My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 33Chapter 33

Chapter 33

heat of the moment


'Boss, I have bad news and good news'

"Good news?" Asked him wanting to know the good one.

'she's back' with that being said I stood up without minding the woman who fall from my lap.

"Ouch, hey!" she yelled. I glare at her shutting her off.

"where is she? who's with her?" I keep on asking as I go out with my heart beating so hard as if it is going to burst out of my chest.

'At the Airport. She's with Mr. Jaden Malik and two little kids, a girl, and a boy. I think they're twins' my heart stop at that right moment, feet couldn't take another step.

"So that's the bad news huh?" I let out a heavy sigh.

'She is going to get married to Mr. Malik. That is all I know, I will dig into it. I'm the sorry boss-' I cut him off as I end the call. Walked again frustrated, heading to my car and drove off. Minutes after driving I found myself at my condo. I shake my head saying to myself that 'I can't miss this place up' with that I turn my car and drive to my parents house.

"Aideen? is that you?" mother's voice appeared the moment I entered the front door

"Yes, mother. It's me" I walk straight to my room

"Have you eaten? if not then let's eat first" mother looks up at me

"No, I haven't eaten anything. I'm not in the mood to eat, I will rest in my room do not disturb me" I shouted then closed the door of my room.
I went straight to bed and sat down facing her picture.

"Is this your revenge on me? Yes, I did some mistakes, then how sad that you just left me all alone without giving me another chance" I stared at her picture for a minute asking "Why?" like she will hear and answer.

It's so long since the last time I came here and stare at her. This is the first time seeing her face again for over 3 years. I did not even live at my condo because her face is also there. everyone is saying that I should just get rid of her picture but I just can't mom said that she will get rid of it but I refused. I brought another condo for the sake of me not seeing her face. I did learn from my mistakes but her leaving and running away from me is making me a jerk. I keep on toying women everywhere and anytime I like.

I didn't notice that I am already crying, NO I did not cry it's just a tear that fell from my eye. I wipe it off and lay down.

"How would you come back to me when you already have arms embracing you? when your living the life you dreamed of?"

I fell asleep after all that thinking and was woked up by a fucking call.

"Hello?" I answered the call with my eyes closed.

'You okay?' It's Rico's voice 'wanna grab a drink? I also need one' he laughed for a minute 'Same place, I'll wait for you' then he ended the call. I stood up needing that drink, washed my face up then went out of my room

"Aideen? Where are you heading to?" Mother

"Grabbing a drink with Rico, I'll be late so don't wait for me" I went out after that and drove off as I entered my car.

Half an hour I arrived at the bar, saw Rico's car coming over after I Parked mine.

"You got here fast eh? You're definitely not okay" He chuckled.

"Tss. Same as you" I hissed and walked in first so he followed slightly running.

"The usual spot and usual drinks" He told the bartender while I walked straight. He followed me after he get our beverages. He's now looks like my Butler following me around.

The moment we sat down on our spot he soak up the liquor and hissed after.

"Arghhh! That was hella hot" Holding his neck feeling hot

"You look more miserably mad than I am" I eyed him raising my left eyebrow.

"You know it already do you?" He uttered avoiding what I said, I nodded. "She's going to be married man. They have kids, a twin. It's been 2 years when they've talked about marrying each other" I remained silent as I drink my liquor "the twins is 3 years old" he added that made me look at him "Sam talked to me. She told me not to tell anyone but I think I need to tell this to you"

"What?" My eyebrows form into a thin line.

"Sam said she's seeing a hint"

"A hint of what?"

"Come on man. You know it already"

"The fuck Rico just say it. " he's making me yelled at him. He sighed.

"Sam give me a photo of the twins. She said Jaden doesn't have a twin and his whole family doesn't have a blood of twins so do Roseanna, and both of the kids does not look like Jaden nor their mother" Rico explained handing his phone over for me to see the photo of the twins. "The little girl is Aethesia and The little boy is Blaizé. He resembles you man, all of him resembles you his actions and personality said by Sam"

I stood up after staring at the photo for a long minutes

"Where are you going?" Rico asked alarmed on me standing up.

"I am going to talk to Rose" his eyes grew bigger

"No, no. You can't. What the hell! Sam and Zoey will fight and Sam will really break up with me fuck Sam was drunk when she called earlier telling me that and she told me to break up with her fuck man. It'll be as bad when we fight" I sighed hearing him and sat down again. "Damn thanks"

"I still need to talk to her"

"She will probably going to lie about it just by looking at her and how she's happily introducing the kids as her and Jaden's twins" Rico said that made me shut up and drink.

"They are not yet married, I need to talk to her"

"You need? Do you think she will need to talk to you too?" Rico's voice became sarcastic tss. Is he my friend or what?
The last one he uttered made me think harder "I don't want to see you again in those days Aideen. I will throw everything if it means you having a normal life. Fuck I may sound gay right now but man don't be like the past again"

"Then you should have shut up about this matter so I can live fine" I whispered but he heard it making him regret that he told to me all about the twins.


The time has finally come. I'm getting married.

"I didn't ever thought that you will be the one to wear that first on the both of us" Sam is tearing up looking at me.

"I did not expected it too" Smiling as I look at her "hey, don't cry come on. Your making me cry too. It will ruin my make up you bitch" I tried making her laugh and she did.

Someone knock on the door.

"Come in, she's done" Sam then the good open up

"Let's go?" Kuya appeared and smiled he hasn't say a thing to me since three days ago till now that's the first word he uttered.

"Let's go your groom is waiting for you" Sam smiled feeling excited than I am.

"Kuya" I called him tearing up. I thought he's agry with me or he does not want me to get married that's why he didn't talked to me for 3 straight days.

"Hey, hey. Don't cry you will ruin your look. Do you perhaps want to be ugly on your wedding?" He joked then hold me so I can balance myself

A few minutes I finally arrived at the church my heart beats crazy fast that the moment I got out of the car I hold kuya's arms tightly

"Nervous? It's ok that's normal, come on" kuya then gently lead the way. Mommy Ally approached us with a wide smile on her face.

"You look stunning and" She laugh as she cut her words "nervous" Kuya and Mommy Ally both said then they laughed together making me pout.

"Where is my little boy and girl?" I asked looking around

"Both on their Daddy. I brought them to him, they won't stay still and keep asking for their daddy." Mommy Ally

"Excuse me, kindly go to your place now the bride the parent will be in the middle" the arranger of the wedding approach us so I went to my place taking a deeper breathe, in and out.

"Okay, let's go. You'll be fine sweetheart" Mommy Ally then grab kuya towards the church.

"In 5, 4, 3, 2,1 gates open" with that being said the wide door opened for me as the light shines making me close eyes. The moment I opened my eyes I saw my groom waiting for me, eyes tearing up, feet started to walk towards the aisle.


People cheered when they witnessed the bride and groom share the first kiss as husband and wife. Some applauded with joy in their faces, some yelled of too much happiness, and some whistled. It's a day to be celebrated with enthusiasm. The photographer was busy taking a picture of the two couples staring at each other in happiness in front of the church altar, and the bride's head moved, meeting the familiar gaze to her.

Delight showed in her beautiful face the woman he wanted to walk down in this aisle of him. It cut him right through his heart, a thousand feelings he felt, but one of those was the pain. Is this how this all end? A lumped form in his throat, and he tried to swallow. If this was a dream, if only-things he can't change. The rim of his eyes started to heat, and before he could embarrass himself of the tears he wanted to get out of his hiding place, he broke the stares and dragged his feet to the aisle leading to the entrance of the church and letting his hot tears fall as something heave fell upon him. Even his footsteps were too hefty, and the other side of his mind screaming it did not happen, but the truth hurt.

He inhaled deep and breathed it out, blinking his eyes many times, trying to erase in his mind the happiness in her eyes and the event that transpired. It lashes him in different ways, and it's even more unbearable.

"And that is the end" tears fall from his eyes faster than his car.

Phone beeping, someone's calling. Aideen didn't mind and keep on driving with face full of tears. For the second time his phone beeps, frustrated he answered it.

"Are you there Aideen? Son please don't make me worry again." It is his mothers voice.

"I wanna smile and laugh for the rest of the day mom. Please let me be happy just this once"

"You are not going to be happy Aideen I know that. Son please I know you're hurt but please can you tell me where are you?" His mother's anxious voice filled his head, that's the same tune he heard years ago. He then suddenly push the breaks.

"I I don't know mother. I'm lost" he burst into tears as he open up to his mother. "I I don't know what to do or what to think. My head is full of her image in that fucking gown mother, I am the one who supposed to be wearing that tuxedo. I should be the one standing in there, but why am I standing in the crowds watching them? Mother I feel empty" he cry his heart senseless. "I want to run away someplace far, far from the chaos of this ill-fated love"

"Ow baby, I know you're broken but you need to remember that anyone, anyone has their own demons, and they could be broken too. Now all I'm saying is that you are not alone." For many years that has passed he heard his mother's wise words again. "And never you will be deserted."

"Mother" calling his mother in between his sobs.

"If she really is not the one for you then someone out their will be the one for you. " for the first time since a decade his mother talked about the one for him "My son you just need to be brave and take courage for you to know who really is for you" a mother who will always talk like this is a blessing for him "You are worthy of everything God wanted for you. If it is not his will then you can not have it but if it is, then he will make you thrive before he trust you for that" all he did was to listen to his mother like how he did when he was just a seven years old kid. "Come home now son, we will work this out together"

And that he turn his car around and drove home

"Maybe this lifetime isn't for us but I am happy that I get to know you better than I wished before. Sadly this will be our end. Thank you for making yourself happy. I will wish you a happy marriage sometime in the future but not now, I am still hurting. Will I be able to move on like you did? or will I end up going crazy again? I gotta find that out I think. Goodbye my love, I will love you till you cease in my heart"

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