My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 25Chapter 25

Chapter 25

"This is Lianna, My friend" Sam introduced Lianna to Roseanna "And this is Zoey, you know her right?" Sam said Roseanna's name sarcastically and asked Lianna, then Lianna nodded.

"Nice to meet you Lianna" Roseanna smiling d and take out her hand for a shake then Lianna took her hand and shook it

"Nice to meet you too Zoey" Lianna smiled sweetly

"Your so sweet. Are you on the same age as us?" Roseanna asked looking at Lianna gently.

"Uh, No." Joanna shyly smiled "I'm younger than you two"

"Ow, I see that's why you so gently sweet," Roseanna said kindly while she's smiling.

"So this is why Aideen is so smitten with you" Lianna whispered soundness making Roseanna look at her with a question on her face. "You are so Sophisticatedly kind. I didn't expect it" Lianna slightly laughed. Sam also laughs at the sight of her.

"Do you know that we're hungry and tired? Let us eat" Sam, Roseanna rolled her eyes

"Who told her to come here?" Roseanna then grabs Lianna's hand gently "let's go, let that woman be" with that they left Sam alone.

"Hey! You've got to be kidding me" Sam exclaim getting irritated "That annoying Woman!" She marched as he followed Roseanna and Lianna. "Hey, Zoey!" Sam glared at Roseanna fiercely as she reaches the two of them.

"What?" Roseanna innocently looks at her "ow by the way Mr. Rico Miller is here, he was invited I forgot about that a while ago" Roseanna said that made Sam freeze and glance at Lianna with her eyes widened

"You know Rico?" Lianna innocently asked then Roseanna and Sam both looked at each other.

"You know him?" Roseanna asked her back

"Uhh, yeah. He is the husband of my older sister" Lianna said made Roseanna's eyes wide open.

"He's married?" Roseanna looked at Sam and Sam keeps on shaking her head

"Why? Do you have a problem with them?" Lianna asked shocked by her reaction.

"Ow, nothing. I was just a bit astounded that's all" Roseanna then smiled at her and glared at Sam. "Don't mind me" then she sweetly looks at Lianna

They arrived at the table where Roseanna's Family is. Her Grandma was the first to see them

"Ow, you're here. Hi, are these two your friend Roseanna?" Her grandma asked both Kianna and Sam said hi to all of them as they all faced them

"Yeah, this is Sam the one I talked to on the phone" Roseanna introduced her still not in her mind "and this is Lianna" Lianna greeted them again.

"Ow, I know her Mr. Stone's third-born" Roseanna's Grandma smiled "you three can sit down now" and they did sit down

Roseanna let the two eat as she goes and have a chat with the other guests. When she was done and went back to their table everyone is getting while Lianna and Sam are both done eating.

"Where is Travis? I didn't see him after Sam and Lianna got here" Roseanna asked

"Right. I haven't noticed. Him either, where is he?" Roseanna's Grandma looked around.

"Did Travis texted you Klarein?" Roseanna's many (her other Grandmother on her father's side) asked. They all looked at Klarein.

"No. He didn't" Klarein


Is there going on between these two cousins of mine? I shrugged off then wonder where did Travis disappear to.

"Is that Travis guy you're talking about the one who picks us up?" Sam asked they all looked at her so do I then I nodded. "I forgot to say that he told me to say to y'all that he won't be going here and go home because he won't ever do anything you asked him again," Sam said laughing lightly

"Why?" I asked curiously as I looked at Klarein. Her right eyebrow raised waiting for their answer to my question.

"It's just that something happens between him and -" Sam couldn't continue what she wanted to say when Lianna shouted.

"Stop!" Lianna cut Sam off, Sam nodded and laughed at her.
We're all looking at her shocked by her reaction "hehe stop I can't hear the music clearly" she continued stopping Sam. She looks so cute blushing. She's shy

Oh, now I get it. Grandma and Mami laughed so I guess they understand the thing Sam wanted to say.

"What? I am just explaining why that man named Travis went home after sending us here" Sam giggled.

"Eh, I don't want to hear it. It's embarrassing you know" Lianna said innocently cute. All of us laughed at her but stopped when Klarein suddenly stand up loudly that made her chair move she looked irritated and then move her head down.

"I'm sorry, please excuse me for a moment," She said then walk out without waiting for their response.

"Oops, did I say something bad?" Sam whispered covering her mouth

"It's all your fault! Look what you've done" Lianna said looking mad but she still looks cute that she's not scary.

"It's okay, Travis doesn't like her from the start. Travis just respects Klarein's feelings for him. She just misunderstood how Travis is acting and treating her" Mami said

"Yeah, I told Travis to stop treating her that way, or Klarein might misunderstand him and assume but he keeps on saying that at least he showed respect towards Klarein and he isn't doing anything wrong," Grandma said and looked at where Klarein walkout "poor girl, she will find the right man for her. You did good Sam. It's better than Klarein knows that Travis doesn't have any feelings towards her so she can stop assuming." Grandma slightly shakes her head then looked at Lianna "I know he's giving all his attention to Klarein not just because he wanted to give respect but also because he doesn't have someone to focus with" Grandma added.

"Now there's someone who he can focus his attention too, he can finally stop hurting Klarein's feelings," Mami said smiling at Lianna, Lianna looked so red right now.

"It sounds like your giving your blessings to Lianna now" Sam commented.

"Well the two of them will look good together won't they?" Mami

"They sure are. Now tell us what exactly happened to them?" Grandma asked Sam Lianna shakes her head his embarrassment.

I stand up and excuse myself then I followed where Klarein went and saw her in the back garden looking at the sky while sitting on a swing. I sat down on the other swing beside her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked without looking at me

"Nothing, don't expect that I'm here for you. I just wanted to get fresh air for a moment" I said then look up. on the side, in my eyes, I saw her looking at her phone. She must be waiting for Travis to text her. "The stars look beautiful aren't they?" I asked making her stop looking at her phone

"They all looked the same" Klarein commented and then she did stop looking on her phone and then she looks up in the sky

"Did you know that Travis wanted to respect you so much? You and your feelings for him" I said still looking at the sky.

"So he did something that'll make me assume? Sorry but I never demand someone to please me" Klarein sarcastically said "I don't want his respect. I feel like he took advantage of my feelings"

"He didn't please you, He treats you so good. I know he tried to like you back but maybe he just can't"

"What do you know about that? You got cheated on" She said again in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, it's funny but I know a little bit about first love," I said and looked at her


"That first love isn't always wonderful. If your first didn't go the way you want then there's still second and third and fourth. There are still many numbers left."


"What I'm saying is that first love isn't always your true love. So stop feeling your pain and start living with it. Live with the pain so next time you will be ready" I said then stand up. "Let's go inside it's cold out here"

"What the hell do love supposed to feel like?" She asked didn't mind what I said

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