My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 30Chapter 30

Chapter 30

"You've tricked me!" Roseanna yelled at Aideen

"I can't afford to lose you, Roseanna, not now and not tomorrow. I told myself I'm gonna make you mine whatever it takes." Aideen said closing the door of his room

"Curse you! Let me out Drew, Please!" Roseanna again sorted with the tip of her lung.

She keeps on shouting but nobody would listen. So she stops and sits on the floor with tears in her eyes.


"Aideen please listen to me" Aideen's mom pleaded

"Not now mom. I'm being happy" Aideen said and looked at his mom smiling, but as soon as he looks at his mom he slapped him really hard.

"Can you hear yourself? Are you being serious Aideen Drew? That woman in there has a life on her own and she doesn't like you then you need to stop and let go!" Aideen's mother is so mad that she wants to hurt him to bring back his senses "You are not the son who I took care of. Did I teach you to be like that? To do that? You hate it when your dad treat me like that but look at you you're doing the things you hate"

"Whatever you say mother" Aideen walked out

"I still hate that woman Aideen Drew but this is wrong" his mother shouted for him to hear it.

"But what father did is worst compared to what I'm doing right now" Aideen whispered then went out to meet his best friend Rico


"Dude! I did it" Aideen

"What? She finally accepted you?" Rico looked at him after drinking his liquor

"No. I finally got her" Aideen

"Don't tell me," Rick said not finishing his sentence

"I tricked him and lock her in our house"

"You've got to be kidding m. I thought you've already come to your senses?" Rick said can't believe that his best friend locked a woman

"Why acting like a Saint now?  From what you're doing behind my sister's back you'll say that to me?" Aideen laughed at him and drink his glass of liquor "You and I are the same" Aideen added.

Rick got fuming mad and punched Aideen directly in his face.

"You and I are not the same. I would never treat a woman like how you treat Zoey. Talk to me if you're already in your right mind" with that Rico walked out.

Aideen went home drunk and when he entered his room he saw Roseanna laying on the bed. He went over to her and looked at her beautiful face. A minute then Aideen started kissing Roseanna's face to her lips. Roseanna woke up noticing Aideen's kisses. She tried to stop him but she can't win against him. Later on, she surrendered and let Aideen take over her body while she's crying soundlessly. That's the kind of pain she would never forget.

Morning came and Aideen didn't get up because of his headache. The alarm clock on the side table alarmed that made Roseanna wake up. She looked at Aideen beside him who's sleeping soundless looking like an innocent young boy.

"If only you were this innocent I would have fallen over you," Roseanna said and sighed "but you were the complete opposite. I'm going to hate you" she added her voice is so low that she's the only one who can hear what she's. She got up and fix herself, gets dressed up, walked out of the room, and then go to the kitchen. The maids are all looking at her amazed by getting beauty

"Are Mrs. And Mr. Stone home?" She asked them then they all shake their heads.

"They're usually going home in the evening at 9 o'clock" one of the maids' answers. Roseanna smiled at them sweetly.

"Can I be the one who will cook for Drew?" She asked looking at the kitchen tools

"Yes. Of course, you can Ms. Zoey" said by the helpers

"You can just call me Zoey. After all, I think I'm going to live here for a long while" Roseanna smiled bitterly. She took a glance at the two guards who are looking out for her so that she could not getaway.

A half-hour after Roseanna finished cooking. She handed it to the maids.

"You can prepare this for him and please don't tell him that I was the one who cooked all of that okay?" She said then went out from the kitchen and faced the bodyguards "please don't tell him that I cooked" she asked the bodyguards both nodded "Good, thank you. Just keep that or else I'll run, away." With that Roseanna went up to Aideen's room and again she lay down by his side facing backward, later on, she fell asleep.


It's been a week that Roseanna's now on my side. She smiles at our maids but when she sees me her smile will fade. I'm jealous, yes. I'm too possessive over her but if I'll get rid of the maids I will never get to see her smile again. When she's with me I know she's hiding the pain. She's acting fine but I don't care as long as she's mine. Whenever I want to make love to her she's not refusing anymore unlike the time she first got here, and I admit I like it she's letting me do as I pleased. Just like now, I'm starting to kiss her.


It's been a week but it feels like a year to me my mind feels empty. My body felt numb. It's like they're already used to be treated like this. Drew feels happiness while I feel like hell. I'm like a whore that can fuck with anyone. I hate feeling like that. I hate myself why can't u fight back? I hate Drew for treating me like this.

Once I got my chance to escape I would never go back to him. Ever. I would never even tho k about going back.

A call stopped drew on what his going to do

"Yes? Ow. Yeah okay" Drew's voice got lower and lower so I looked at the door. He's going out.

I cover my entire body with the sheets. A few minutes after Drew went back throwing something towards me. I looked at it and saw that it's my phone

"Your family is worried, Call them. You can have that back" with that he walkout

I opened my phone and as soon as it was on hundreds of miss calls and unread messages pop up one at a time then a new message pop up again.

'Your phone is connected to mine what you're sending them via SMS, IG, Facebook, Twitter, and even in calls, video call all of what you're doing to you're phone I can see it all' Drew texted

I looked at the closed door he really won't be going to set me free.

I stand up and get the dress to fix myself and then I called Sam through Video call.

After one ring she answered, I finally got to see her face

"You heartless bitch" she greeted glaring at me. I smiled, ow how I missed that glare. "Everyone, Roseanna is on the phone" she shouted I think she's on my Grandma's mansion and I was right.

"Roseanna. You silly woman, I've been so worried so as your Mami!"  Grandma

"Wait I will connect this to the laptop" Sam

My eyes are teaming up seeing them. I smiled and realized that I still got my str. My family and best friend still got my back. I'm not going to surrender. I can get out of this hell.

"Where have you been? Did you lose weight?"
"Your face looks thinner"
"Do you eat well in there?"

"Roseanna!" Sam shouted when I didn't talk. "Why aren't you answering our questions?"

"How can I answer all of that when y'all won't stop asking questions?" I said slightly laughing

"Okay okay, we will stop" Sam. I pouted then they all laughed

I spend the day talking to them. I feel a little better now that I got to hear all of their voices.

Drew went in and took a shower then he lay beside me.

"My brother's wedding will be in July, 3 months from now. I need to go. There is no way I will miss that" that's all I said I know he will get it.

"You can go with me and the bodyguards so I'll be at peace," he said then turn around

"What about me? I'll never be in peace with you and those bodyguards" I directly said that to him.

"I'll make you at peace than" he said and rolled over at the top of me.

I know what he's going to do. This just won't end if he won't quit.

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