My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 22Chapter 22

Chapter 22

"I hate them," Roseanna said.

"Why would you hate them?" Allison asked her like she was not allowed to hate them.

"I just hate them. Can't I hate them?" Roseanna asked back while smiling.

"That is not you, you don't keep a grudge against people. What happened?" James said, Allyson and Roseanna both looked at the open door and saw James standing in there.

"He's right. What happened?" Allyson agreed. James walks in and closed the door then he sit beside Roseanna who's facing Allyson. Roseanna placed her head on James Shoulder. James and Allyson exchange glances at each other.

"Really? What am I then? Who am I?" Roseanna

"The Sophisticated Roseanna, though the kind one. The Roseanna who's elegant, Glamorous and she appreciate the finer things in life" James stated.

"Aren't I the Rosesnna you know?" Roseanna both asked them without looking "you know, I was once dreaming to be free. I was once wishing for freedom" Roseanna held James arms tightly."I thought that if my questions will be filled with answers I'll be free. I thought I would be happy, but there is a part on me wanting to go back"

"Then why won't you go back?" James, Allyson just keep listening to them. Roseanna shakes her head.

"There is also something that's stopping me for going back, maybe it's Dad. He and mom might be watching and guiding me. It's been a month" Roseanna said then she felt tears on her eyes "even if I don't know my father except for his name I felt like I did known him because of the people here. I've known how kind he and mom was. I feel like they are with me here. It's hard! It really is, thinking like that as if I'm crazy. But what can I do? It makes me feel good and full" Roseanna wiped the tears that fell on her face "when I heard what dad's sister did to my mom at dad's funeral, it made me feel so bad. Why would they blame my mom? I remember her writing at her notebook smiling like crazy at her picture together with dad. Smiling when she sees me planting in the garden, I must've reminded her of dad" Roseanna said looking at the floor. Allyson looked at her with Awe

"You look exactly like you're dad. Your eyes and hair are the only one reminded of your mom. Do you know that?" Allyson smiled recollecting her memories with her best friend and Roseanna's Father "I witnessed how they turn the blame to your mother but you know your mom wouldn't be happy if you continue to be like that. I know that because I raised you like how she wanted to raise you."

"Alright, it's enough. Stop crying now! You need to sleep" James said after a moments when Roseanna didn't talk.

"How does it feel to have someone you love? Are you contented with Claire Kuya?" Roseanna suddenly asked "aren't you afraid that you can hurt her or she'll hurt you?"

"It's up to me, you know Roseanna no one can hurt you unless you let them." James then smiled at her little sister "and I will let her hurt me because I am happy and contented just by being with her. You should start dating someone so you will know what it feels like"

"No thanks, it's better to earn money than do that" Roseanna pouted and lay on the bed. Allyson and James laughed at her

"Money can't buy memories and genuine happiness" James then lay beside her so as Allyson

"Yes, that's right. You know what! People loves to see the moon at night especially when it's so bright but when it's already day they realize how important those little starts were, which they ignored while adoring the beauty of the moon." Allyson said looking at the window on James's side Then James and Roseanna both looked at the sky

"Let's sleep." James said then he and Allyson both hug Roseanna.

"What about Claire?" Roseanna asked him

"She knows that I'm sleeping here" James then with that they all went to sleep.


"Goodbye, I'll go to work now" Roseanna said waving her hands

"Take care" Allyson shouted

"She's such a mode maker. I wonder why won't she settle down?" Mrs. Villafuenca stated.

"She don't hate men like what she's saying. She just wants to work, she said that it's better to earn money that to have someone." Allyson laughed.

"Though I don't Blame her. Her first didn't work out" Mrs. Villafuenca

"She even had an ongoing project with the two biggest company fighting for her" Allyson then took a dip on her coffee

"Being a model fits her well, did you made her do it?"

"No, I didn't even thought that she would love modeling. Back when they were just a student I always wonder where do Roseanna get a lot of money to buy so many dresses and heels" Allyson started to talk about Roseanna's past "tho, her allowance is big but when I checked it it's always in the same amount when I first give it to here. I also checked her bank accounts and that us where I found out that she's been modeling. She's was a part time model that time"

"So she herself are the one who started? It was her plan"

"Particularly, yeah. When I found out that she have 3 bank accounts I was totally shocked. Thinking where the hell did she get that amount of money. Like all her accounts is full" Allyson laugh when she remembered her face that time.

"She helped herself. She became an independent woman. I just hope she'll find someone responsible for her"

"Ow she will. I'll make sure of that" Allyson said and Mrs. Villafuenca agreed.


When I arrived at my office this morning all the paper works welcomed me. Like damn this women's just damn.

Its already 8 in the evening and I'm still working, not yet done with all the paper works.
Minutes pass by and Selene drag herself on my office again with a snack on her both hands.

"Hungry?" She then walked to the table

"Yeah, damn I'm hungry and I'm still not done" I said stretching my body.

Selene laughed at me. I rolled my eyes

"You're one hell of a favourite Roseanna" Slene laughed "come here for a minute let's eat " She called out so I stand up and walks towards the chair beside her.

"Damn those immature freaks. Just wait till I became the chief director" I said irritated.

"Yeah, yeah. Your wish will be granted soon eat up" Selene

"This is just TSS! I'm so tires damn it,"

"What? Like modeling better?"

"Uh-huh! That's because I'm good at it and they treat me well" I said

"Whatever just eat now" Selene pushed her foods towards me

"Your not going to eat?" I asked her

"Carlos already treated me for dinner. I just buy some for you"

"Should I be grateful?" I asked innocently

"Of course, you should" Selens

"Nah, I'm good" I smiled at her for a moment then eat again

"You ungrateful brat" Selene glared at me. "You eat so much aren't you going to stay slim?"

"I can stay slim without dieting"

"Really?" Selene sarcastically asked then I nodded "from the looks of it your cheeks go a little bit bigger so as your tummy" She said then she smirked "slim huh?"

I directly stopped eating and stand up to look at the mirror

"did I? Really?" I asked

"Uhuh" selene said while nodding
"You are not a model now right? I mean you've resigned so why brother?" I shakes my head

"No, I mean yeah but u still have a project to make and it's a big one" I said then looked at her pouting before she could say anything the door opened and my secretary came in.

"The CEO wanted to talk to you. She's on the telephone" She said then bow down a little before she go out.

I picked up the telephone on my table

"Hello? Ms. CEO" I greeted as I place the telephone on my ears.

'Ms. Dela Vega. I won't you to cieme into my office at the conpany's headquarters' Ms. CEO I took a glancon Selene then she looked at me curiously.

"Right now Ms.?" I asked looking at the papers on my table.

'Why? Are you that busy?'

"Uhh yes, but I can make time"

'You sure are working hard. Ok then, make time on 11 pm. I'll be waiting'

"Got it Ms. 11 pm"

'That's all. Goodbye'

"Yes Ms. Goodbye" I said and put the telephone down.

"What is it?" Selene couldn't help her curiosity.

"She wanted me to go to her office at the headquarters " I said then sat down

"Really? why?" She asked I moved my shoulders up and down "what time?"

"11 pm I think I'm not going to get some sleep tonight."

"Good luck with that, I gotta go. Carlos is already outside"

"TSS! You two can't live without seeing each other every hour. Why won't you two get married?"

"That's for us to decide. Bye single lady" Selene give a flying kiss

"Thank you for the food, bye" I said before she went out

"Your welcome!" She shouted I just laughed at her.

I fixed myself and started to work again.

"Anne? Come on in please" I called my secretary the. She went in. "Sit down. We'll be working late tonight" I said as she take a sit


Roseanna and her secretary are working for hours now. They still need to finish the half to be done

"Tell the editor of this to chance this one" Roseanna handed the 5th design "make a lot of adjustments on it, change the color. Fix the layout and change the flowers" Rosesnna said fastly and as fast as Roseanna talks her secretary take notes faster

"Noted, next" Roseanna's secretary said

"Thank you, now for the designs of Klarrein. " Roseanna picks up the folder. "Ow. This is nice. Tho, I don't like the lay out"

"Should I tell her to change it?" Anne asked.

"Uh, No. I don't like it but it matches the design. The color, you should tell her to change the color it's so weird we are making a wine ad. It should matches the wine why did she chooses pink?" Roseanna's eyebrow form into a thin line.

"Noted" Anne "what else Ms. Zoey?"

"Nothing. Next" Roseanna then makes the design Done and sh picked another folder

"I like this one. We will not make changes on this. Next?" Roseanna asked.

"Wine flavor Ms. Zoey" Anne, Roseanna's eyes winded

"Give me that" she said then ttake a look at it "who give me this one?"

"All of this is about the next wine Ms. Zoey, the H.R are the ones who give all of this"

"Where is Mr. Jone? Isn't he the one who's in charge on this?"

"He resigned yesterday. Your now the one who is in charge of the new wines. In sorry I forgot to stay that yesterday"

"No, it's ok" Roseanna then looked at the time.

"10:30 pm" she whispered "i gotta go. Take some break. I need to go Ms. CEO is waiting for me"

"Aren't we going to call it a day?" Anne asked tired.

"You can leave if you like. There's not a lot left right? I can handle that. You can go home now."

"Thank you Ms. Zoey my child is waiting for me"

"Ow you should've said that sooner. Go home now" Roseanna smiled

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