My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 31Chapter 31

Chapter 31

There is no night that Aideen Drew won't get what he wanted. Roseanna is badly losing weight and her manager is starting to get annoyed at the shape of her body.

"Zoey, please. What are you doing with your body? Do you think you could shoot in that situation?" Roseanna's manager exclaimed,

"I'm sorry. I'll take gym classes again"

"Let's end the day. We can meet next week, make sure your physique will be in good shape, Zoey. You should sleep more and take gym classes"


Roseanna went home or can she even call that place home?

As soon as she went to Aideen's room, Aideen approach her with kisses.

"Aideen Drew, please. My body couldn't take it anymore. I'm too skinny now, my manager is now mad" Roseanna pushed him away.

"Tomorrow you will attend Gym and fitness lessons and you should be able to maintain your diet" Aideen walk out and went to his study room.

Roseanna lay on the bed so tied.


Morning came Roseanna is getting ready to leave for Gym. Later on, after she arrived at the gym she found out that Aideen's mother is also in the gym. She knows that Aideen's mom doesn't like her very much. She knows that since she was still a kid, but while they were exercising she was suddenly got drag by her.

"What are you doing?" Asked Roseanna, confuse about what Aideen's mom is going to do to her.

"Act out!" Aideen Drew's mother said and face the bodyguards "You all know how I hate being with all of you. Stalking and staring at me." She said to Roseanna's bodyguards. They all looked at her "I mean! My daughter-in-law is with me so you can go out and get lost." She hissed then all of the bodyguards bowed down and apologize to her before they went out of our sight. Mrs. Stone looked at me. "Now I want you out of here and as I say out it means out of our life"

"As if I could get away with your som's men following is and guarding me all the time" I sarcastically said

"I already planned this right when you entered that door" She points at the other door which said emergency "My men will pick you up. They are waiting with a car and they will drove you off to one of my private planes. You're going to the Philippines where no one ever sees you" she explained.

"Philippines? Your son is going in there back and forth. He will be going to find me easily"

"Use your brain you brat, you're going on the far island in the Mindanao called Camiguin. You're going to live there and I will give you financial support just don't ever come back or think about coming back" she catches her breath after explaining.

"Okay? How sure am I that this will work as you have planned?"

"Just go the fucking fuck and this will work out. You already gave a house to live in there with a grocery worth for a month. Someone will go to you to give what you need." She pushed me towards the door

Confused but I trusted her words. It's better to live alone than to live with that man,

Wait. My family.

"Wait!" I said made them stop I looked at Drew's mother "my family"

"I removed the tracker that my son put in your phone and you can call them anytime but don't tell them your location. After you call them get rid of the phone, my son might track you down. Someone will buy a phone for you. Just call them once every two weeks" she then steps out "that someone is waiting for g in there and he will introduce himself to you once you've arrived. Hurry up" she added looking at the driver then she looked at me "A long farewell to you Roseanna Zoey" with that the car move forward


Aideen brake all the things that he can see in their house, He is mad. Deadly mad.

"WHO THE FUCK GIVES SOMEONE MY PERMISSION TO HELP ROSEANNA ZOEY?" He shouted at all the bodyguards and helpers in the house. "WHO?!"

"AIDEEN DREW! that is enough!" His mother shouted at him. Aideen slowly turned around to face his mother.

"Is it you mom?" He said lowering his voice "IS IT YOU?!" He asked shouting when his mother didn't answer him.

"YES! yes it's me, I helped her out," Aideen's mother said.

"Why? WHY MOM?" Aideen exclaimed the expression on his face changes, on how hurt he is now visible in his eyes.

"Because you are now losing your mind! You kidnapped that lady and did what you pleased. Aideen Drew please" his mom pleaded him "Son please just let her go. She's now worth it for you to lose your mind"

Aideen didn't mind his mother and turned his back on her.

"Whether you like it or now she's the only one I want to marry! I'm going to find her even if it takes a long time. I will find her" his voice became calm "Even if it cost losing everything I have, I will have her!" He then walked to his room.


Roseanna is now at the airport and then she called her brother's fiancee.

"Roseanna?" Claire greeted "wait I will tell them you're on the phone".

"Wait! Wait!" Roseanna stopped Claire and then Claire looked at her seriously yet confused "Wait! Please Claire listen to what I'm gonna say, turn on your recorder"

"Okay? You are making me worry" Claire then Roseanna just smiled a little.

"I'm on the private airport of Mrs. Stone, I'm boarding to the Philippines. I can't tell you where exactly in the Philippines but I want you to know that I'm going to live there from now on. Tell them that I'm taking a rest and I will call you once every two weeks" Roseanna started fast. Thankfully Claire listened "Aideen Drew kidnapped me the day you all leave for Italy. He did what he pleased. He took away my innocence day by day.  " Claire gasped at what Roseanna said but she remain silent. Roseanna smiled weakly at her. "Please tell Alysson and the others that they don't need to worry about me. Make your distance with the Stones they are dangerous. You guys don't really need to be worry because Mrs. Stone helped me go away from her son's hands. She will support my every need. I already have a nice place to live in there and I will have a job. Every two weeks I'll call you all but in different numbers so Aideen Drew won't and Can't track me down. I love you guys so much! Take care while I am still away. Goodbye for now Claire. Thank you I'm boarding now take care of my brother and my family, our family. I'm so sorry that I'll have to ditch your wedding. Tell kuya to not wait for me anymore, have your wedding and be happy. I love you, Goodbye Claire" she finished and Claire is crying already "Don't cry, Claire"

"Please be safe Roseanna Zoey and start healthy. Till we meet again" Claire the. Roseanna turned off her phone.

"Miss, the plane is ready to board," one of the bodyguards said so I nodded and sighed as I took a step. 'This is it! I will be far from Aideen Drew's touch' as I said that in my mind my heart aches a little I didn't mind that and get on the plane. As soon as I buckled up the plane immediately board. My eyes get heavy while I'm listening to a song, then a minute after Everything went dark. I fall asleep.

"Rose- rose, rose, don't leave me" Aideen's voice gets lower and lower. "Please Rose. I'll die without you! Don't leave me!" He shouted and grab my waist.

I almost jumped feeling scared and shocked. My dream feels real. It seems so real. I touched my cheeks just to feel tears on them.

I was crying? Why? No.

"Aideen Drew, you got me this time" I whispered shaking my head.

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