't talk then suddenly she fainted.

Helena woke up and she is already in a hospital bed being monitored by Dr. Arnault

" Quello Che è successo? Perché sono qui? (What happened? Why am I here?)"- she asked.

"Sei improvvisamente svenuto ore fa (You suddenly fainted hours ago)"- Dr. Arnault sighed "when I checked you I found out that you have a weak heart Helena."- He added Helena just sighed too "Cosa ti sei fatto? Credi che a Raphael piacerebbe quell'Helena? (what did you do to yourself? Do you think Raphael would like that Helena?)"- Dr. Arnault worriedly said she just look down "God Helena think about your daughter, what would she do if your gone?"

"I'm thinking of her Arnault. "- she said

"Then what are you doing to yourself? Don't you know Rose will be miserable if you're gone? Who would watch over her?"- Dr. Arnault said angry "You need a heart donor"

"I promise Arnault I'm not going to do it again."- She said making Dr. Arnault sighed

"Take care of yourself Helena for Raphael and your child okay?"- Dr. Arnault said, so she nodded

Helena went home holding the DNA result then she hid it in her drawer where her notebook for Raphael was placed but before she close it she wrote another letter for Raphael and when she finished writing she fall asleep.

Roseanna was busy planting in the garden, but she felt strange she was worried about her mom, so she went up to go see her mother she's knocking but there was no response, so she went inside just to see her mom silently sleeping like a dead person she went closer to her mom, and she can't feel her mom's breath.

"Mom?"- She called to wake her up but still no response "mother? Mommy"- her voice went louder when her mom still didn't respond to her. Her eyes teared up.

"Hey, mom? Mommy, please wake up "- She cried while shaking her mother's body.

"Lady Roseanna? What's happening? I can hear your shouts clearly outside the door"- The maid comes in.

"My mom won't wake up, why won't she wake up? Why is she still sleeping when I'm shouting so loud."- She said crying "mommy wake up"- she pleaded.

"Miss Helena? Miss Helena"- The maid tried but Helena still won't wake up the made hurriedly went downstairs to call an ambulance.

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