My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 35Chapter 35 coincidence or fate?

Chapter 35

Coincidence or fate?


It really is true, you can only see the real personality and real face of a person once you got married. Although Jaden is still sweet and caring to me and my two kids, he suddenly became so possessive of me. Every man he saw me with will be our cause of the fight

"Hon?" Jaden called

"Yes, hon? I'm in the middle of something" I am busy looking for my phone inside my bag

"Blaizé has gone missing" that made me stop looking for my phone, face him, a panicked face is visible in my face the moment I look up at him.

"What? Where could he be gone? You were with him the whole time. Why didn't you, damn hon this place is huge how am I going to find him?" Saying all of the thoughts in my head thinking about my little boy, looked around "Aethesia? Where is Aethesia? Baby girl?"

"I'm here mother, I'm with you. " she holds my right hand tightly and squeezes it "Take a deep breath mother. We will find my brother. Let's relax a bit so that we can find him" This little girl talked like she's older than me, but I did what she said and look at my husband who is now in deep thoughts too.

"I'm sorry hon." I Apologize he just smiled weakly "please go inside the car and take Aethesia with you. I'm gonna report to the guards and find Blaizé you two stay here." He nodded so I went to the guards to help me find Blaizé and roam around the mall searching for him

In the grocery, the toy shops, boutiques, restaurants, but I have seen no trace of my little boy.

"Where could you be baby. Mommy is now really worried" I muttered to the air, walking to the entrance of the parking lot.

There I saw Blaizé's figure with another man. The moment I recognized his whole body from his head to his toes my feet suddenly stuck on the ground I'm standing.

"Blaizé!" Calling my little boy out loud then put up with the courage to take a step towards them. I didn't even know why would I need the courage to take a step.

"Mommy" My son ran into my arms, two steps before I could reach him. I immediately wrap my arms around my little boy's body.

"Ow, my God Baby, where have you been? You naughty kid you made mommy anxious" Saying that while catching my breath "you're not hurt anywhere are you?"

"I am so very sorry for making you worry about me mother, I'm fine thanks to this old man. He helped me" he then points his tiny finger at him.

"Thank you Mr." I couldn't finish what I'm about to say when I saw his eyes.

The eyes that once looked at me with so much love, passion, and admiration. It is still the same look. I see his soul, his logging soul just by looking at his eyes and it made me question myself why?


It's been weeks yet I still haven't erased the look he had that day.

"Grandma," I called her wanting to ask something.

"Yes, dear?" Grandma responded without taking her eyes off of the magazine she's holding.

"Grandma, what does it mean when you see someone's soul just by looking directly at his eyes? It's like the emotions that he's trying too hard like you can see all of it without even trying" the moment I said that she turn her gaze to me and smiled.

"If you see his everything with just looking on his eyes means so much" what she said made me astounded.
"Like what? I don't quite understand a thing grandma." She then laughed at my curiosity

"You and your questions" she keep laughing for a minute then became serious after. "It's like your attached to him you might not see it because it's an invisible string of love, if we make it short his your soulmate. It also means that you are loving him so much that God let you see through him" She is looking directly at my eyes and smiled meaningfully. I thought that was all but she said something that made me stare at her "And lastly, you are bound to be with him, to love him. Again" I shake my head trying to remove the thoughts that are coming in unwelcome.

"Is-is that it? It sounds impossible Grandma"

"Why? Did you experience it with someone else? Not with your husband?"

"No, Niente nonna. (No, No Grandma.) Of course, not."

"Then why act as if you have?"

"Grandma, it's just pure curiosity. Yeah, that's all" I stared at the table thinking which of the three Grandma mentioned was the truth. I mean one of them should be true. Wait. Stop it, Roseanna Zoey. Stop it really, we need to stop. We have been in that stage before we can stop.

"Roseanna? You know you can talk to Grandma about anything that you want to tell but you couldn't. I can hide it too" I think Grandma is really sensing something. She then Sighed "Don't take it inside of you for a long time Roseanna, you'll blow up" No let me rephrase that. Grandma knows something.

"Grandma?" My voice wanted to crack down as I called her, sincerely she smiled.

"Yes, dear. I know it. Grandma knows everything." She holds my hands that are already shaking. I have thought that she may know something but it still made me show a shocked face. "Aideen Drew, the Stone Family's only son." She mentioned him

"Grandma, I- I can explain" that was all I could mumble when she shakes her head, I looked down at my feet.

"Do you love him?" Grandma, my eyes directly look back up to her.

"Grandma, I already have a husband. Why would you ask me something like that?" I refused to answer her question because all of a sudden I don't want to say no.

"That is not what I expected to hear" she remove her hands from mine

"Nonna per favore (Grandma please) I'm already married and I even have kids" I could not count how many times I looked down since Grandma and I talked.

"Kids, that aren't his?" Grandma let out a heavy sigh, I closed my eyes aggressively "You don't need to hide from me, your Grandma, Roseanna."

"But... You let mom leave because she made a mistake didn't you?" Aren't I funny? I bring out my mother's past for my own personal misstep.

"No dear, that is not the truth. I let her leave because I don't want her baby, you to live without a father" Grandma catches her breath remembering the past. Damn, why am I this naive? It's not good for Grandma to cry. "In my mind I wanted her baby to feel the love of a father. That time I really thought that Mr. Stone is your father."

"Does mother know that?" I asked still looking at her.

"I don't know, dear. I don't know, but one thing for sure is that she would also want your kids to meet and know their Father, the real one. I am sure of that" She leaned to me and hugged me "even if you love someone new now your kids have the right to feel the warmth of their real fathers had. Don't do the mistake I did to your mother, Roseanna. You didn't get the chance to feel your father's warm hug and you know how awful that hurts inside. Don't make your kids suffer what you have suffered from. You, Jaden, the kids, and Mr. Aideen will only live peacefully if you will let them meet"

"But Grandma, their father is not as good as you think he is" I let go of her hug she looked directly at my eyes.

"So Cosa hai passato a causa sua Roseanna, ma non hai visto il Vero lato di Lui? (I know what you've been through because of him Roseanna, but didn't you see the real side of him?)" She fixed my hair while saying that "You two were together when you were still young right? What was he like back then?"

"Grandma, that was ages ago. People change" I couldn't believe she's bringing that out when it was ages ago "We were just a kid back then how would I know?"

"Yes Roseanna, you aren't wrong. People do change but the real them will not be able to change itself even if they try really hard to change. The physical body and mind are the only ones who will change but the heart won't." It was meaningful and It hit me. Damn hard. It's like she's saying that because she saw that I've changed. "Did you know he lost himself after you went away to hide from him?" Minutes after hearing that I let my mind process what Grandma said and then my tears just suddenly went out from my eyes.

"Cosa hai appena detto nonna? Penso di aver sentito male  (What did you just say Grandma? I think I heard it wrong)" I am wiling my tears away but I couldn't. Grandma sighed and move the box of tissues towards me

"He lost himself for almost a year and a half. I did not know it because the Stone's said in the news that their heir is in training abroad for the company but " Grandma stopped and look at the gates "he went here, exactly at that gate he kneels down facing me who's sitting in here" she gestured the gate outside so I slowly turn my gaze to it. Like the time went back and I'm seeing him kneeling in there "He was begging me to let him meet you, I was shocked to see him on his knees begging to me. It took minutes before I could process what was going on so I stand up but then suddenly he laughed like a crazy man. His laugh was something that you can feel his pain, and then suddenly he cried out loud and keep punching the ground. I was scared by his actions when my guards went closer to him his mother arrived, she apologize for the trouble and then they pick him up to the car and drove away." Grandma catches her breath for talking straight, while my eyes won't stop shedding tears "One of my eyes on their mansion told me that the Stone kept their son underground of their house cage him down there in one of the rooms, it was shady, dirty little room his hands and his feet we're lock. He wouldn't eat anything. He survived by drinking water. He was almost like a crazy dog that's been caged for ages." Grandma continued and looked at me. "He dwelled within that locked room. Couldn't do anything and won't say anything except for your name. He keeps on saying he's sorry. He will punish himself for what he did to you. He will not forgive himself for losing you." She continued and wipe my tears.

"He- he suffered, much more than me" Suddenly I felt a hole in my heart it's like it's been stabbed with a knife. My throat feels like it has a bump I blinked and looked at my Grandma directly at her eyes, uttered the question that's stuck in my head "Is it my fault? It's my fault Grandma" the question I wanted to ask was retorted by me, I let out a crying voice. I tried hard to not let it out loud so that my kids won't hear me

"No Roseanna, it is not your fault" Grandma seemed to be regretting that she said those things to me

"If not then why did you tell all of those to me all of a sudden? Can't you hide it? You're good at hiding it. You've been hiding it from the very start. Can't you keep it that way?" I cried. I did not like the idea of Aideen being crazy, I can't, no, I don't want to think that way.

"I said you those things that happened to him because I want you to know that he needs and he deserves to know that he has a child with you" Grandma made herself clear but I just couldn't understand it "I want my great-grandchildren to know that they have a good father, I don't want them to know that thing when they grow up and they will think that their father is not a good man. Between me and you, you're the one who clearly knows that he is indeed a great man. The world he's in just fucked him up and turned him that way" Grandma raise her words, not her voice, and that moment right at that moment I said to myself, you screw up Roseanna. You already lost the man who's worth another chance. You did not take the risk, he did. "I love to see that you are now happily tied the knot with Jaden but don't take away the happiness your youngsters deserve okay?"

"I I can't believe it, Grandma, he looks just fine when I - we saw him a week ago. He looks well"

"You may see that because that's what he wanted to show to everyone. He almost died underneath their mansion all tied up and won't eat anything, of course, it's normal that he would not want to experience that again. Experiencing that made him perfect the way of pretending fine"

"How - how did you know all about it?" My curiosity went up the moment I realize that he know too much

"I have my eyes in the mansion of the Stones and everything that's happening there will be known by me. I put my person in there to watch over you and to see what actions Mrs. Stone will do to make you out of their son's life." Grandma sighed, he let out a heavy one "I know it from the very start when he imprisoned you" I was dumbfounded by that truth.

"You knew all about it? Why didn't you take actions knowing that I was imprisoned unfairly" To my surprise my voice raise as if I was angry at her

"You were happy in there, you loved him that time. Grandma knows that too, the way you give everything to him"

"That is because I want my mother's diary back." I refused to say that I am indeed In Love with him.

"You can say that alright, but when you were cooking food for him did you ever think about your mother's diary? When you make love with him do your mother's diary pop up in your mind?" Grandma

"Grandma we aren't making love that wasn't love, it was abused" I complained

"You keep denying it while your eyes are logging for his face"

I was about to complain again but my phone rang. I looked at and saw Jaden's name. I looked at Grandma saying to shush she smiled and nodded then sat comfortably.

"Yes, hon?" I asked as soon as I answers the phone

"Home now!" He greeted me with a shout.

"Why are you shouting? I'm with Grandma I will go home later" My eyebrows met each other. I did not like the way he shouted at me.

"I tell you Zoey go home now!" He then ended the call. I sighed and look at Grandma.

"He changed didn't he?" Grandma then drinks her tea. She looks as if she expected it to happen

"No Grandma he didn't. He's just worried and tired" I faked a smile

"Worried? To you being here? Why?" Grandma cracked up "Am I a killer?" His laugh is making me awkward.

"Grandma" I called her with a worried tone

"I don't like the way he's talking to you, Roseanna Zoey. Better tell him to fix that attitude of his that we don't understand" Grandma is mad this time. She raised her right eyebrow "you two are married to each other now yet he is still frightened that another man might get you? That is just a crazy thought." She then shakes her head "you can go home now, Roseanna remember what I have told you so your mother's soul may rest in peace." She stands up and kissed the top of my head "take care. I'll go to my office to fix something, that you for your time I love you, dear." With that, she walks away from me heading to her office inside of her house.

I stood up and called my kids, bid them goodbye to Grandma, and drove back home

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