My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 21Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Roseanna is so busy with her new job. She's busy coping up with her co-workers. It's been 1 month since she came to Italy, the Villafuenca introduced her to the people of their land and outside.  She received so much love. People are sad about her late mother's death, so they all give lots of love to Roseanna because they didn't have a chance to give it all to her mother. Roseanna has known the kindness of her mother and father from their people and she loves to hear all of it.

Today is the day that Allyson and Her brother, James will be visiting her. Roseanna is currently staying in the Villafuenca's mansion, and her mom's old room became her new room.

'Hey we've arrived' James said through phone call

"Grandma sent a car to the airport you should wait there and don't disturb me, I'm busy"

'Why are you so busy? The company you working for doesn't have anything to be busy' James

"Whatever" Roseanna said then turned off the call and started to work again

She knows her grandmother helped her again. That's why the company has investors now, and the others were keeping a hot eye on her. They don't like her for sure, the whole town knew that she once became a model and her cousin on her father's side is obviously hating her. That is why other teens are now keeping really hot eyes on her, but Roseanna didn't let that stop her from achieving what she dreamed of. Just a little more and she'll be promoted as a chief director of their company and that is not because of her Grandma but because of her hard work and determination. She became the left foot of the company with just a month of working.

"Hai finito? (Are you finish?)" Selene, one of her co-manager ask in the door

"Uh, yes? Yes, I just did some adjustments to the designs they handed. Are you done?" Roseanna

"Uh-huh!" Selene nodded then went inside her office "they really do hate you aren't they?" Selene said shaking her read while looking at the pile of papers on Roseanna's desk.

"Well, that's all done. I already finished that a while ago" Roseanna said while still looking am on her computer.

"Seriously? When did you start?" Selene ask

"5 in the morning, I woke up early and I have nothing to do so I work with it"

"No wonder you don't have a boyfriend" Selene chuckled "so workaholic"

"I'm not really a workaholic you know. I always go shopping back in New York" Roseanna said then press the enter button Of the computer means she's done "and I'm done" with that she stretched her body and she stands up "I just don't want and I don't need a boyfriend. After all, I'm happy being alone" Roseanna winked at Selene

"Whatever, I'm going first my boyfriend is waiting downstairs. Bye Bye," Selene then kissed Roseanna's cheeks.

"Sure, I'll stop by on my dad," Roseanna said and Selene nodded as she walks out.

Selene is the only one whom she can trust to give a hand in their company except for their CEO.

It became a habit of Roseanna to visit her father often at work.

An hour later Roseanna arrives at her father. She places the flowers she bought on her way there.

"Hi daddy, I'm looking good aren't I?" Roseanna chuckled "Just a little bit more and I will be promoted. Living the life you and mom used to have makes me feel comfortable" She said looking at her father's name on the glass.

"You're happy there right? Maybe you and mom are now together. Say Hi to mom for me. I didn't get to visit her graveyard" Roseanna took a deep breath "I wish I got to experience being with you two as a family. Or to see you before you walked to the heavens" She said and smiled as if her father would see that.

"I'll go now, dad. I will take good care of myself. I love you, daddy." Roseanna said holding her tears back. Every time she visits her dad her eyes will be filled with tears feeling awful for not seeing her father even just a glance. She holds back and picks I'm her phone after she went inside her car

'We are already in your grandmother's house an hour ago. Where are you?' James texted

She connects the phone to the car and called James.

'Hello? Where are you?' James

"I'm on my way home. I just went to my daddy's graveyard, I'm now on my way" Rosea. A said that made James sit up for a minute.

'Roseanna' James called her name softly

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just wanted to get fresh air with my Daddy and I have been visiting him for a month now" Roseanna smiled. She knows that James will know that she's smiling even if he can't see her.

'Alright, drive safely. We will wait here' James then ended the call

ROSEANNA ARRIVED at the Villafuenca

"L'ospite è a tavola con tua nonna, la signora Roseanna (The guest is at the dining table with your grandmother Ms. Roseanna)" The maid said

"digli che vengo, prima mi cambierò (tell them I'm coming I will just get changed first)" Roseanna then the maid nodded and left. Roseanna walks towards her room and changes into comfortable clothing then she went downstairs to meet Allyson and James.

"Grandma" Roseanna called out that made everyone faced get. She walks towards her grandmother and kisses her on her cheeks "Hey," She then walks towards Allyson and James then kissed them both on their cheeks too so as Claire's "I didn't know your coming" She said to Claire smiling

"Surprise?" Claire jokingly said.

"Too late" Roseanna then sit at her table. She looks at everyone "ow, no one tells me there's a gathering?" Roseanna said raising her left eyebrow looking at her cousin klarein then turn her gaze to her Grandmother.

"Can we eat? I'm starving, I worked nonstop" Roseanna asked her grandma.

"Ow, yeah. We can eat now." Her grandma said then smiled "eat well" Her Grandma said to Allyson, James and Claire.

"I'm sorry about how Roseanna acted" Allyson pointed out

"Hey! Why are you apologizing? I didn't do anything wrong" Roseanna depended on herself

"Shut up and be kind Roseanna" Allyson glared at her

"Whatever" Roseanna rolled her eyes them started eating.

"She's just like that when she's tired and exhausted," Allyson said then Roseanna agreed.

"Yeah right. Thanks to my wonderful cousin, I'm very much exhausted right now. Isn't that right Klarein?"

"Excuse me?" Klarein

"You may pass" Roseanna then eat again.

"James talk to your sister" Allyson surrendered.

"Roseanna Zoey!" James's warning tone appeared but he couldn't say anything more when Roseanna speaks up.

"Alright, alright. I'll stay still! Happy?" She sarcastically said

"Thank you," James smiled "I'm sorry" He apologizes to Roseanna's grandmother.

"It's ok. We're adjusting to it. After all, Roseanna makes Villafuenca's Mansion Bloom" Her grandmother said while smiling.

"Yeah right. She colors the whole house." Roseanna's Uncle also agreed


"Hey! Can y'all stop it?" I said making a face, they laugh so as did my father's family. I well pretty much don't like them hearing how they treated my mom back when my daddy died. I am only respecting them because they are Daddy's family.

"So, is Roseanna single back in New York?" Klarein asked

"Getting interested are we?" I asked teasingly then Kuya pinched me though it doesn't hurt I rolled my eyes at him.

"Well, she is known all over New York. Many men are hitting on her but they can't go near Roseanna because of her agency and of course she has bodyguards and she doesn't really like being in a relationship" Kuya James said

"Ow really? And why is that?" Uncle jeff asked.

"I just don't" I smiled but it disappeared when Kuya answered that question

"She was once been cheated by a man" Kuya, damn I want to punch him, really.

"Really?" Klarein asks laughing "with a face like that? She got cheated?"

"Funny isn't it?" I also laugh but sarcastically. "Well being pretty are not a match with someone who's an expert flirt" I smiled widely at her them she rolled her eyes. "And I don't really call it cheating," I said looking at them. "He was just my suitor for over a year and a half, though he was the only one whom I allowed to curt me it still didn't end up well"

"You really think like your mother. Though she doesn't have fans as many as yours" Grandma

"Each, she only loved dad. Too bad she didn't get to see him before she bit goodbye to the world" I said looking at my Father's sister, she looked down "anyway, it's all in the past now. Everyone has moved on, right? Let's chill." I said smiling. Buy a pinch me again. "Kuya! Stop pinching me!" I said looking at him

"Me? I'm pinching you? Really?" Kuya ask playing dumb

"TSS! Whatever" I said then stand up "I'm done that is for the meal Grandma, I'll go to my room now" with that I stand up " Allyson, Kuya, Claire, and Grandma good night," I said as I kiss them on their cheeks and I looked at the other ones "I'm damn tired Goodnight everyone. Please excuse me"

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