My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 24Chapter 24

Chapter 24


"Let me welcome our company's new Cheif director Ms. Roseanna Zoey Villafuenca - Dela Vega" Ms. CEO welcomed me

I took a step forward, to the stage and everybody started clapping as I arrived at the center

" (Hello everyone. It's an enormous opportunity for me to be the Cheif Director of this company. I hope I can fulfill your expectations as a Cheif Director, everyone please have a good time today)" I started my speech then I smiled to all of them. I look at Ms. CEO and she nodded saying that I should continue talking "From today onwards, this company is no longer part of Winery marketing as what Ms. CEO and I talked about. She'll be handling the company to me, I will name my company as Villa-Vega Wine's" with that everyone applauds and when I looked at my family I saw how happy they are for me.

" (Can I ask some questions, Ms. Dela Vega?)" A reporter asked then I nodded

" (Go on)" I agreed

" (where do the name Villa-Bega came from? Is there a hidden meaning?)"

" (Well as you all know that's my middle name, and surname. But it's actually symbolizes my mom and dad, after all, they are the reason why I'm here standing in front of you all)" I answered smiling.

" (What are your plans for your company?)"

" ( I have a lot of plans for my company in the near future. For now I'll keep it all a secret)"

" (you have been promoted as a Cheif Director in the span of 7 months what do you feel about it?)"

" (I  actually see this coming but I'm surprised by how fast I was promoted, but all I can say is that I worked hard for it. I worked so hard that's why I deserved it." I said and smiled at them my family is now laughing. "That's all for today. I hope you'll enjoy your stay everyone feels free to I anything" I said then went down the stage Ms. CEO approached me.

"Ms. CEO" I greeted

"It's Jhona for you now" she laughed. "Let's go and welcome your guests?" She asked so I nodded she directly drag me towards the guests

"Ow, hey. Just Roseanna" I said then handed my hand for a shake "nice to meet you."

"Ridge. My name is Rodge, Rodge Miller" He introduced himself and took my and

"Pleasure to meet you Mr. Miller" I smiled

"Ow and this is my friend Roel" Mr. Miller introduced so I smiled at Roel and shake his hand. "This is Roseta, they are both a shareholder at my company"

"I see. Do I need to expect that you'll be my shareholder too?" I joked then the three of them laughed "Hello Ms. Roseta" I greeted smiling.

"Just Roseta, it sounded old if there's a Ms." She laughed then I nodded while I chuckled

"Please excuse us we will greet the other guests," Jhona said and drag me again

"Enjoy guys, thank you for coming," I said before we could go towards the other guests.



After all that greetings and talking with guests for over 2 hours Finally I sat down

"Exhausted are we?" James teased

"Now now Kuya" I glared at him he just laughed

"Me sweet girl, I'm so proud" Allyson went over me and hugged me tightly

" (We are so proud of you Roseanna)" Grandma also said

"Thank you, everyone. I feel so happy now" I said smiling at them. "Gosh, I'm starving" I stated then started to eat

"What's your plan now?" Allyson asked

"After I finished setting my company ill go back to New York for my last project and then go back here again."

"It'll be going to took years for you to set your company and make it steady." Grandma

" (It's ok. I'm done talking to my manager and they change the plan they're going to come here this December to shoot me)" I said then look at her " (it's ok to shoot on the farm right? They'll be making a photo album on this one)"

"Of course, you can." Grandma, I smiled sweetly at her.

"Thank you, your the best," I said with a thumbs up and then focus on my food again.

" (How about you stay being a model?)" Grandma opened up that made me stop eating and look at her and Allyson " (right? I mean you seem to love your career and I think your mom won't mind)" she added then looked at Allyson

"Yeah, your grandmother is right. On all the people in here, I'm the one who knows how you love being a model" Allyson said agreeing to grandma.

"No, I... I mean it's hard doing both. I now have my company to take care of" I said shaking my head a little

"I can help with it. " Travis volunteered " (I mean if you will allow me to of course, after all, I'm not busy and I don't gave a stable job)" I looked at him with a questioning look

" (Travis can help you with your company Roseanna. He is a jobless man but he knows a lot about wines and managing companies) " Grandma I looked at the three of them then look at my father's family they all nodded

" (why do I perceive that y'all planed this one?)" I asked raising my left eyebrows. Allyson and Grandma laughed while the others avoid my glances

" (you won't let me and Allyson invest in your company so I suppose this can help?)" Grandma, I was about to disagree but Allyson cut me off

"And you can't do anything about it. Roseanna this is just a little help from us, it's not too much isn't it?" They all agree when Allyson said that. " (You can let Travis be the CEO and Klarein will be the COO, so for now they are the ones who have a big share in your company they know what to do so you won't have a problem. They can manage the company when your away)"

"When did I agreed to that? I'm the Executive Director in short the Chairwoman of my company I should be the one to choose my board members" I said irritated.

"Yeah, we know. You already said that you are the Executive Director a million times now" Grandma then took a sip on her wine "But I am your Grandmother" she then smiled

"TSS. I can't believe y'all" I surrendered

"Okay!  That's final. You will stay as a model while your working and then we will help you" Grandma then I nodded

"Did you already called Sam? She's so busy these days because of all the endorsements she's having but she always goes to me and keeps on nagging why aren't you calling her" Allyson took a deep breath and shook her head.

"Yeah, whenever we saw each other shell glare at me like I am you, and start nagging nonstop" Kuya make a face "Seriously, talk to her and tell her to stop being creepy"

I laughed at the two of them then Claire was also irritated by her sister

"She said to me last last week that she will stop being your friend and then a week after I heard her shout that she's gonna kill you for ignoring her" Claire laughed recalling her sister's moment "when did you two last talked?" Claire asked

"Right I forgot. I think 4 months ago?" I said not yet sure then I awkwardly smiled at them

"I can't believe you, so that's why she's throwing tantrums" Kuya

"Yeah, I better call her," I said but before I can even pick up my phone it rings and Sam's face and name pop in. I looked at them and I laughed

"It's sam," Claire said I nodded saying she's right then I pick it up. "Put it on a loudspeaker she said so I did as I answered the call Sam shouted

"You crazy bitch are you making fun of me?" San shouted

"You on a loudspeaker everyone can hear you. I'm at my party!" I said calming her down.

"I Don't Care!" She shouted again I oat my forehead in embarrassment "Where in the heavens are you exactly? I'm in Italy's damn airport! You better show your face right now or you'll be dead!" She said still shouting.

"Hey, hey. Alright calm down" I said and thankfully she didn't shout again "I can't go there now. I can't- " she cut me off

"Are you kidding me right now Roseanna Zoey? Do you wanna die?" She again shouted.

"Will you please listen first?" I shouted back in frustration so everyone near me looked at me with a questioning look on their face I closed my eyes and calmed myself down "look this is my party I can't leave them here. I'll just send someone there to come and pick you up so you can come here" I said calmly

"Okay, okay! Happy? By the way, someone is with me. I'll explain later. Hurry up and tell someone to get us. I'm not yet done with you!" she then ended the call. I blinked a couple of times, the people at our table laughed

"The typical Sam. Acting brave but when Roseanna shout she'll stop nagging" Claire laughed at me shaking her head

"Travis puck up Roseanna's Bestfriend," Grandma said smiling

"What? No! I don't want to" Travis refused "what am I here a driver? No!" He refused again to drink his wine.

"I'll cut your-" Travis cut what Grandma is about to say

"Okay, okay! I'll go" Travis stand up and finished his wine "what does she look like?"

"Good thank you. Our driver isn't here because his wife is sick" Grandma said smiling at Travis I laughed at him

"Whatever! Now, where is the picture?" Travis then glared at me.

"Here," I said then let him look at Sam's face

"You better treat me after this," he said after he took a picture of sam's face then he left.

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