My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 29Chapter 29

Chapter 29

"I will let you go, but you're going to come back here. You will be going to come back to me in less than 5 months. I doing care what will be your excuse on your family. Make sure to come back or else I'll burn that Diary down" he said then went to his room.

"You- Arghh! Dang it" I said nearly shouting. I went out without looking at anything.


I got home an hour after I went out of the building where Drew's Pad is.

I entered the fate and Sam was in the front yard sitting on the chair.

"Why did you came back late?" She asked

"Let's talk in my room," I said then hurriedly went to my room Sam followed me as soon as we entered my room I locked it.

"What happened?" She asked me. I look at her

"I made a mistake" I conceded. Sam is a wise woman she easily understands any situation without a sufficient word of what happened and I'm right her eyes widened

"What the! Where's that jerk? Bring me to him" she stands up and places both hands on her waist.

"Will you shush? They'll hear you" I said

"Bring me to him, Roseanna! If you don't like that to be spilled today" she glared at me

"Do you think you're scaring me by glaring like that?" I glared at her too. " and do you know him? I'm the only one who lost something why are you reacting like that?"

"Right now Roseanna!" She said with a serious tone. "NOW!" she yelled that made me jump

"You startled me. Okay, okay" I surrendered I don't want to see her being so angry again. She's not like this without a reason and I don't want to be the reason for her anger.

"I'll drive, I know where he lives," she said so I looked at her curiously

"How did you know?"

"I remember everything that night. The moment I woke up, I remembered everything, who took you and everything."

"Did Rico took you home?"

"No, he took .e to his pad, His other pad the one where his wife does not know. Rico and I are a couple for more than two years now but we just recently did that while you, damn it. I'm gonna kill that man" she cursed and speed up

I blinked my eyes many times as I started to hold on tight.

We arrived in half an hour. Sam really drove me crazy this time. We were almost being catches down by the public a little more speed and we're done, thankfully we arrived safely.

We went up to Drew's pad and she rang the doorbell the moment I pointed which room is Drew's.

The door opened up I thought it was Drew but instead of him, a woman is the one who opened the door. She's familiar but I'm not quite sure where I saw her.

"Uh, who are you?" Sam asked with her brows in a thin line "whatever where's Aideen?"

"I'm Christy, Aideen's fiancee. We've met before at the ball?" The woman said, "who's that?"  That familiar voice.

"Ahh! Aideen's fiancee. I see" Sam nodded and looked at me fiercely "care to let me in?" Sam asked but she didn't wait for a response she let herself in pushing Christy lightly "I'm looking for a jerk"

"Hey" Christy called her so I followed the two of them

"Ow there you are" Sam directly goes towards Drew who's on the sofa and as soon as Drew looked at her she slaps him. Hard!

"Ow, my" Christy ran over her fiancee and held his cheeks "what are you doing? I'll sue you for trespassing"

"Look over here Mr. Stone" Sam called Drew's attention. He saw me " I said look at me!" Sam again slaps him. "Really? Are you kidding me? Roseanna was just gone for 3 hours and you're" she looks at Christy who's still in Drew's side holding his right arm Sam throws a disgusted face to her "Unbelievable" Sam shaped her head. Drew looked at me once again

"Rose" Drew called out to me.

"Are you done?" I asked Sam and looked at her " is so then let's go, we have a flight to catch"

"Wait let's talk" Drew push Christy aside and grab my hands "Please"

"Let's get out of here," Sam said to Christy and pull her hair and then the two of them went out.

"We don't have something to talk to Mr. Stone," I said looking at him emotionless

"Yes, yes we have"

"About what? About what happened? I understand. I get it now you and I had yesterday night. Just sex no feelings in between, now can I have my mother's Diary?"

"Just sex? We made love Roseanna. It's not just plain sex"

"No, you're wrong. We had sex because we're both drunk or just me, but you did drink that evening" I turn around and was ready to leave when he said

"I'll burn that Diary and DNA! I'll burn it into Ashes if you won't come back to me" I stopped by that.

"Try me," I said and left with a heavily beating heart.
I'm sorry mom I don't think I can get your diary. You won't hate me for that, won't you?

When I was about to go out he reached me and hugs me backward Dam and Christy looked at us.

"Don't leave me, Rose, please" he begged as he tightens his hug to me "I waited for you half of my life already. Please" he whispered. I looked at Sam and Christy Sam looked away while Christy looked so hurt and angry at the same time.

"It has nothing to do with me. I never said anything for you to wait. Now if you won't give me my mother's diary then I have no business with you" I said then made him let go of his hug "let's go, Sam"

"Hey!" Christy calls I stopped and I look at her but as soon as my head turns to look at her she slapped me. My face turns to my right because of how hard her slap was. Drew went to us and stop her "Don't you have a heart? You should be grateful he loves you" she said, she's angry at me alright. I smiled at her

"You can have him now aren't you happy? You are supposed to say thank you to me. I'm ok that he loves me but if his love occurs to be my end who would be the stupid one to be grateful for it?" I said that made her more furious but she can't do anything because Drew is stopping her

"This is not the Roseanna I know since we're little" Drew said looking sad

"Your family made this Roseanna. You should be proud because your family made a successful job making me into this. The cheerful and lovely Zoey you know is dead and lying beside her mother's coffin and that's because of your father and mother" I sarcastically said then I faced Sam she nodded "if you don't have anything important to say then we'll get going" with that Sam and I went out of there.


"Where did you go last night?" Kuya asked me as soon as I and Sam went home after going to Drew's place

"I booked a hotel room. I wanted to enjoy the moment. I'm sorry I didn't text you"

"Sam got home early in the morning drunk. Tell me did you drink?" Kuya just won't stop raising a question

"Yes, we drank yesterday night. Please Kuya my head hurts" I said irritated.

"That's enough James, you're sister is a woman now she's at the right age to do whatever she wants to do. Let her be" Allyson appeared and gave me something to drink for my hangover.

"That's right. Let her be babe" Claire also agreed

"Thank you" I thanked them both. Grandma and the others join us in the living room

"Are you all ready to go tonight?" Mami asked

"Yeah, we have lots of things to pack" Grandma

"Yes, we are ready. It's only Sam and Roseanna who isn't done packing"

Everyone's busy talking about something when my phone beeps. I got a text from Drew

'I understand. Let's just get over with these contract and we won't interfere with each other. You will get a message from your manager' That was what Drew texted

Then a minute after my manager indeed send me a message

'Can you stat for 5 months here? The contract will expire on that date. It's sooner than expected so I hope you'll stay or the contract with the stones will extend till they take over MK'

"Did you plan this?" I texted back Drew

"No, didn't you look at the d at the contract? It's written there. The only thing I change is the date the contract expires. That's the least I can do to stop reaching out to you'

Come to think of it I didn't read the contract.

"You can stay," Travis said which made me stop thinking. I looked at him. "Everyone's looking at you. They have been calling you for a minute now" with that I looked at everyone.

"What's wrong?" Grandma asked. I looked at Sam who's seriously looking at me.

"Nothing. My head just hurts" I said smiling.

"You're lying" Kuya

"What us it Roseanna?" Mami asked. I looked at Travis

"Why are you looking at me? You can tell them. I read your manager's text. You can tell them that" Travis

"They wanted me to stay," I said

"Why? All of a sudden, ?" Sam

"They needed me to stay for 5 months to grant the contract of our company and the Stones. The contract originally expires in a year but the Stones changed it to 6 months for some private reason" I said while looking at Sam.

"What will happen if you won't stay?" Allyson

"The contract was made for me. So if I won't stat the contract will extend and the stones will take over MK" I explained. "I didn't read the contract when I signed it, it's my fault"

"You love your modeling company doesn't you?" Mami asked smiling as if she's proud of me.

"Yes, the staff, my manager, everyone is just so nice to me and they treated me like a family," I said genuinely smiling

"Then you should stay" Mami everyone looked at her "why? Our Roseanna didn't want to lose MK. If we will not support her then she'll be sad about it"

"It's okay, you can stay. You're grown up now, you already know what you are doing. Sam, Travis, and Klarein can handle the company while you're gone" Grandma

"Thank you," I said and ran to hug then "I love you both"

I went to my room and texted my manager 'I will stay' that's all that I texted him and he thanked me a lot.

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