My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 27Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The new year came but Sam and I are still not on good terms. She stayed silent and didn't try to approach me.

Everyone is so happy and they became happier when Kuya announced his marriage to Claire. I'm sitting in my chair in the kitchen while they congratulate Kuya and Claire.

"When will it be?" My Grandma asked

"This year, probably when Roseanna isn't busy anymore," Kuya said that made me look at him shocked.

"What? Why?" I asked

"Claire was the one who suggested that we won't get married if you and Sam won't be there" Kuta explained I looked at Sam who's now looking at me too.

"Yeah, we both agreed. After all, Sam isn't that busy now. It's only you who are we waiting for" Claire smiled as I turn my gaze over her.

"I'll be free anytime, just fix the date and tell me. I'll free my day or week for it" I said and slowly smiling

"Really? Okay, we'll discuss the date later" Claire, I just nodded and smiled more.

"Can I go to my room now?" I asked which made their smiles disappear "I mean, I'm tired and I'm not feeling really well. So can I? Come on I feel like I'm ruining your mood by asking to go to my room" I added when I felt guilty all of a sudden.

"Ow, yeah. You can go ahead" Grandma said

"Yeah, you go take some rest" Mami

"You okay?" Allyson asked, I nodded and smile a little.

"Thank you, I'm just tired. I'm sorry everyone. Enjoy the rest of the night" I said then walk towards the stairs but then I feel dizzy as I lost my balance and fell on the floor.

Everyone panicked, Kuya directly went to me and hold me up. I looked at them and smiled weakly.

"Don't worry about that, I'm fine"

"No, you are not!" Kuya said to me I looked down. He faced them "I'll take her up. You all don't need to worry"  With that Kuta gently walk me up to my room then when we get inside my room he lay me down slowly

"Can you turn on the music? The Disc is under the table" I asked then closed my eyes.

"You have records?" Kuta asked then looked for it

"Yeah, I can't sleep peacefully these past months, I usually take sleeping pills but sometimes the pills won't work so I decided to buy a record. The fully it helped"

"What's happening to you?" Kuya asked worried I shaped my head

"I'm just tired Kuya, that's all," I said he also shared his head and faced me after he put the music on

"Can't you tell me? I'm your Kuya, you can tell Kuya anything remembers?" He asked being serious and sat down on my bed." please Baby? Don't make Kuya worried like hell again" he sweetly said while he brushes my hair with his hands, You can see how worried he is in his eyes.

I smiled at him and his hand

"I won't dare to make you worry again Kuya, I'm really ok. Just focus on your wedding for now and ill take care of myself"

"On my wedding day make sure you're healthy and ok or else I'll diss my own wedding" he then glared at me

"Really? You'll do that to Claire? Can you do that?" I teased him slightly laughing at him when he pouted

"That's why you need to make sure you're okay and she'll understand. You are the most precious gem to me. Next to her of course,"

I laughed and open my arms widely asking for a hug. He stopped pouting and smiled sweetly at me as he hugs me.

"I'm so lucky to have a brother like you Kuya. You always have my back" I said feeling his hug.

"The stones are invited to my wedding," Kuy said then let go of our hug.

"Really? I'll get to see them now I see"

"The Heir has feelings for you, did you know that?" He said that made me frozen in thoughts.


Roseanna keeps on thinking about what her brother said to her a week ago, now she can't even focus on posing for the shoot.

"Zoey!" Her manager shouted to get her attention, Roseanna blinked a few times.

"Uh, huh?" Roseanna said and looked at them. Roseanna's manager closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Let's take a break everyone. Fix her make-up please" Roseanna's manager said to the crew and sat down Roseanna walk towards her chair to get her make-up fix. So her manager went to her. "What are you thinking Roseanna? This is the first time that you keep on dozing off during the shoot. Can't you focus?" Her manager scolded her.

"I'm sorry, I'm not in my exact mind right now. I'll try to focus." Roseanna apologize.

"Whatever is in your head right now please keep it for now and let's focus okay?" Her manager asked, Roses. A nodded "All alright, let's start again in a minute be ready"


The shoot ended, Everyone is now packing up.

"Thank you for Today Roseanna" Her manager

"Your welcome. Are you going with the crew?" Roseanna asked. Her manager nodded

"Yeah, this midnight. We should go, you should take some rest, Zoey"

"Ok, ok! Take care"

"Yeah, you too. See you in New York?" Her manager said smiling she nodded

"See you in New York"


Where is he?

I dialed Travis's number and unlucky he's out of reach so I Texted Grandma that I'll be home late tonight

I'll just go clubbing, I'm allowed to drink and get drunk already so I'm free.

I called a cab and told the driver where I'm heading so the driver nodded and started driving.

I just realized that the bar that I told the driver about is far from our house so it took a while for me to arrive.

When I arrived at the exact bar Travis texted me

'Where the heck are you?' That's what he texted to me.

"I'm going to a club. Let me enjoy. It's my first time going to drink in a bar" I texted back and turned off my phone.

I went in and heard the loud music inside. As soon as I entered I directly went to the bar stand.

"One bottle of Tequila please," I said to the bartender. A minute after I ordered he handed me the bottle of Tequila and glass and then he added other bottles

"This is on the house" the bartender shouted as he handed the other bottle. I grab the bottles and glass then I went up to the third floor where I can't really hear the loud music that's breaking my eardrums.

The sits were pretty occupied on the first and second floors, thankfully it's not so crowded in here.

I opened the bottles and started drinking while looking at the people enjoying themselves. I was pretty lonely so I ended up being able to text Sam to come over.

2 hours had passed the bottles of Tequila has been emptied by me then a minute after Sam arrived with another two bottles just like mine. She sits in front of me and placed the bottles.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm still mad at you. It's just that I'm freaking lonely at the moment" I said

"I know. Let's drink?" She asked then opened the bottles of Tequila. We drink silently until we emptied the two bottles she brought. "Let's not drink that. Tequila is the only one we like to drink. I'll get some" she gets up and got us other bottles.

"Tell me why did you choose him, Sam? Tell me another reason not just because you love him and he loves you" I said to her feeling dizzy.

She looked at me and pour a drink on our glasses.

"I don't know. I just somewhat feel that way. I never felt like this before. Not with my past" she then drink the liqueur straight. "You wanna know the interesting part?" She said as she smiled fake "He was mine first. Mine not Kaylee's Kaylee was his close friend because Kaylee is the sister of his bestfriend" Sam laughed and drink again in one sip "After he heard from his bestfriend that Kaylee is sick, that Kaylee loves him but couldn't say because she has a weak heart and it gets weaker every minute that the only thing that's stopping Kaylee from giving up was him. Effortless he didn't mind me. He left me hanging in hope A year before I met you" she stopped catching her breath. "They got married. Kaylee wanted to get married so he forthwith approved without hesitation" her tears start to fall on her cheeks. I didn't move an inch, well maybe I'm not yet drunk. I pick up the bottles that the bartender gets for me and drink them in one gulped. The acid is on my throat and it hurts like hell. "That time I think that he was so brave to make that decision. That I'm so glad and proud of him, but that was just what my mind said my heart is not that strong too but he left me for her. He left me to save her. I asked my self does saving her means loving me? It made me go mad and tried to kill myself. The time that he chooses Kaylee I was thinking that he'll choose me instead. " her eyes won't stop letting tears flow to her cheeks.


Little did they know Aideen and Rico were listening to the two of them. Rick was looking at Sam emotionally. He didn't think about her feelings that time alright,

"I even prayed to God that I wished to be sick, I wished to be weak so that he will come back to me but God listen differently. He made me tougher. It's like God whispered right in my ear that 'learning from pain makes me stronger and tougher" Sam laughed with tears still falling from her eyes. Rico wanted to hug her right now.
"Isn't it funny how I became the mistress when I'm the first legal one?" Sam picked the bottle that's still full and drink it all "ARGGH! that was hot" she said holding her neck. Rico couldn't stand it anymore so he went to them and remove the bottle from Sam's hand. "What the heck are you doing?" Sam shouted at him "Rico?"

"Your drunk let's go. I'll take you to your house" Rico said and Aideen also grabs Roseanna's Bottle and drag Roseanna out of the bar.

"Home? You don't know where's my house. Let go"

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