My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 32Chapter 32

Chapter 32


A year has passed and my baby Aethesia and Blaizé is growing fast. It has been 2 years since I went hiding in here. I'm living with my babies peacefully now. And I learned how to speak in their language here.

A week after I came here I found out that I'm pregnant and Jaden was the one who took care of me. I told Mrs. Stone to stop giving me money and groceries but she insist and keeps on giving so I just let her be, I can not stop her.

"Who's hungry? Are you hungry? Hm?" Jaden baby talked, I smiled at the sight of them until I remembered him. That guy, that man. He should be the one I'm seeing right now with my Aethesia, with our baby girl. "Managing can you feed him? Thank you " Jaden said then headed towards me "Thinking about him again?" He asked so I shudder my head saying no but he smiled and wipe something on my cheeks.

"Wait, I'm crying?" I asked and blinked at him trying to be innocent tho it's true.
He laughed at me and wipe my face neatly "it's true" I pointed out

"I didn't say anything" he said smiling. Then stopped and looks at me seriously "you're crying because of him. Again" he said so I tried to smile. "HAHA, I mean what else would you cry for?" He said slightly laughing I know ge's trying to not let me see that he is hurt.

"Jaden" I called his name but he just smiled and then turn his back at me as he headed towards Aethesia and feed her himself. I went to them and sit beside him facing my baby girl. She is so happy seeing him that she started to gigle.  "She's almost 1 year old" I said while smiling

"Yeah, we've been together for almost 2 years now" He smiled sweetly and looked at me. What he said has a double meaning. I stared at him for a moment then turn my gaze to my baby girl

"I feel bad for Aethesia for not having a father. I don't want them to grow up like me"

"Never feel guilty for choosing yourself Roseanna. You've done nothing wrong" he said to me while shaking his head "they have me. She have me Roseanna. She'll always have me" He added with so much love in his gazes while looking at my baby girl.

"Thank you for staying by our side Jaden. Thank you so much" I said then hug him. I know Jaden has been growing inside of me for the past year's that we've been together. He hugs me back tightly so I closed my eyes

"Do you think there is a possibility of you and I?" He asked that made me open my eyes. "Would you mind if I sat next to you and watch you smile everytime I want to?" He added

"Let's start new Jaden. New and Fresh" I answered his questions. He stopped for a minute then he let go of our hug and watch my face closely

"What did you say? I did you just confess to me?" He asked still shock then he slowly smiled.

"I said I won't mind, you can watch me everytime. You can sit next to me" I said smiling at him.

"Thank you, thank you so much Zoey. I love you" he confess then hug me again

"Woah, I was not expecting that." I chuckles then looked around. "Where's my baby Blaizé?"

"Prepare yourself because I will say I love you 10 times a day" He said smiling widely "Ow yeah, he's in the garden playing with our neighbor's son and daughter." I nodded.

"You know that I can't say that back to you for now"

"It's okay. I won't mind" he said the smile on his lips didn't fade.

"I do like you Jaden, you're growing inside of me. I don't want to regret for not giving you a chance to love me closely" I said

"That makes me happy and contented as much as this little girl beside me." He giggled then pinched my daughter's cheeks. "You're off duty today?" He asked and face my babah girl to start to cleaning her face.

"Yeah, it's my day off. Thankfully there's a student teacher starting today" I said

"Tired? I told you to stop working and just stay here with me and the kids"

"It's not possible. I don't want to be useless especially I'm a mother now" I said looking at Aethesia then she yawned loudly.

"You are not useless but it's up to you", he then lift Aethesia up in his arms " by the way did you call your family already?" He asked I stand up when he started walking up towards my daughter's room.

"Not yet, I'm planning to call them today" he just nodded at me then put Aethesia to bed. He stayed silent till Aethesia fall asleep.

"Don't you think it's time for us to go back?" He asked directly that made me stop on patting Aethesia.

"Can we not talk about that yet Jaden?" I avoided the topic

"Are you afraid of him?" He asked not avoiding me.

"No," I directly answered. He looked at me, straight into my eyes so I stopped looking at him and turn my gaze towards the garden door. I suddenly felt sorry "I'll go to Blaizé then call my family" I said, he nodded and close his eyes then I walk towards the garden
I saw my baby no and his yaya playing with the other babies.

"Hi baby," I smiled as I approach him and I kissed him that made him giggle "Having fun?"

"Hello" the couple greeted me

"Ow Hi,  you are?" I asked them both.

"I'm Beatrix and he is John my husband. They Are my kids" She introduced themselves and point her fingers at the kids who's playing with my baby boy.

"Ow yeah, I'm Roseanna. Blaizé's mother" I also introduced myself

"You are so beautiful." Beatrix

"Ow, not really. Thank you" I smiled at them.

"Ow, Hi Jaden" Beatrix greeted Jaden

"Hello Beatrix. What are you all doing?" Jaden smiled

"Watching over the kids" John then jaden nodded and looked at me

"Uh, yeah I see. I though you will get Blaizé?" Jaden asked me

"Yeah, I we have a little chat." I said referring to Beatrix.

"I'll lead Blaizé to sleep. You can talk with them more" Jaden and lift Blaizé into his arms.

"I'll go inside to. They need to go to sleep" John said to his wife and looked at me. I just smiled and then nodded.

"Jaden is sweet" Beatrix suddenly said and sat down so I also sit down.

"Yeah, he really is" I smiled

"He always talks about you and now I can see why" she laughed.

"Uhh?" Awkwardly said by me.

"Not in a bad way tho. I mean no wonder why he is talking so much about you. You're so beautiful. Naturally" she explained then genuinely smiled at me "Is your hair that red? And your eyes. Are those contact lenses?"

"No, I got my hair from my mother so as my eyes. I don't know why it's like this"

"You are so beautiful just like a goddess Roseanna even your name matches the word goddess" she said then we both laughed

"If you two would gave a son or a daughter it would be a real like goddess. Jaden is so handsome and you, you are a perfect lady"

'If you will see my twin's father would you be saying that? He's a lot more handsome. Way way more'

"I am completely flattered" I said slightly laughing "By the way are you married for a long time now?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Ah, we? No. We recently got married, about a year and a half?"

"Really? Ow wish you both to live happy together" I smiled

"Thank you. I hope you and Jaden would end up together" she said again

"Ah, hehe. Yeah thank you" I awkwardly said again.

"Is there something holding you back? Or should I say someone?" She asked which made me nodded and faked a smile.

"Jaden wanted to go home with me and the kids but I can't. I just can't"

"Why? Ow the twin's father?" She asked that made me look at her shocked. "Ow sorry, Jaden open up about him being not the twin's real father."

"Ah, yeah." I smiled another fake one.

"Does the twin's father knows you two had them?" She asked and I shakes my head.

"We. We're not in good terms" I said then smiled again it's a fake one.

"Jaden can fill the empty space you know. I mean, I'm not saying that you should do what I'm telling you but-" she stopped talking because she was cut of with Jaden calling me.

"Roseanna?" Jaden appeared Beatrix and I both looked at him. "Blaizé is looking for you he won't go to sleep"

"Ow, ok. I'll be right there" I said Jaden nodded and went inside after saying sorry to Beatrix for disturbing us. I faced Beatrix after I stand up "I think I should go" I said to her and she nodded

"Okay, no problem you can go. Thanks for your time" she then stand up too. "Just remember Roseanna that in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take" and then with that she left.

I went to Blaizé and lay beside him and think about What she said and it made me think over and over again. Maybe she's right. I think Jaden is right. It's time to go home

"Aideen Drew" I sighed as I uttered his name again "let's be happy. As I'm finally going to close my eyes I hope to forget you when I wake up." I whispered to the air as my eyes slowly close.


I'm smiling because of the sight of Jaden and the twins, our twins. Yes our twins. Jaden and I are getting married this month. A year of thinking about what Beatrix meant was a total reset, and it took me an another to convince Jaden for us to get married. He keeps on sayinghe'll give me time to filly accept him before we marry each other and now, we are finally home. The place where we belong.

"Daddy, come one" our little Aethesia and Blaizé is slowly dragging their father with their little hands. Excited to see the face of New York.

"Okay, okay come d lift you two up" Jaden Then both of them stopped and raised their both hands at the same time pushing each other and arguing who's going to be lifted first.

"Thesia, Blaizé! What did mommy said?" I asked while I looked at the both of them. They both pouted and looked back at me innocently. "Be patient okay? You two should be patient" I said then they looked at me trying to process what I've said.

"Let them be." Jaden put his hands on my waist.

"That's why they're spoiled" I punched his hand

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