My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 23Chapter 23

Chapter 23


I arrived at the Headquarters at exactly 10:55 so I hurriedly went to the elevator to the top of the floor.

"Ms. CEO" I greeted catching my breath as I entered her office.

"Take a seat, Ms. Dela Vega," she said as she signs her hands on the couch so I relaxed and sit down.

"How's work?" She asked

"I'm not yet done with the papers, I will work with it after our talk" I answered looking at her.

"I mean your stay on my company, how is it? It's been a month" Ms. CEO said while looking at the papers on her table

"Ow. My mistake, it's good. I'm totally satisfied with the company" I said smiling.

"I heard you have been working so hard this time." She said and then she looked at me "for promotion?"

"Apparently, yes. I'm working hard because I wanted to lead the company. For it to bloom again" I honestly said she give me a sign to continue " funny as it sounds but I can clearly see myself achieving that Ms. CEO"

"That's why I loved a working career employee. Do you know what it means?"

"I'm sorry, but no"

"An employee is who thinks is his/her work as her/his career. Work is just like a career too. You need some time for you to bloom big, I haven't seen an employee like that since 10 years ago" she explained looking at me.

"My company is well enough, so they keep on asking why do I kept that small company on my hands, it's because I was waiting for someone worth it to hand over that business. Once I know who to trust for it I will give it to him/her"

"Pardon me, Ms. CEO, why are you saying that to me?" I asked I am assuming that I'm that person who she's talking about but I need to make sure.

"Do you want to design the texture and flavor of our next wine?" Ms. CEO smiled, my eyes grew wider.

"Will you allow me, Ms. CEO?"  I aid can't hide my excitement. She signed at her secretary then her secretary opened up the door "Mr. Villafuenca will accompany you Ms. Dela Vega" Ms. CEO as I turn my face at my back I saw Travis's face

"I assume you two already know each other?" Ms. CEO

"Oh, Yes Ms. However, he's my cousin" I answered still looking at Travis

"Ok then, you can go back to your work Ms. Delta Vega just tell or call Mr. Villafuenca if you're going to start working for the new wine he will help you" Ms. CEO stand up "I'll take my leave now" she then went outside

"I'm working on the wine's flavors right now. Let's meet in my office" I said then headed out

"Your working this late? Can't we work on it tomorrow morning? It's midnight already" Travis asked and walk as fast as I to catch up.

"No. We still need to take up notes for the flavors and the design that was submitted to me is not good enough. It still needs adjustments and changes" I said as I hurriedly went over to the elevator. "As for the flavor of the wine we need to take up notes. A lot of list for it and tomorrow afternoon we will test the flavors and then mar a final decision"

"You do really have a lot to do"

"Yes, if it isn't because of that brat cousin of mine I wouldn't be in this mess right now. I should be taking my sleep."

The elevator opener up as we reach the ground floor. I directly went up to my car

"I'll go first. You can come or not it's your choice. " I said then started the engine and drove away.


"You're still here? Why didn't you go home?" I asked my secretary

"Yeah, my kid is already asleep when I called so I decided to arrange those in detail, all you need to do now is to make a list and new designs," My Secretary said I nodded and looked at her.

"Did you rest?"

"Yeah, just a little bit. A minute or so"

"A minute? You should take some more rest. I'll take care of the rest of these things now" I said then I say on my chair "you can go home, and maybe tomorrow you don't need to come here spend some time with your kid. If someone calls about work just connect it to me you can work from home"

"Really? I mean, won't you be needing help? There's so much to do"

"Don't worry my cousin will help me"

"Cousin? Klarrein?" She asked curiously.

"No, as if she will help me" I laughed so as then she nodded "it's my other cousin Travis."

"Ow, ok. Then I'll go ahead. Bye Ms. Zoey" Anne bid goodbye I just nodded while I'm still looking at the papers


Roseanna is sleeping peacefully in her room. She's so exhausted after her work yesterday that made her sleep like a dead person. It's already 10 in the morning but she's still sleeping. It took them hours to finish the lists at exactly 3 am they finished all the paper works

TRAVIS is now patiently waiting for Roseanna to come down

"Non si è ancora svegliata? (She still did not wake up?)" Their Grandma asked Travis

"(Penso di sì nonna, siamo già in ritardo al nostro appuntamento (I think so Grandma, we are already late on our appointment)" Travis then take a look at his Watch

"Andrò a dire a James di svegliarla (I'll go and tell James to woke her up)" His Grandma pat his shoulder then went to the kitchen.

A minute after His grandma went to the kitchen James walk out from there.

"Where are you two going?" James asked him

"At the plantation, we will try the flavors for her company's new wine" Travis

"What time did she went home yesterday?" James then look at Roseanna's room upstairs

"Around 3 am," Travis said then James nodded and went upstairs straight to Roseanna's room.

From where Travis sits he can actually see Roseanna's room door. James went in without even knocking. Travis thinks that it's not good for a man to barge into a woman's room and to think that James is not Roseanna's real brother Travis went up but before he could even enter he can already see the whole room, James didn't close the door


"Come one, 10 more minutes," Roseanna said then rolled over her bed.

"Travis is already waiting for you. He said you two are already late" James then took Roseanna's sheets.
"You are not going to wake up?" With that being said Roseanna sit up directly then pouted

"I'm awake. Wide awake" Roseanna said while pouting. I laugh a little seeing how cute she is. "You can go out now I'll take a bath," she said and shoo James away.

"I'll leave after you go to the bathroom and after I hear you taking a bath"

"Come on Kuya" Roseanna stomped her foot like a child and rolled over the bed again.

"You lazy woman! You said you wanted this kind of work. Look at you here too many to get up" James said and went to the bathroom then went out holding a big cup full of water

"What are you doing?" Roseanna asked while her eyes are still closed.

"Nothing. I'll go now if you still won't get up" James while walking towards here without any sound

"Good. I'll sleep now, I'm still so very-" Roseanna didn't finish talking when James splash the water at her. "Kuyaaa! I'm gonna kill you" She shouted and she runs towards the bathroom "cold, cold, cold"

James went out of the room still laughing "Hurry up I'll wait outside so you can kill me" James shouted teasing her

"I HATE YOU!" Roseanna shouted from the bathroom. James just laugh and looked at me.

"I thought you're gonna wait downstairs?" He asked me and shut the door closed "Nevermind. She'll be done by an hour. You can wait downstairs" He then goes down

Roseanna has a good relationship between him and Allyson. I wonder when will I get to have that kind of relationship.

I went down and wait on the chair outside the house in the mini garden in front.

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