My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 28Chapter 28

Chapter 28


"Where are we going? I want to enjoy my last stay here" Roseanna said and stopped walking.

"You're going back to Italy?" I asked her

"Yes, of course, my life is already in there. Wait who are you?" Roseanna asked wiggly. "Aideen Drew? It's that you? Nah, my mind is being crazy again. Wait is that really you?" She said pointing at me

"It's me," I said then I sighed. After I said that she pinched me. "Ouch, Hey" I liked at her and touch my belly where she pinched

"You scumbag. Get out of my head! You have been messing with it for a week now" she said and started punching me

"What the heck did I do? Ouch. It hurts, stop punching" I hold her arms to stop her. "Do your fans know that you're crazy when you are drunk?" I asked she just shrugged

"Is Juta serious? Is he crazy? You? Aideen Drew has feelings for me? Hah! We're siblings" she asked made me froze. Then she laughs so loud.

Everyone looked at us since we're at the side of the parking lot where the people are.

"Is that Zoey?" One person asked so I didn't have a choice but to get her inside my car and drove to my pad since it's a few minutes away.

As soon as we arrived Roseanna wanted to puke so I placed to get in the Comfort Room. She suddenly stands up so I give her water to wash her mouth up.

"Tell me, it's a joke right? You can not fall for me, damn I'm your sister" She said pointing at m after she washed her mouth.

"We're not sisters and brothers. You are not my sister" I disagree with her

"No, you can't! You can't Aideen Drew they will think you're insane" I cut her off by kissing her. She pushed me away so I let her go.

"Yes I can Rose, Yes I can," I said turning my voice down "they can think I'm crazy but this is the truth"

She became silent a minute ago when I let go of my kiss. She looked at me and kissed me. I was stupefied but then I responded to her kisses and I gently walk us towards my room without breaking our kiss. She didn't stop me.


Aideen's (P.O.V)

Morning came I thought it's just a dream but I'm still looking at her beautiful morning face. Last night was remarkably good. I was her first and probably her last. I hug her under the sheets and closed my eyes again 'you are mine now my beautiful Rose'


I woke up feeling tired and swollen. I look around only to realize I wasn't in my room. I directly sat and noticed that I'm naked. I blinked many times giving me a headache.

Wait. What happened last night? Where am I?

I closed my eyes trying to recall what happened last night but my head just hurt. Suddenly, the door opens up. I lay down as fast as I could and cover my body tightly with the sheets.

"Are you awake? I cooked. Breakfast let's eat" Drew shows up

"What did you do to me?" I scrutinized. But my voice is more like shouting.

"What? Why are you looking at me like I'm a total rapist?" He asked pointing at himself.

"The last time I knew I was with Sam and we were drinking. Why am I here?" I asked still trying to remember last night,

"You made a scene last night they nearly recognize you. I don't know your address so I decided to bring you here, to my pad"

"Why aren't I wearing anything? What did you do?"

"You keep on talking about me liking you how I'm not allowed because you're my sister and I'm your brother. The heck we are not blood-related so I kissed you" he explained like it was nothing.

"You took advantage of me?" I asked then I throw the pillow towards him he catches it "you took advantage of a drunk woman you asshole" I shouted still throwing the pillows he got so many of them huh.

"Hey! I didn't I okay? I stopped kissing you when you pushed me but, a minute later you were the one who kisses me. I get it. You're drunk but I'm a man and I also drank last night at that bar. We're both at fault" He again explained and I'm frozen by that.

"Where is my phone?" I asked he sighed and point my bag on the couch inside the room. "Can you please go out? I'm naked"

"TSS. Why is she acting as I've never been able to see her whole" he whispered and go out of the room and closed the door. I rushed to pick up my phone and turn it on. The moment it turned on my messages pop. From Alysson, Grandma, Travis, Kuya, and Sam. Then a call pop up. It's from Kuya. I directly answered the call.

"Kuya" I greeted slowly then Kuya shouted so I move the phone from my ear.

'WHERE ARE YOU ROSEANNA? DO YOU WANT TO BE DEAD? WHERE ARE YOU?" Ee stopped shouting so I think someone pinched him because he said ouch and get the phone say from him

"Where are you, Roseanna? Everyone is worried. Sam got home hours ago she had a headache. She tells me that you two had a drink yesterday?" Claire calmly asked

"Yeah, I'm sorry for making everyone worry but I'm fine guys" I apologize while roaming the whole room that's when I noticed that I have a picture of a huge one on a frame at the top of his bedroom wall.

"Roseanna. Are you still there?" Claire. I snap out

"Oh- yeah, what is it again?" I asked any blinked

"Are you really okay?" She asked worriedly

"Yes, yes of course. I just got distracted" I said

"What I'm saying is when are you planning to go home? Our flight is on the evening."

"Flight? Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I'll go right now" I said then picked a shirt from his drawer for me to wear and a boxer then I went out.

"Let's eat" I almost jumped when he suddenly shows up.

"You startled me. Where's the kitchen? I'm hungry" I said then went out of the room

"My shirts became a dress in you" he chuckled. "Here let us eat," he said and let me sit on the chair

We ate silently minutes later I'm already done.

"Where is my dress?" I asked him

"In my room of course," he said while he continues to eat. I stand up and went to his room and then lock it

As soon as I saw my dress I pick it up and get change

"I'm going home," I said as I went out of his room while arranging my things in his bag.

"Said by who?" He asked and bend over to me. I took a step backward

"Said by me! Don't try to stop me because I still have a lot to do to get ready for my flight tonight" I said then walk towards the door but he grabs me by my pulse and pulls me back to where u was standing then he holds my waist.

"You're already mine Rose. I marked you mine yesterday night. I already waiting long enough for this" he said looking directly at my eyes.

"What happened was just a mistake" I started making myself free from his hold and go to the door but before I can go out I heard his words

"I have your mom's Diary, together with your DNA result with my dad. I heard you can only change your name if you had this" he said that made me stop from walking out.

"What? You better give that to me right now Drew I need it" I walk back to him.

"Nope, your mom signed a statement saying you are dad's child and you won't be able to change your name and surname except when you married," he said

"What the. You're blackmailing me" I said pointing at him.

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