My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 26Chapter 26

Chapter 26


Both Sam and Lianna are helping me with the preparation for my company's grand opening as Della-Vega's Winery.

I looked at both of them sleeping on the couch. They're tired, so tired to sleep like that.

"Roseanna, did you eat?" Travis and Klarein both come in they both looked at where I was looking

"Uhh, No. I didn't get to eat yet" I said Klarein was the only one who looked at me again. Travis is looking towards Lianna "They didn't eat as well" I said

"I'll go and order some food for us. I'll just ask the others if they're to order too" Klarein then exit my office. She is still awkward towards Lianna.

"Why didn't you give them something to eat?" Travis walk towards Lianna while he glares at me

"Excuse me? I didn't even eat yet. We are so busy that we lost track of time okay? And she agreed to this. She voluntarily helps I didn't force her! Don't glare at me like that" I irritatedly said rolling my eyes. Travis took off his coat and place it on Lianna's lap.

I only noticed it now Lianna's wearing shorts and she's sitting on the couch with her legs open. Travis place her properly so that her legs won't open up again a d it won't be seen by others.

"So sweet of you cousin" I teased him

"Stop it. You're just jealous, no one's going to do like what I did for you" he teased back.

"You're gross" I make a face then turn around to sit on my chair

A minute after Klarein got back with the food as she was entering my office she noticed that Travis didn't wear his coat so she looked beside him and when she sees Travis coat on Lianna she stopped herself from looking at them and walk towards me

"Hungry?" She asked, I nodded and make a face. "Here, it's your favorite" she smiled and handed me the foods

"Thanks," I said and started eating "Travis come here let's eat."

"Later," he said then stand up "call me later, I need to finish something first," he said looking at Lianna. I nodded getting what's his point then after he saw me nodding he went out.

"He likes her don't you think?" Klarein said still looking at her food.

"Yeah, I've never seen him act like that when I first met him," I said looking at the four where Travis went out and looked at Lianna who is still sleeping.

"So do I. We likely grow up together here and in New York but I didn't see him act like that either. " she then also looked at Lianna "I'm afraid of losing him Roseanna but at the same time I'm happy seeing him like that. Do you get it? It makes me happy yet hurts TSS. Silly me"

"Do you want to know how did I end my relationship with my suitor? It's funny that you would think I'm crazily stupid." I laughed, made her looked at me curiously saying she wants to know "I went to his pad thinking he's home but he isn't. Even though he's not home I let myself in and I cooked him for lunch with his favorites at that time I am expecting that he is with someone." I take a deep breath remembering that moment. "Then when I heard the door clicked I faced it just to see him with a girl holding his arm. I stopped smiling I expected it but my inner self is still in shock I let my mind process everything that I'm seeing that time when he reaches out to me and called my name I step back and smiled at them. The girl asked him who I am and called him babe" I stopped talking

"What did you do? I assume that you slapped him and pull the bitch's hair?" Klarein asked seriously. I laughed and shook my head

"Yes I'm in shocked, hurt, and angry at that time but I stopped myself and introduced myself as my suitor's cousin. I told them that I cooked for them and kissed my suitor's cheeks. The girl was surprised by my action but she couldn't say anything in front of me cause I left right after I kissed him" I finished. Klarein looked at me with an unbelievable look

"You're indeed a crazy and stupid woman. If I were you I would slap that bastard and give him a taste of my bittersweet revenge" Klarein rolled her eyes.

"I did think of that when I saw them but I asked myself can I hurt him? Can you hurt Travis if that happened to you?" I asked her. She froze and blinked twice. I bet she's thinking. "See? Even if I'm hurt I still love him way back so the only thing I can do is to treat him worst than a stranger"

"Well, that is also a good way to get over. You did good" that was all she said and look away

"What are you two talking about?" Sam suddenly woke up and sit with us.

"On the four is us here Sam us the only one who's stupid enough to date a married man," I said glaring at the find. I'm still mad at her because of that.

"She loves him to let her be" Klarein defended her.

"The thought of her loving him so much and him loving her won't win against marriage. Do you think it's proper for women to be a mistress?" I asked looking at Sam, Glared at her then looked back at the food.

"Why cause a fight between us when you even raise a bar that allowed married man to have a mistress. Why are you acting like that? Allyson is also a mistress and your mom-" Sam stopped herself covering her mouth with her hands. I didn't look at her but I can see her face at the side of my eyes. "Roseanna, I-I didn't mean to say that" She directly apologize I stood up and walk towards the door. Sam went after me. I stopped to look at her

"What happened?" Lianna asked as she wakes up

"Shut up!" Klarein stopped her from talking to her.

"What I was just asking" Klarein cut her off again

"Can you just please shut the fuck up Lianna?" Klarein said irritated

"The fuck? Why are you shouting at ger Klarein?" Tavis shows up

"She can't stop her mouth even if I say shut up without shouting so obviously I will shout!" Klarein said getting more irritated than ever because Travis speaks for Lianna.

"Hey, Roseanna. Hey" Sam called me when I walked out again "Zoey" She called again with a distance from my office where Klarein and Travis are fighting I stopped and faced her. She looked down as soon as I faced her "I'm sorry" I took a deep breath and close my eyes for a minute

"If you want to be like them then go. I won't find you anymore so you won't feel a burden.  Be a wretch, slut, or a mistress I now won't care, do what you wanna do it's your life any way I won't hell care" I said then walked out. Leaving her in shock.

"Roseanna" Sam calling me again "Roseanna, Please"

My mom just wanted me to have a father she was being lied on that's why she-
She became like that. Why the hell would she compare my mom to herself?

My feet walk me to the garden beside my company. I sat at the bench and peacefully looked at the flowers.

They're growing fast. I just recently planted them but they're now in full bloom.

Everything around them is a total mess, either people or things but they still look so sweet. loving that part of them. In my next life, I wish flowers will still look this beautiful in my eyes...

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