My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Months have passed tomorrow will be Aideen's birthday. He will be turning 6 and the aideen's sister will be 3 months old and Helena will be in labor anytime soon. Edward had been caring towards Helena and Veronica was definitely not happy with it she's feeling jealous all the time even if she always saw, and she knows that Helena is keeping on refusing Edward it still won't make her jealousy at ease.

On the other hand, Helena felt the love growing in Edward for her, but she's avoiding it. He has a wife, and She still didn't forget about her love for Raphael. Day by day she keeps on writing about what's going on with her life in her notebook as if she was telling Raphael.

' Hai Visto che? Continuo ad evitare Edward per te, Amore Mio. Presto diventerò Una Madre Raphael Vorrei solo che questa fosse tua e non-di Edward, ma è triste che sia solo il Mio Desiderio the il Mio Amore per te non-finirà mai Raphael (Did you see that? I keep on avoiding Edward for you, my love. Anytime soon I'm going to be a mother Raphael I just wish this one was yours and not Edward's but, sadly, it's just my wish my love for you will never end Raphael)'

That was what her letter for this day before she fell asleep. Her writing letters for her love are making her happy and less sad day by day.


Morning comes and everyone in the mansion is crazy busy with the party of the heir. everyone in their town is invited and every one of the aideen's school is also invited that's how huge this celebration will be.

Aideen, His mother, and his father is in the mall buying clothes and toys for him

"Let's hurry Helena is alone in the mansion"- His dad said which made him and his mom stop from walking.

"If you want to go home badly then you should've been at home and didn't come with us"- Aideen said then walk fastly

"It's your son's birthday have some respect for him just this once won't you?"- Veronica said then walk away to catch their son

"Mom let's buy clothes for baby Sam."- Aideen excitedly giggles then picks a cute baby girls clothes
"Baby Sam will be happy"- He added His mom and dad just watch him pick and pick for his little sister

"Look at him even though you hurt him he still wants your other child to be happy. Be thankful he still accepts you as his own father Edward"- Veronica said which made Edward feel guilty. He loves his son as much as he loves his wife but things got out of control that he feel out of love for his wife but even though it happened his love for his son didn't change. He won't let his wife know that his wife is a manipulative woman.

' I should be a father material to him but instead, I became a man he didn't want to be'- Edward said in his mind

"Mom is it okay if I pick clothes for Helena's baby? I'm sure it's a girl"- Aideen asked.

"Sure baby, and it's Aunt Helena for you"- Veronica said to her son but Aideen just giggled. She is happy seeing her son act like a normal kid.

When he finished picking he said he wants to eat, so they go to the restaurant.

"Mom, dad I want a sister of my own too. A sister from both of you"- He said innocently.

Veronica and Edward couldn't say anything.

"Yes, baby we'll keep that in mind okay? You will have one soon.
For now, let's just go with the flow"- Veronica said to her son then Aideen clapped happily then Continue eating.

"Don't make him assume Veronica"- Edward whispered.

"I'm not making him assume because I'm bearing one for 2 months now. I'll just wish it's a girl that's what he wants"- Veronica whispered back that made her husband freeze for a moment.

'No, I'm in love with Helena. I can't feel this way to Veronica'- that's what he thinks.

He knows this is unfair to Veronica's side, but he wants to keep a barrier between them.

THE PARTY WENT UP WELL. Aideen was happy and h receive so many gifts. Aideen felt even happier when his father showed his gift. It was a box full of books in it.

"I didn't know that you know I love books father, But thank you so much"- He formally said then hug his Father for a minute.

"You sounded too formal little one. If you didn't call him father others might think you not related to each other"- one of the visitors chuckles Aideen just smiles.

"Wanna know what mommy's present is?"- His mom asked so the attention was given to her

"Yes please"- Aideen excitedly giggles

"It's in your room baby let's open it together later "- His mommy smiled widely at him

"I can't wait mom"- Aideen said then he happily played together with his friend. Rico

"What present did you give to him?"- Edward asked his wife.

"A picture of the two of us"

"Us? Why?"- Edward curiously asked

"To remind him you were not that bad when we got married. And to teach him a lesson"- Edward was shocked to hear it from his wife.

"What lesson?"

"The lesson which is to not become like you. The picture frame had another picture at the back where there's only Aideen and me."- She explained Edward was hurt by that "which means that a year after I bring sudden to this world you grow apart from us. He needed to burry it inside of him so that he won't hurt his wife and children soon"

"Ow okay"- That was all that Edward can say. He is affected that's for sure.

"I'm sorry Edward Aideen must learn from your mistake and that's the easiest way that won't hurt him that much"- His wife looked at him "I know you love Aideen. You can't hide it from me! Don't worry I will not interfere with your freedom to love someone even if we're married just keep on making Aideen and this child I'm carrying your first priority and I'll leave you alone"- His heart was ripped by what his wife said.

She did let him free and that's the reason why I am still growing apart and aware of them

"And our marriage can we just keep it until Aideen grows up? My son wanted and dreamed of a complete and happy family and I'm definitely sure I can't give him a happy one"- His wife took a step away from him and said "Be happy if the freedom I give you Edward"- and that was her last word to him.

What his wife said made him think

'Am I that bad? Did I hurt them both awfully?'

'No, my wife is just manipulating me again'

'But I know I'm at fault. I hurt them'

His mind was full of questions that he didn't want to have an answer he just didn't mind what his wife said

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